adapt adopt adoptive adaptive addictive afflictive afflict afloat afoot abet abed ahead affair affaire afar afore adore adorn aboard abort aport apart alarm affirm acerb assert alert avert aver averse amerce immerse immersed emersed athirst thirst burst burnt weren't wert curt cart cark arc ark arse farce far barre baa bah baht bott batt bach bash bade badge cadge cad cache calve calves halves halve had dad damn cam cham calm bomb barm barn bairn born borne boar balk baulk auk all awl aught awe awn bonne baud bawd bald auld eld elf elk elm else ace ache aid age cage gauge mage made maid aide fade face dace dale ail ale aim ain ane ain't dint daunt dawn daub dib bib bibb babe bait baize bake bane bathe beige bey boy bawl balls banns bonze bronze frons frond friend fend fence cense sense cess cease cede seed bead beak beam bean beat beet beach beech bitch aitch ditch dish dear deer beer bier beard barred barbed armed alms odds odd bod bed beg bag bhang bung bub bulb alb alp palp pal pang cangue clang clack claque black blab blat blast bast backed bract brant bran brad brag brass brat brach branch blanch bench belch belt bel belle buhl booze bise beef beep deep dap damp camp gamp guimpe gap gab fab fad fang dang dank ankh ask bask bosk barque burke berg burg berm berth birth bird birl burl burp burse bourse boor book cook caulk call caul caught bought bitt biff big bin bine bide bight bite byte bike bile aisle isle chyle chi buy bye bough beau boat boll bold bowls bola boa bora hora jota rota rotor boater bowyer blower blabber bladder blather blether leather feather father bother bomber bummer bugger beggar bearer bedder bender blender blunder plunder plunger sponger spender slender slander sander candor cancer answer anther anthem album allium gallium galiot galliot galleon gallon gallop gallous balas balance valance callous callus calla canna canner banner backer banger ganger gaffer gagger dagger damar daman dampen damper camper camber amber amble ample apple addle agile ankle anchor anger angary angry ambry abbey akee acme acne hackney canny caddie cadi kadi body bani ani any airy area aria ocrea ceria cereal serial cereus serious cerium cilium cilia scilla ala alar acre baker bacon taken chicken chicle chisel basil bagel banal baneful baleful basal bristle brickle auricle oracle coracle callable audible edible affable arable parable passable passible peaceable possible decibel decimal decanal deckle devil bevel beryl barrel babble baffle bashful bangle bungle fungal fungous fungus finger fingered fingering fingerling fingertip fingernail fingerstall fingerboard fiberboard firebird lyrebird ricebird iceberg exergue exurb extern dextran dextrin destine dentil dental cental center censer censor sensor censure ascender asunder sunder cinder siddur cedar feeder feeler dealer dollar choler collar cholera collard bollard pollard colored color comer cover coven cousin cozen dozen button beaten beacon beaker beater bettor betta anta ante canty candy dandy daddy daffy dally bally badly madly mallee challis chamois shammy gammy gabby galley gassy glassy classy clammy clary carry cadre bawdry bawdy balky bookie boogie baggy batty bitty beery berry bury barely barley barmy army amah aba aga agha agar auger augur author ether either neither nether heather header heddle heckle hexyl axle axial axiom calcium cadmium cambium campion lampion amnion ambience ambient lambent lambert clamber clabber clamor clangor clapper capper captor canter cantor antre actor after aster asper aspen action auction auxin actin acting active octave arctic archil argal argol argali argosy armory armor ardor larder lardon garden gardant guardant ardent argent margent margin bargeman barman bargain arson oxen cockswain coxswain coxa kaka coccus carcass carpus carpal carpel caramel carman carbon carton carven carvel carnal colonel kernel cornel choral coral carol cackle camel castle cancel candle cantle cantus cactus caftan kaftan captain capstan capsule capsular basilar bachelor titular chiller chigger chitter chatter chaffer chamfer camphor amphora amorous admiral admirable answerable exorable execrable equitable equable actable actinal tactical canticle calicle caulicle calycle clinical chronicle chronic conic colic collet comet comic cosmic osmic gamic agamic agaric agonic ammonic atonic atomic atomics amiss abyss abase abate await awake away aweigh array affray afraid abrade aggrade aggrieved aggrieve agree agreed abroad abide aside assign align aline alike alive arrive aright affright adroit adjoin adjourn adjure abjure abduct adduct adult adust adjust adjudge judge drudge grudge trudge fridge fringe cringe binge bilge build bilk built guilt gift git dit debt dare air e'er ere eyre heir care caird cairn ken conn cob kob cosh gosh gar czar knar knob knock nock knack gnash fash fat fact pact past cast caste can't quinte an't aunt rant grant graft craft kraft cracked crocked brock bloc block blah blew blue blues bruise brew bra braw brawl brawn brawny brand bland blend blende blent blest best beast boost roost route bruit brute beaut butte cute coot combe coomb cwm come coz buzz biz fizz phiz faze chaise chez shay cay cake cane cate cave crave brave brae braid blade blain blame blamed blimp blip blear blare bleb bless bliss blitz blintz blunt brunt brent breast crest crept crypt brit brick break brail brain braise craze crake crane crape crate freight fate eight ape dip dick did dead deaf chef feoff fare fear cere gear gid eyed eye dye day dey dame days daze deign din dean dene deed deem deme deil ceil seel cell sell celt dealt deft daft draft draught draff drachm dram cram clam clad clan clash flash flak flam flan flap flop clop clepe clean cleat bleat bleach blotch botch bots bats boots bootie beauty cutie cootie coolie coulee collie cocky kaki cockney barney blarney bleary leery lily dilly daily bailey bailie baby gaby gaily gainly gamely gamy agama acacia abbatial fabaceous fallacious salacious ceraceous sagacious sebaceous capacious capricious rapacious tenacious minacious setaceous cetacean summation cessation sensation dentation dentition rendition condition conditioned conditional additional addition addiction diction fiction fission fashion fanon cannon canyon banyan bunion onion grunion trunnion truncheon luncheon fustian bastion batman batsman baseman basement bailment ailment agent agency regency regent region legion lesion leisure leader bleeder breeder breather brother brimmer crimmer krimmer creamer creamery creamy creaky creepy crappie crabby craggy cranny brandy randy handy sandhi sandy chantey shanny fanny fancy fancied fancier farrier barrier burier barium burial boreal arboreal arboreous armorial marmoreal memorial immemorial immaterial material materially arterial sartorial sectorial suctorial auctorial factorial pictorial tinctorial tutorial deuterium delirium delirious delicious deliver delivery livery ivory aerie alary apery napery knavery bakery bicker bibber bitter bitten billon billion alien million minyan dominion opinion pillion zillion bilious alias ileus ileum ilium idiom idiot deity deanery beanery scenery senary celery cellar seller cella fellah belly bellied ballad ballot ballast bacchant arrant errant errand airily verily verity rarity brevity reverie revelry devilry deviltry cavalry calorie cannery cannonry canonry canoness cannabis cannabin capelin lanolin aniline analyst annalist panelist canonist cabinet passionate paronym baroness baron barren barony agony atony rhatany battery artery archery archer arching artless heartless harmless formless gormless cordless beardless bloodless blooded bloody buddy beady beamy beanie beefy leafy leaky lackey khaki cookie cooky cushy bushy pushy pulley fully filly filmy filthy faulty forty shortie shirty dirty thirty thermae wormy wordy birdie burgee borage burgage baggage adage acid acyl allyl amyl anil anise arris arid acrid acarid acaroid accolade acolyte aconite ammonite aphanite agonize analyze anodize anaphase anatase annotate abnegate abrogate arrogate irrigate corrugate correlate carinate cachinnate catenate captivate activate acclimate collimate colligate collocate pollinate dominate nominate abominate accommodate accommodating assimilative assimilate assibilate sibilate immolate amylase amyloid alkaloid alkali alkalize alchemize aldehyde algicide regicide bedside backside backslide backbite albite alibi assagai assegai asci amide imide dewy-eyed deuced lucid allusive elusive illusive delusive diffusive effusive infusive anchusin albumin albumen albuminous leguminous aluminous alumina aluminum luminous luminance illuminance illuminant ruminant remanent eminent immanent imminent imminence assonance abstinence sustenance continence consonance consonant continent condiment confident confidence confluence confluent influent influence effluence effluent fluent flippant flipper clipper kipper cooper cooler cougar boozer bruiser brooder boarder border bordure ordure order alder altar alter falter faller fallen boughten tauten autumn atom attar azure abbess abbacy abbot adit agate aglet eaglet auklet anklet angling gangling angler angular annular annulus alula cannula cannular annulate amulet acuate arcuate archivist aerialist realist pianist penis lenis leaning meaning meeting beating beading beaming being seeing ceiling dealing feeling felid afield abele abeam aback abash abaft about abound around aground astound stound stoned stone scone cone bone both loath loth load lode code coal cole kohl coat coach couch crouch grouch grout drought doubt bout bouse blouse blague bleed blood blush plush pluck cluck cleek click clique clear cliff clef clough club clung cling clink blink blank clank clunk flunk flank flask cask casque calque calx coax hoax dose daube dhole doe dough dhow now knout gout gaur gauss gowk gown noun known know eau owe foe floe flow float flout clout cloud clown cline climb clime chyme crime cry dry dray drain drape drip drear dire byre fire fie phi fey fail fain fane feign faint feint feigned famed fame faith frith frill brill brim bring brink brisk frisk fisc disk desk dusk busk bus buss cuss crus crass craps apse lapse lance dance dense den death dell delve helve health held head hair hare hear hic hick haik hike fyke fife fight cite sight site cyme dime dice dight dine dyne dive drive dried fried flied glide glade glaive gave gait gay gey gaze glaze gley clay claim flame flail flay frae fraise phrase frame fright bright blight blithe lithe lathe lace lade laid hade hae hey hake hate haste heist height hight hie high hire hive five fives hives knives lives wives wive rive rave knave nae nay neigh ley lain lase laze late pate paid pail kail kale kame kef safe sail sale male maim main mane maize maze raise rase raze praise prase prate great grace grade grain grape greige grey pray prey play place plaice plague plait plate plaint paint pain pane pained bind blind blond beyond behead beheld behest beget begot besot beset besought basalt assault assort accord afford award ashore assure allure velour velure galore along agone ago aglow alow allow aloud avowed avow adown account amount announce enounce denounce degauss delouse becloud befoul afoul afire attire acquire acquit accost accrete accrue accrual crewel cruel crucial brumal brutal brittle brabble bramble ramble gamble gambol gabble dabble dapple dapper dasher rasher rammer gammer gamma gamut gamete ammine azine ashy mashie mammy hammy happy haply amply amity ambit gambit cambist camlet hamlet haslet basket biscuit bosket bosquet bodkin baudekin biotin biting lighting lightning lining fining filing failing ailing billing bidding bedding bearing airing daring dairying dairy deli deadly deathly deathless airless careless hairless headless heedless needless aegis edging doing awning inning earing gearing hearing herring heading headed hooded wooded wedded wedding wadding barring boring boarding cording according aborning abortive assertive acerbic acervate circuit circlet murrelet merlin marlin marline carling carping carving carmine common comma cotta chaeta chela kiva diva bema bimah beadle beagle begum besom abysm abysmal bismuth bismuthic bismuthous bigamous bigamist alchemist alchemy balcony falcon fasten fatten flatten flagon flagman flaxen klaxon blacken bracken beckon becket ascot ascus acetous acinus anus heinous famous favus favor facer pacer paper papal maple able cable caber cater crater freighter grater gaiter gainer diner diaper dimer dimmer dicker differ digger dinner dipper dither hither thither wither weather wether aweather another abutter butter buster bluster blister clyster cloister canister banister barrister baluster balancer calendar colander cullender cylinder islander island highland diamond hymen heighten chiton chitin kinin linin lysin lysis phthisis basis baseless faceless faithless natheless nameless aimless shameless fadeless ageless cageling bridging braiding bracing tracing training craving raving paving paling palish apish aphid aphis cilice eyeless eyelet islet millet milling filling fillip fearless peerless peeress iris ibis eyas bias pious ion iron auburn ebon ebony benny bevy heavy hairy fairy ferry fairly fermi dormie corbie corgi corky corrie causey coffee coffer coffle awful offal awfully easily easel diesel dazzle damsel damson demon deacon deepen cheapen chapel chattel tattle cattle cavil gavel gaggle giggle gimel gimmal animal anima animus azimuth abdomen adamant aberrant afferent efferent referent reference deference difference different diffident diffidence dissidence dissident dissonant dissonance distance distant assistant assistance insistence insistent consistent consistency consistory concenter concent consent ascent assent anent amend amends append ascend attend offend offence assess obsess obsessive ascensive ascending ending mending pending fencing facing casing lacing lading shading shaving shaveling railing grayling grazing glazing flaming framing phrasing frigging frigate affricate pricket picket packet packing backing bagging lagging lathing laughing blacking banking ranking hanging canning cunning coming cumin covin covet cullet couplet coupling cupping cutting nutting knitting fitting fishing bushing booking bookish boorish bearish baric boric auric choric chloric cleric choleric coloring covering coverage average amperage anchorage vicarage acreage acre-foot acre-inch aorist amorist amethyst alpinist agonist agamete academe accidie acridine atropine adenine alanine alkene alkane alkyd alkyl aldol algae allergy anergy energy chemurgy lethargy liturgy literacy illiteracy literally literal littoral lateral apteral apterous anchoress anxious factious fractious fraction friction affliction affection affectionate effeminate ephemeris ephemera ephemeral federal ferrule ferule fennel phenyl fettle festal fester ester enter mentor renter rector erector elector lector hector nectar vector venter tenter tenor teller stellar speller spelter smelter swelter sweater setter debtor daughter water walker washer borer horror hawser buzzer buzzard blizzard lizard gizzard izzard vizard wizard wizened wizen ptisan fizzle feral fearful fearfully fitful artful armful armure argot cargo largo barrio borrow borough burro burrow furrow faro aero arrow ammo azo azote azole agon anode acnode alcove aldose adipose amylose anchylose ankylose anklebone knucklebone cuttlebone collarbone colophony alimony agrimony acrimony antimony antelope antidote anecdote anecdotage anecdotist anecdotal accidental occidental incidental incidentally interdental inferential deferential differential differentia differentiable differentiate differentiation dedifferentiation degeneration generation denegation delegation allegation acclamation declamation declaration declination decoration defamation definition demolition deposition apposition apparition abolition ebullition aberration affirmation information confirmation conformation confutation computation commutation combination carbonation carbonaceous arenaceous farinaceous fascination festination destination desolation derivation aggravation aggregation approbation appellation adoration admiration admonition acquisition inquisition requisition exhibition exhibitioner commissioner commission admission admittance adherence adherent abhorrent abhorrence abhor absorb absorbed absorbing adsorbate adsorb desorb deforce deform deformed deferred begird engird engorge engage encage enrage engaged unpaged unpaid unlade unlace enlace encase enface deface debase debate delate deflate reflate elate ablate allay ballet belay filet delay decay piquet became becalm become benumb bedim bedaub because befall befog before befit bedight beguile begin began begone begun beguine achene bikini baleen balloon buffoon attune adduce ado anew canoe kazoo caboose cabal cabob kabob calotte allot alit abut above abuzz amok amuck among amass alas alack attack apeak apiece appeal allele alee agleam abloom allude aloof aloft loft lift lilt hilt hill dill ding dung does done doth dud cud could good gaud gauze cause caw claw clause cloth cloy coy coin quoin coir core corps kor coarse corse course cord board bort borscht boarish birch curch search smirch church chert chart chard charge targe barge large lard guard garb garth girth dearth dirk cirque irk earl curl curb kerb curd curse curve carve varve vav vive eve e'en ease eat each eats it's its itch etch ketch catch cratch crotch craunch crunch brunch bunch hunch haunch paunch pinch cinch finch filch fitch fish fib fid feed feaze feeze fee feel eel heal hall haul fall false fault fought faugh faun foin loin linn hin hen heck hell help hemp hep heap heat feet feast east least lease fleece flea flee fleam flume flew flu clew clue coup cool coolth coon coop cup cub cull cult culch cultch cutch crutch crush crumb cream creak creek creed brede breed bread bred breadth breath broth broad brood broom brougham brume grume gloom glume gleam glean glebe glede glee ghee gie geek chic cheek chalk chaw chew choose trews cruise croon kroon crouse cruse creese kris creel creep crop drop droop drupe drew dew due dah doff doll doss bog mog malm mom ma'am ham half gaffe gag gan gangue gas gash gush guck fuck fug fun fund fiend field heeled heed heath hath hang hank honk hong gong gawk gone gaunt vaunt wont want waft toft tuft tough tuff chough chaff chad shad lad lab kab nab gnat hat haft hast hadst canst canned hand land lend leant lent hent heft hest guest guess geese goose ghoul goo ewe yew you feu few fugue fume phew flews flute flit fleer flair flare fleck fled fledge ledge edge hedge hadj hajj dodge lodge liege lied knead need knee gnaw gnu knew new lieu glue grew groove greave grieve breve breathe brief grief grebe grab gramme grass glass lass lac lack lakh lamb lamp tamp stamp stump slump clump clomp chomp chimp chip chape chafe chain chin cheer chair chare ceorl churl chirk chirp chirr churr charr charm chaunt chant chance trance prance prince print pint point appoint anoint annoy ahoy appal appall anele anneal annul anon upon agog agave agouti annuity acuity acute accuse amuse amaze amain arraign attain attaint acquaint asquint squint quint quaint qua quake quick cuisse kiss hiss hid him hymn haulm hawse his hit hint hunt hon gun goon dune douche dude food lewd laud law lee leaf lief fief fere fiche leash leak leek keek keck keg leg lair glair glen cleanse lens ens nth tenth ten men man mac mad manned manse mass map mash mesh mel knell kneel leal leap keep quay oui wee pea pee pah pas hah hod god got grot grit frit fraught brought wrought naught nought knit knight night gneiss nice ice ire hour our dour door dog hog hoar fore four floor floss loss launce dunce dulse dull dumb numb nim limn glim glib glob blob lob lar leer kier kid kiln fill film filth fifth eighth eighty city ditty dippy divvy dizzy busy biddy giddy guinea finny fenny funny bunny gunny gummy dummy ducky dusky dusty busty bhakti bubbly doubly ably fitly featly beastly costly courtly portly partly parley parsley farcy foxy doxy moxie maxi massy lassie laddie lathy bothy bobby booby boozy newsy newly doolie duly dele dolly folly golly ghazi gauzy gawky gory glory glary blenny blocky flocky floppy sloppy sleepy sleazy breezy brassie brassy braxy bracket brackish banish mannish manic maffick attic antic mantic mantis lattice brattice gratis dratted crabbed cabin rabbin rabbet rabbit drabbet debit denim derrick derris heiress orris aurous arras arak arrack carrack carat carrot karat caret claret clannish planish planet placket blanket flasket casket gasket gaskin buskin bucket tucket ticket etiquette delicate indelicate induplicate conduplicate quadruplet quadruple quadrennial quadrennium quadrivium quadrivial quadrillion cotillion modillion nonillion monition coition coercion coerce auteur hauteur hotel boatel motel motet moquette coquet coquette croquette brochette brochure boyar bazaar bizarre cigar simar sitar guitar catarrh atop estop escarp escape escapee scalene squalene praline proline propene protein proton photon phonon bowknot bowshot buckshot bloodshot bloodroot breadroot breadfruit redroot bedroom headroom legroom legume cellule cesspool air-cool aircrew airscrew setscrew netsuke pesky bosky bulky sulky silky milky dinky dinghy dingle dangle jangle jingle jiggle gigot bigot bigamy digamy dignity dimity comity comedy psalmody homily hominy harmony garganey gargle garble barbel barber barter garter garner burner burger burgher burglar burglary bursary bursar bursa burka circa cercus circus circle serval servile server fervor furfur furrier currier carrier carrion clarion lariat chariot chairman chessman chapman chaplain champion tompion tarpon sharpen sharper shopper chopper topper hopper haler heeler heater fetor feature featured orchard torture courtier corium thorium thoria noria aporia apportion abortion assertion ascension attention tension mention mansion caption captious campus campo callow kilo keno kino fino leno lido eddo echo dekko demo memo meadow mellow bellow billow billowy blowy bloke broke brose browse brow brown brine bribe tribe trice price pice lice lyse life knife nide guide grid greed green grin griffe glyph fling flung flood flub fluff luff guff goof bouffe hoof hoofed hart heart dart dark hark hard hards cards copse cox fox fix fierce firn fern earn urn earth err herb orb forb force forced first durst dirt hurt hearse herl hurl furl firth forth fourth ford fiord fjord fjeld yeld yell shell shall shack sac sad sag sang rang prang prat drat drag drug drub grub gruff rough huff hub hug huh hung hunk dunk drunk drank drink jink jinx jacks jack jab jamb gem gel jell dwell quell quill krill crib kibe kike kine kin inn pin panne peen lien lees leaves beeves eaves heaves heave peeve peace piece niece ness less led lev laugh lath kith king kink conch concha conga donga panga tonga tanka conker conquer canker chancre hanker hangar hanger hammer hammered haggard hazard mazard mazzard mallard dullard cupboard clapboard blackguard laggard laager locker knocker knacker lacquer ladder lanner lancer lancers glanders flinders blinders binder bindery binary pinery vinery winery quinary trinary bribery bravery brasier grazier grader gradus gracious graham crayon craven graven graver raver haver haven hasten caisson caiman cayman layman limen lichen liken ligan liger liber fiber fighter filar filler fiddler idler eider cider cyder cipher cypher lifer blighter blazer blazon brazen raisin razor laser lazar labor label labile fable fabled facial fatal fatally datary jittery jitter gibber jabber jobber jobbery bobbery robbery rockery crockery broccoli bodily bobble bauble bubble buccal buddle boodle doodle dawdle caudal caudle causal bezel bethel ethyl methyl medal meddle metal mettle kettle kevel level leaven eleven eleventh seventh seven cession session section lection election erection evection advection abduction adduction deduction decoction defection deflection declension detention detection deception dissension dissentient descendant defendant dependent dependence dependency dependable defensible fencible sensible centuple sentinel centner central centrum antrum tantrum bantam banter antler butler bubbler buckler boiler broiler broider bridal bridle brighten frighten frightened brigand riband ribald dibble dibbuk dybbuk dingus byssus bishop buyer bitters buttons abuttals abutment abatement amazement amusement acumen accusal cupel cupola butyl utile footle fetal fecal faucal fickle fiddle fuddle cuddle coddle khaddar cobber cosher kasher kasha cassia kappa campy scampi skimpy scrimpy crimpy crispy christen crissum chrism chrisom prism prison orison driven drivel dribble drabble draggle dragon dragoman cragsman clansman kinsman cinnamon cinema cithara cither scissor schism ism arum error emmer emery empery empathy apathy pithy picky hickey hilly highly hyla hilum filum phylum phyla phyle finely feisty fiery diary bowery towery coward cower dower dowel bowel rowel rial phial final rhinal rival arrival corrival carina coryza arise arouse arose appose oppose suppose supposed composed compose capote connote caroche abroach approach reproach encroach enclose inclose unclose uncloak unclothe unload encode decode decoder coaler colter coulter coaster coastal postal boastful bo's'n boatswain bosun boson bowline bowling boating boding bowing going knowing nosing coaming coating coping clipping clearing clearwing chlorate borate aerate ferrate ferrite barite airtight airline hairline headline deadline deadlight headlight half-light half-life aplite apatite appetite azotize amortize advertise advertising appetizing appetizer atomizer atomism asterism pasteurism mannerism anarchism monarchism masochism catechism cataclysm cabalism anabolism catabolism metabolism metabolize metabolite catabolite collaborate corroborate commemorate asseverate acetylate acetylene ethylene eserine serine caries nares paries pair-oar ephor ephod epos eparch anarch endarch baresark perisarc pericarp sporocarp pseudocarp archicarp sarcocarp archetype narcotize barbarize carbonize caramelize carbolize catalyze catechize catamite calamite calamine calcimine kalsomine calcify casefy classify clarify classified classicize plasticize elasticize fantasize tantalize tantalite tantalate antedate antiquate antiquated animated animator agitator agitate acetate capitate capsulate capreolate approbate aggravate agnate adnate agnail hangnail bangtail cattail coattail collate comate chromate bromate bromide bolide bovid bovine ovine cosine phocine doeskin deerskin bearskin buckskin backspin backspace backstay backstop backdrop airdrop eardrop dewdrop dewlap doodad duad dyad dryad triad trifid trifle trial tribal triable friable finable fineable likable amicable applicable inapplicable implacable impassable impassible impossible impartible imputable disputable disreputable irrefutable immutable mutable commutable comestible combustible combustion combustor combust compete complete comply apply applied applaud applause aplomb o'clock macaque macaw bashaw barong sarong cerise serene careen marine machine amine imine ami amie aha azan akin ameer amir amid amidst amongst abreast appressed arrest attest aghast assist arista ballista balata ballade belief believe batik bezique bazooka beluga allusion collusion collision collegian allegiance alliance affiance affiant affined find finned tinned tin ta'en rain reign rein raid rage phage wage swage stage staid stain stane sain sane seine saint taint taste chaste chest checked check cheque chick chill shill nil nail name nape shape shade shake shale shame same say sigh lye lisle guile grille grig grim grime gride grind rind kind wynd wide pied pipe pyre lyre liar flier flyer flower flowered flowery floury blowsy blowzy lousy cloudy dowdy doughty dhoti dhobi adobe anole coaly coly coney cony bony phoney phony foamy fogy dogie dogy doughy dozy cosy cozy mosey nosey nosy posy pokey poky pony tony stony crony krona chroma chromous crocus croaker broker broken brogan bogus bolus bonus onus opus opah opal copal coble koel koa coca coda kola bulla bullock bannock buttock futtock cutter clutter clatter latter hatter matter manner manor manna fauna gonna goner gauffer goffer duffer puffer pucker mucker muller miller killer kicker cooker cookery kukri hooky hockey holly lolly lathi knotty knobby nobby lobby looby loony loopy louis dewy duty coontie country comfrey comfy comely cully covey cutty gutty guppy gushy mushy money honey hinny hippie nippy ninny mini many merry messy esse eddy edgy budgie pudgy podgy godly goodly goodish bullish bullace bullate bullet booklet brooklet brocket crocket closet cosset posset pocket docket locket socket soffit sonnet bonnet bandit bandage bondage bonded bodice goddess godless bodiless bollix helix hallux galaxy fallacy phallus palace pallor packer pecker peccary peppery pepper leper leopard leporid heparin zeppelin cipolin saponin salicin galluses analysis analogous alegar almoner commoner commonly colony callant coolant couldn't shouldn't wouldn't wooden woman omen foeman nomen noma nova ova ora durra jura jubbah juba djebel jebel doable suable suitable dutiable pitiable amiable bailable salable saleable satiable capable culpable colorable colorful cameral camera cabala cabbala castled cassock hassock haddock havoc haggle hassle hansel handle dandle dander gander pander panda vanda lambda hamza pampa pamper lumper cumber number bulbar bulbous bumble fumble humble mumble rumble crumble crumple crimple cripple triple trickle prickle pickle picul apical apodal peddle pebble peril apparel alarum alyssum listen glisten bison hyson hyphen hypha cyma sima saiga taiga tiger timer timeous thymus minus miner minor miler mailer malar maker laker later layer mayor maser mazer miser kaiser riser ricer racer eraser erasure edacious audacious audition edition sedition sedation citation dilation dilatant latent blatant claimant clamant cadent cadence clearance chlorous chloral floral flora aura oral laurel lawful loyal royal doyen caution cautious caucus chorus corpus porpoise porous cerous cirrus serous citrus citral citron citrine citric ceric civic civet rivet grivet privet privity gravity cavity carroty clarity acclivity declivity declivitous covetous cultus cullis caulis calling galling appalling annoying gnawing drawing brewing blueing bluing blooming blemish blessing dressing pressing cresset credit accredit acrylic critic cryptic triptych tristich cystic fistic fustic rustic caustic acoustic acoustics acrostic agrestic aggressive oppressive compressive compressed compressor compression compaction compassion completion complexion complexioned collection connection correction confection confession concession conception consentient contention contentious consensus condenser condense commence commend command cabana banana bananas bonanza barranca marasca maraca maremma berretta biretta 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chemical comical codicil consul tonsil tarsal parcel parson pardon harden hardened burdened bourbon burble burbot sherbet turbot turban tertian tertial tercel tiercel tearful cheerful charnel charlock charlotte harlot armlet marmot carpet carpeting carpenter carpentry errantry entry sentry centaury centaur senator cellarer celibate celebrant accelerant accelerate accelerator acceleration coloration toleration botheration moderation federation alteration altercation alternation automation estimation estivation elevation emanation semination commination domination nomination abomination accommodation commendation compensation compellation compilation competition composition imposition disposition exposition expedition expeditious expiration exploration explanation exclamation disclamation dilatation dissertation dissipation divination advocation avocation evocation revocation revelation levitation devastation invitation invocation indication dedication medication meditation recitation 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insertion inception exception accession obsession secession recension reception resection refection reflection reflexion flection flexion flexure fletcher lecher catcher ketchup catchup catsup caltrop astral angstrom asarum amylum emblem embolus emboly embassy emcee empty emmet audit auditor editor adytum dictum dicta dactyl ductile distal listel little litter fitter fetter footer outer ouster booster rooster raster caster keister leister liter lemur femur fever weaver weever weeper keeper creeper cropper crupper cruller kruller coupler cutler cutlass clueless lupus looper blooper loser louver lever clever cleaver cleaner cleanser closer closure clover cloven clonus locus focus focal forecastle folksy footsie footie fatty natty nanny navvy envy enemy elemi bloomy gloomy gluey gooey goofy groovy groupie droopy drippy dreary daisy hazy lazy lacy lady laky flaky finicky affinity infinity inanity insanity sanity vanity canopy calipee calipash calabash calaboose caribou marabou marabout parachute parakeet parrakeet parapet parallel caravel carousel carrousel calomel calumet alkanet alkahest alcohol albacore albatross abattoir sabotage arbitrage arbitral arbiter armature amateur aperture calenture clincher cloture clothier clothing loathing loading loaded loden lotion motion emotion commotion corrosion corolla corona kimono cologne alone atone ochone awoke azoic echoic aerobic eristic artistic artiste batiste petite puttee suttee settee sateen lateen glassine cassis coulisse colleen babiche babul befool retool ratoon rattoon raccoon racoon rockoon cocoon puccoon lagoon dragoon bridoon reduce retuse obtuse obtest obtect detect detest devest divest divert diverse divorce cavort comport compare compel compelling appellate pellet prelate freshet freshen freshman freedman freeman ferryman dairyman dreamer drummer rummer mummer mummery mammary memory beggary beggarly weatherly fatherly fatherless fathomless bottomless blameless brainless bracelet brisket brisling breeching breeches britches riches laches latchet hatchet hatching catching etching fetching fettling fatling flatling flashing crashing thrashing dashing ashes alpha alba ayah ayin oscine ossein orcein aureate orbit corset coursing corking corded sordid assorted astride ascribe describe descry decry decline declaim acclaim aflame ablaze agley aggress oppress suppress depress depressed defrost default defeat demit emit admit adhere admire advice advance advanced advancement advisement advisory revisory provisory divisor divider divide divine define decide beside betide behind befriend bereft berate bewray beret awry assize abscise incise incised incisor encipher decipher deceitful decennial decennium descender decennary accessary acceptor acceptance acceptant acceptable accessible admissible immiscible miscible biddable bearable terrible tenable tunable cannibal damnable adaptable adorable durable curable incurable endurable endurance durance assurance anuran neural rural crural crackle cracker cracknel crankle crinkle cringle crystal crista chorister forester fillister filter philter kilter builder guilder wilder bewilder beginner beginning befitting becoming besmear bemire belie belike betake behave bewail bidet bedeck beware aware appear apace efface aphasia occasion abrasion abradant abeyance annoyance avoidance voidance guidance guidon widen hidden hodden sodden sadden saddle civil civilly cicely icily busily misery fishery fisher fissure fetial feeble febrile afebrile amoral immoral immortal mortal morsel corbel careful deathful deafen deaden leaden leman lemon lawman lumen illumine illusion delusion dilution ablution solution volution alluvion alluvial alluvium eluvium diluvium diluvial dishevel dissever discover discovery recovery recover re-cover uncover uncovered uncouple couple supple subtile subtle shuttle shovel hovel hover lover glover plover plumber flummery blubbery lubber lugger logger lawyer sawyer saucer sauger meager eagle evil weevil weasel teasel teaser geezer beezer bezoar seashore inshore indoor indoors inboard inborn einkorn acorn bicorn bicarb biform aliform filiform piliform pyriform pinafore ctenophore metaphor matador battledore battleship chatelain chatelaine rattlebrain addlebrained afterbrain interbrain featherbrain featherbedding featheredge featherhead fatherhood motherhood brotherhood briarwood brierwood briarroot brierroot bitterroot bitternut butternut buttercup butterball buttonball butterbur butterwort motherwort feverwort liverwort liverwurst bladderwort bladdernut bladdernose bannerol anaerobe aneroid adenoid amberoid asteroid hysteroid crystalloid crystallite crystallize brutalize utilize feudalize fertilize fertilizer totalizer totemism tokenism localism vocalism socialism specialism essentialism sensualism centralism mentalism fatalism racialism animalism animatism animism antiserum antimere antefix antifreeze aniseed axseed access abscess absence essence errancy heresy ferrous ferreous various variance variant heriot harem heron heaven chevron schlieren linen linden bindle brindle brindled bundle rundle rondel fondle fardel farmer farther further murther mercer cursor curler courier copier copter capture rapture rancher denture venture vesture gesture jester dabster dastard bastard bastardy bustard custard costard costa pasta cesta septa scepter septal septum septime sememe seamy seedy needy noddy shoddy toddy tardy harpy hearty party eparchy heptarchy pentarchy autarchy autarky autopsy aurochs auspex apex ibex ilex cimex cymose rimose ramose radome rhizome biome bireme trireme friary friar frier fryer crier drier dryer driver diver divers duiker piker pika mica micra macron matron patron apron apian avian basion basin basic bailiff khalif caitiff dated dative native fated fitted footed footage outage cottage cartage carnage cartridge partridge parted parting farming farthing farthest furthest forest afforest deforest reforest defeatist deflexed deflect deject dejecta ejecta egesta egest eject elect erect eruct erupt irrupt abrupt affront confront concurrent concurrence concordance accordance accordant accordion ascidian ascidium basidium beryllium barilla gorilla guerrilla cabrilla cabretta canasta canella quenelle canary canard assured insured insure ensure endure endear emir amour immure demure devour devout devote demote denote depone depose deposal disposal disposable despicable desirable deniable denial deny demy demise remise revise revile resile reside resign design desire delight delict deluxe relax redact react re-act coact co-opt coati goatee donee don't dolt colt coast ghost goat dote dome dope hope heaume home foam foal folk moke mauve hove hoe hole whole goal gauche goad gold cold cowled foul fowl howl owl out foot oat moat mho mot moan mown loan lone clone cloak cloche clomb chrome croak crone crore croze froze fro froe frow frore drogue droll prole poll polled mould mode mope lope loam loathe clothe clothes closed gloze gloat globe glow grow groan grown groat groats gross grope grove growth grith grippe gripe ripe rhyme mime mice mile mild milled guild grilled grilse grits grist tryst trust crust rust dost dust duct cupped cut gut glut gleet leet loot loose luce lose loupe goop group roup reap rede reed meed meat meek mesne mien maun mob mock loch floc flog clog clod clot kat khat hot hut hush hutch hitch kitsch rich reach breach preach pleach pleat peat peal pawl mall maul malt melt knelt nest lest lost cost court corf cork corm dorm dorp warp ward gourd gorge gurge dirge merge purge serge surge scourge spurge sparge sard nard gnarled harl harm farm fart mart marked aren't angst cyst fist fixed mixed midst didst couldst shouldst wouldst oast most molt moult holt holp holy homely homy goby goa goer o'er ocher looker lucre euchre ewer doer dual duel ducal duple dimple pimple rimple rumple rumpus bumptious gumption assumption ademption redemption resumption presumption presumptive preceptive perceptive perfective perfecto perfection perception apperception interception intercession interaction intermission intermittent intercurrent interference interfere interfile interfuse interpose interlope interlace interlay interleave interweave intercede antecede antacid monacid diacid triacid priapic cyanic sciatic sciatica viaticum biotic bionics ionic iconic ironic irenic irenics eidetic identic identical denticle pentacle tentacle reticle retina reckon pekan peccant parent apparent appellant peasant bezant pheasant felony felonry falconry falconer coroner coronach corridor orator elater blotter plotter platter plantar planter plaster pastor master masker lascar esker elver ever never sever assessor aggressor greaser freer freezer cruiser fruiter fluter flutter aflutter aglitter glitter glimmer glamour grammar gasser gather lather slather slabber slacker slacken gladden gladsome blossom bottom satem solemn column collop dollop lollop wallop challah hallah colza cochlea cattleya catchy patchy patsy patty paddy parry harry hoary haughty naughty nitty nifty fifty shifty guilty gaiety dainty painty flinty flighty blimey limey limy slimy slily drily dryly briny brainy grainy gravy cavy navy wavy deva divot pivot given gibbon gibbous gable gribble fribble foible fibril fibrous fibrin fibroin ligroin heroin heroine ferritin ferity frizzy fizzy fishy bitchy itchy pitchy peachy preachy crotchety blotchy blotto lotto motto mono minnow winnow widow weirdo window dildo dido dodo bozo bureau burin urine uric during mooring alluring lurid florid floorage forage porridge peerage pillage pelage college knowledge nonage dunnage tonnage tunnage lovage luggage leafage leakage lockage blockage boscage hostage homage damage endamage encourage courage corkage coinage linage mileage silage soilage spillage spoilage scalage scrimmage scrummage rummage roughage ravage rivage arrearage abridge oblige obliging abiding siding sideling hireling firing wiring mining making taking ticking hawking walking washing logging legging legate lappet tappet tacit asset masked mask masque mosque musk cusk cusp bump hump mump mumps muss fuss fuzz fez femme phlegm flesh fletch flitch flinch clinch clench quench wench tench stench stanch starch start smart smarm marsh harsh harp hearth herm hern hers furze furred sherd shard sharp shop fop knop nappe snap slap slag scag scab scan scant skat sat rat raff ram ran razz ruse druse drool drawl draw craw cross crosse cress dress dread red reck wreck neck ne'er knur knurl girl gorse hoarse horse hoard horde horn horned corned corpse corves towards lord lorn learn lurk mirk murk mirth murre myrrh mir miff mim mitt milt kilt quilt quit kite krait quite choir queer quip quiz guise rise prise pride prime chimb chide child childe shied ride rice reis rathe resh wraith pave shave shiv give guv glove glum plum plumb plug plus pus piss pier near nib neb ebb edh echt heth set said scend mend maund mooned moon moo moue moose mousse mess moss more morgue morn mourn shorn schorl orle oar ore oared eared sheared shear shears dibs digged dished bushed bourg butch putsch pouch pouched vouch avouch avowal vowel towel tousle touzle housel hazel nasal natal naval navel nival fiver flivver flavor claver quaver waiver waver shaver shaker nacre nadir neighbor sabre sable sibyl sickle nickel knuckle nubble double rubble rouble ruble nubile newel anvil annals avens avenue revenue residue resolute irresolute revolute evolute eschalot echelon elevon celadon telamon telethon talkathon decagon decapod hexapod hexagon heptagon pentagon pentosan hexosan hexad heptad hepcat hellcat haircut clear-cut clean-cut cleanup blowup blowgun shogun hogan hautboy doughboy cowboy cowbane cowbind cowhide cowherd cowbird catbird catchword patchwork artwork cutwork cutworm cutpurse cathouse backhouse bathhouse bughouse bunkhouse bawdyhouse coffeehouse courthouse whorehouse doghouse deckhouse cookhouse cookout lookout lockout knockout knockabout walkabout runabout cenobite coenocyte cerussite boracite bornite boride boarfish oarfish crawfish codfish cowfish coalfish bonefish blowfish bluefish billfish dealfish dogfish hogfish hagfish panfish pinfish pigfish kingfish clingfish killifish crayfish craniate cranial cranium brachium brachial brakeman drayman draper drapery grapery frippery foppery coopery dupery denary hennery henry every furry flurry slurry scurry scary skerry kepi copy kopje kami palmy pocky poppy papa loppy lama llama lava kava kana bwana guava glossa glossal glottal gleeful gleeman gluten glutton gluttony glittery flattery flapper flasher flannel frazzle drizzle dismal mizzle middle idle idol piddle piddock hillock higgle niggle nigger niggard knickers dickens didn't decent recent credent credence grievance grievous gravel grabble grackle grapple grapnel shrapnel arsenal cardinal cardamom cardigan ptarmigan barbican barbarous tartarous tartar charter charmer charming chartist artist arsis apsis aphesis avarice actress buttress bootless rootless fruitless faultless dauntless dateless weightless waitress hatred hayrick hayrack haycock gamecock bibcock bawcock boycott apricot lorikeet forcemeat force-feed horseweed hawkweed hogweed dogwood logwood logbook hogback halfback halfbeak half-breed hackberry blackberry blackbird blackboard blackball blackcap blackcock blacktop flattop flatcar flatware flatworm bagworm bookworm hookworm hairworm headword headwork guesswork gasworks glasswork glasswort glassware brassware brassard brickyard barnyard boneyard boatyard blowhard blackheart blackhead blockhead bulkhead baldhead billhead bighead bullhead bonehead boneset backset backrest bookrest footrest armrest arbalest architect architecture architectural conjectural conjecture conjuncture conjunction conduction concussion concretion contrition constriction construction contraction contraption attraction traction taction hackman hangman cabman clubman bludgeon bourgeon burgeon surgeon sturgeon virgin verdure verger merger murder girder girdler guerdon gherkin firkin ferine feline beeline beehive archive argyle abseil audile augite caudate chordate cordate cordite corvine carbine carbide carpi garpike godlike catlike lamblike manlike fanlight flashlight floodlight bloodline bloodfin bloodshed blood-red beebread inbred inbreed inbreathe ill-bred well-bred well-read well-fed welfare warfare carfare confrere bonfire backfire samphire campfire camomile chamomile cassimere cashmere ampere aspic aspect abject adjunct educt edict epact eelpout egret egress eelgrass bluegrass bluegill bluebill bluebell barbell barbet barbate barmaid bondmaid handmade handmaiden handrail handshake handgrip handgun handcuff handcar handcart half-cocked half-caste half-assed half-mast dismast discalced discolor discovert discomfort discomfit comfit comfort comforter comfortable commonable abominable amenable agreeable appreciable appreciative appellative appositive positive conative donative lenitive lenity density tensity enmity entity entropy entrant penchant pendant pendent pedant pennant penance pennon penman gunman busman dustman duster muster mustard mastery masterly dastardly daughterly cautery watery gaudery gauntry gantry pantry chantry chancery chancel chancellor chancellery chandlery chandler chanter chapter chapiter tapster tipster hipster hamster gangster ganister glister cluster fluster floater floating doting dotage dosage postage voltage foliage ferriage fervid cursed accursed cursive furtive festive restive resting arresting affecting affective elective collective collected connected connective corrective correct connect confect concoct conceit conceal concede conceive consume condemn contemn confess concuss concur confer confirm confirmed concerned concern concerning concerted conceited carotid parotid parade corrade career arrears adrift drift shrift shift schist mist mayst moist foist hoist horst hurst erst versed verst verse nurse nerve serve serf surf kerf scurf skirl skirr scare scarce scarp scalp skelp kelp yelp yep pep pair pare pear parr park parse pax pox pock peek pique pease pause pes peg pig ping pith withe we're weir weird willed weald wield shield she'd she she'll pshaw shaw raw rah rob rhomb romp pomp pimp primp shrimp crisp clasp gasp grasp rasp hasp husk hulk sulk silk milch milk mink fink gink gunk monk muck luck lick lid lip lisp wisp wasp wast wat watt wot lot loll lough glop plop plod plaid plan plant slant aslant askance acanthus canthus canvas canvass conscious conscience consciousness marchioness artifice orifice office offing offish boyish bluish bluet cruet cruciate cuneate aculeate aculeus anuria anurous affusion effusion fusion diffusion infusion confusion contusion conclusion inclusion intrusion incision concision consider considered considering considerate concentric constrict constraint constrain constrained constringe constrictor constructive contractive contractile attractive attract detract diffract refract retract distract destruct destructive destructor destruction distraction abstraction abstriction obstruction instruction instructor instruct instructive instinctive distinctive distinct extinct extinctive extractive extractor extraction extinction distinction distortion extortion extension abstention absorption sorption fortune falchion culture cultured cultural cultivable filterable alienable inalienable inalterable incorporable incorrigible corrigible dirigible exigible eligible ineligible intelligible intangible infrangible frangible fungible tangible manageable marriageable knowledgeable legible illegible delectable deductible debatable degradable breakable placable payable painful gainful faithful fateful hateful grateful graceful gristle griddle cradle ladle cheder heder maiden mason mesa eta lytta lira sera serum fearsome feria facia galea gala kea payer player planar planer plater slater satyr sailer sailor sapor slipper sleeper sweeper reaper rapper wrapper raptor ratter natter neuter newton neaten eon paean pean peony peavey peri perry penni penny penna henna senna sauna sora saurel sural souffle rueful riffle piffle epistle apostle opossum possum fossa fossil wassail wabble wobble hobble hopple topple stopple estoppel steeple steepen seaman semen salmon satin latten lagan waggon wagon waggle wangle tangle tingle atingle immingle mingle single inkle incus discus viscous viscus fiscal filial milium minium illinium lithium lithia labia labial labium labrum glabrous flatus afflatus nephritis neuritis euripus uranous uranium geranium germanium germane domain romaine cocaine croquet crochet brocade arcade arcane archaic laic laity hasty tasty chesty testy testa tesla pteryla tearing telling tooling ruling roofing ruching crushing rubbing drubbing cribbing ribbing rigging ripping nipping shipping schilling shilling killing killick calcic classic classis classless clastic plastic plastid blasted placid plaided padding madding mapping tapping tanning tannic stannic static statics status scatter scanner schooner scooter scutter scupper supper sapper snapper nipper nipple initial ignition cognition cognation carnation tarnation starvation salvation saltation lactation laxation taxation cassation causation laudation lallation lavation legation negation illation elation deflation reflation inflation conflation collation conation donation zonation lobation location vocation notation novation ovation oration duration duramen derision rescission revision envision environ enlighten enliven liven lion scion cyan psyche spiky spica plica plier pliers pliant client clachan clement clemency clematis clamorous glamorous dimerous biparous copperas cockerel costrel kestrel claustral lustral lustful lustrous lustrum custom accustom accustomed custody company timpani tympany tympan simian inion igneous ligneous aqueous nacreous atrium yttrium yttria citreous vitreous piteous piceous caseous capias clypeus copious coleus conium ammonium allodium alodium allodial collodion chelonian colonial baronial parochial colloquial colloquium polonium felonious favonian chthonian eonian erosion eclosion plosion implosion explosion exposure disposure disclosure exclosure enclosure crosier crozier comber omer odor ogre ogle mogul modal molal motile immotile immobile ennoble noble nodal nodus gnosis enosis kenosis chlorosis cirrhosis sorosis corrosive erosive emotive motive votive lotic otic photic aphotic achromic chromic bromic chromyl chromite aerolite oolite oocyte oosphere aerosphere ecosphere exosphere exospore endospore endosperm endoderm ectoderm ectomere ectomorph endomorph allomorph allelomorph isomorph isobar isothere dinothere biosphere biotype biotite cyanite cyanate thionate binate byway highway halfway gangway pathway caraway carapace catalase catalyst catechist anarchist acerate acerbate acierate macerate masturbate mastership masterpiece afterpiece altarpiece centerpiece centipede centipoise menopause mesopause diapause dialogue duologue analog apologue acaleph aleph ardeb aoudad caudad caudex codex copeck coheir koan codon codeine choline picoline bromine tropine trogon trocar crowbar crossbar crossbeam crossbill broadbill broadtail bedrail bedroll beadroll beanpole blackpoll flagpole flagstone bloodstone bloodstain bloodstained bandstand handstand grandstand grandaunt grandniece grandson godson godsend godhead deadhead redhead egghead eggshell bombshell bookshelf bookseller bookstore bookstall footstall footstalk footsore football footboy footboard outboard outlawry outlaw outfall footfall footwall foothill anthill annelid anaglyph anagram anorak anabas acrobat acronym anonym antonym actinoid bacteroid saccharide saccharase saccharate decorate decimate depilate defilade cephalad cenotaph epitaph epigraph epigram decagram decigram diagram diaphragm diadem idem anadem apophthegm apothegm apothem epithet aeronaut aerosol consol consols concept onset honest honesty honestly artistry chemistry chemist kumiss coppice auspice hospice harpist harvest harvester harvestman hearthstone birthstone buhrstone burrstone bluestone bluecoat bluenose bellows bulldoze bulldozer pullover pushover popover stopover slipover slipcover bedcover bicolor tricolor three-color cream-colored creamcups briefcase beefcake beefsteak beanstalk leafstalk eyestalk diestock daystar all-star allseed allheal inhaul in-law igloo bijou bebeeru bebeerine ketene creatine carotene caravan cabezon cachalot cachepot cannot ancon archon argon parton partan marten martin martyr marker harbor herbal hurdle hurtle hurtful harmful dharma karma copra genre sabra saga soggy sari sorry saury lorry doggy foggy froggy frothy breathy brolly bialy jolly jelly jemmy gemma dogma dogged doggish hoggish whorish horrid torrid torpid morbid moray foray foreign florin flooring flaring glaring lemming humming numbing nothing gnathic gallic phallic phatic fattish flattish flatfish flatfoot flatboat catboat cockboat cockroach cockcrow cockscomb coxcomb coxcombry boxberry boxcar boxhaul boxthorn buckthorn blackthorn alphorn althorn allegory amatory amatol atoll enol cresol creosol cortisol corduroy coracoid autacoid autoclave automate automat autocrat autograph altigraph allograph shadowgraph ergograph logogram logogriph autograft heterograft heteroclite heterophyte heterodyne heterodox heterodoxy heteroplasty autoplasty chloroplast chlorinate fluorinate fluoridate chlamydate lamellate mammillate machinate fascinate arsenate arsenite arsenide opsonize optimize anatomize fanaticize fanaticism asceticism cynicism sinapism cinchonism synchronism syncretism asynchronism anachronism laconism mechanism melanism feminism albinism algorism algorithm logarithm aphorism atavism activism actinism absinthism absolutism proselytism proselytize fossilize botanize tetanize terrorize tenderize slenderize standardize scandalize vandalize evangelize evangelism vandalism lambdacism classicism criticism witticism lyricism erethism erythrism erythrite air-dry aerodyne eremite ebonite ebonize essonite asinine leonine canine kainite crinite crinoid cricoid rhizoid cymoid cycloid sialoid hyaloid myeloid metalloid melanoid melanite melinite selenite selenate celebrate cerebrate decerebrate desegregate decelerate deceleron ephemeron ephemerid hemorrhage cellarage beverage leverage leveret levirate leavening deadening definite deficit benefit benefice penniless endless lidless lawless lewis fluid fluted fluting fleeting flying cloying crossing cresting frosting frosty crusty rusty fusty fussy fuzzy fubsy funky flunky chunky chubby chuffy chummy tummy tubby hubby huffy hussy muzzy mucky lucky plucky plummy plumy fluky flabby flashy fleshy fleshly family faculty fealty realty really areola arena farina marina catena kachina achieve appease chemise chamade hamal hurrah garrote gavotte gavage lavage lanai chenille schlemiel lamella glabella flabellum labellum bedlam hoodlum odium odious hideous hydrous anhydrous anhinga seringa syringa cedilla megillah megilp atilt occult incult incrust encrust entrust intrust distrust disgust disrupt disrate disdain disjoin disjoint disjointed jointed jointer joinder joiner joinery jointly jaunty genie jenny johnny jockey droshky dropsy dressy dreamy preemie crumby crummy clubby clumsy flimsy slimsy slinky inky icky iffy easy cheesy cheap cheep cheat chief sheaf she's seize scene seen sawn sauce sass sax lax flax flux lux luxe look hook hooked nook nick nuke kook tuque stook spook speak seek reek wreak reive shrieve shriek breeks bounce jounce drown crown frown drowse drawers drawn dross joss jaw joy join jinn gene jean jeep gip gym jeer gyre giaour flour lour loud gouge doge loge lobe robe probe prone prose hose nose node nope note shoat shote shew show schmo moa mocha mora goral global globin aloin allophane allocate locate lobate globate globoid conoid kobold cobalt cohort cockhorse concourse concord conchoid cancroid chancroid ambroid android dendroid dendrite chondrite achondrite incondite incarnadine carnify carnotite carnallite cartelize marbleize martyrize mercerize burglarize bowdlerize solarize motorize motorbike motorboat motorbus motorcar motorcade motorway motivate cultivate culminate fulminate pulvinate sulfonate succinate circinate terminate germinate geminate emanate echinate exsiccate execrate desecrate desiccate defecate medicate abdicate fabricate lubricate rubricate soubriquet sobriquet foldaway rollaway rollway roadway folkway footway footpace footrace bookcase backcross backtrack backchat lactam blackdamp blackjack flapjack slapjack slapdash slap-up flare-up letup setup cutup cutoff castoff catcall catchall cat's-eye cat's-paw catwalk cakewalk casebook caseose casease caseate casemate classmate clathrate castrate costate apostate apartheid partite partlet martlet tartlet starlet scarlet skillet skilling schooling sapling sampling dumpling thumping lumpish impish uppish huffish elfish elfin boffin bobbin dobbin dubbin nubbin mullein mullet cutlet nutlet doublet dulcet dunnite dunite dugout cutout shutout shout chow ciao tau sough scow scowl growl prowl proud shroud road ode oaf oak oath ohm ope own sewn sone sew sloe slow slope scope soap pope pome roam rogue role roll rope roque soak soke smoke smote smolt jolt jilt gist jest jess juice jus jut jot john josh gouache guan hwan whap whop swap swop slop sleep seep sea seam seem psalm some rhumb from frump crump rump sump simp sip ship scop shawl shawm sham tam tack stack snack snag snath sleuth sloop scoop scoot scot scut scud scuff scruff sclaff kloof cough koph qoph kaph quaff qualm quod squad scrod screed screak scream scheme scum scull skull scup skep skeg score scorn sworn sward swart snort snore snare sneer sire mire shire shine nine nigh thigh thy they they'd they've waive wave wade waif wail swale snail snake slake slain skein scathe spathe space spake spate spay slay sleigh slave stave stake steak state straight strait strake stray stroy straw strew screw scree screen preen prawn prong throng thong song soar sore pour poi goy soy sought salt silt sift sit seat seethe sheathe sheath sheen sheep weep sweep sweet skeet skit skid side scythe sign syne skin skiff skill sill oil moil noil noise doit jaunt joint joist voiced voice vise syce sis sib rib riff rife right rite wright write rile rill rig rim rheum room rood rude crude crwth ruth roof pouf pood nude news newt moot mooch much mulch gulch gulf golf gulp pulp pup puff muff mud mutt nut not nod nosh notch natch latch letch let's lots klutz nuts nance nonce ponce pence hence whence when wheen quean queen ween one once mince mix minx links lynx hunks sunk sank lank plank plaque piaffe pelf self shelf shelve shelves elves selves solve hols hooves who's whose who hew hued huge hinge singe swinge twinge tinge change grange range mange midge ridge brewage sewage image imagery effigy elegy ology aerology ethnology ichnology hymnology hypnology haplology algology anthology antilogy ontology cetology scatology cytology sitology phytology phycology mycology myology biology bryology 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entail entoil enisle ensile ensoul enfold infold unfold unpolled untold unbolt unholy unroll enrobe engross engrossing engraving engrave engrail engrain enchain enchase entice entire enquire inquire inspire aspire suspire conspire perspire expire expiry espial especial especially special speckle freckle crenel crannog chasm fathom fagot maggot mallet gullet cushat cushion ocean notion potion groschen croton frozen chosen cholent volant moment momently yeomanly yeomanry yeoman showman cowman gowan glower glider slider spider spidery powdery powder pouter power empower embower embowel embattle embattled embarrass ambitious ambition amphibian amphibious actinia actinium bacterium bacteria anterior interior inferior informer informal conformal conferral conferva conform contort confute confuse contuse commute commove khedive kaffiyeh keffiyeh chorea ria dream dree free freeze frag frap wrap rapt cramped gramps glimpse ellipse eclipse ecliptic glyptic glyptics glottis clevis crevice preface precious prescience presence pleasance pleasant pleasantry pedantry pageantry pageant hadn't hasn't haven't happen harass haggis habile habit gannet garret garish marish parish larine eccrine exit axil maxim maximal lachrymal lacrimal lacteal tactful tactual factual facture factor effector collector selector celesta celestial palestra calyptra chelicera callosity velocity villosity philosophy philosopher phylloxera elixir fixer mixer kisser crisper prosper proper dropper drama drachma grandma grandpa grampus crampon rampant erumpent accumbent decumbent incumbent incumbency encumbrance cumbrance cumbrous umbra ultra pleura plural jural juror joker drover trover grocer growler graupel trowel trammel trample tractile tractor fracture cincture tincture picture fixture mixture admixture commixture contexture contextual conceptual conceptacle contemptible contemptuous contempt attempt tempi bumpy dumpy humpy lumpy flump chump chon chub chug trug rug rub nub null lull love lung pung pun poon noon noose nous luge lure poor pull pul pule mewl mews muse mute fruit forked fork form norm north moth moll jarl yarn tarn tahr star stair stare spare spear smear smith sieve spiv spic slick sleek sleave sleeve sleet slit sleight slight slice slide slime slim skim scrim scram scrag sprag sprang spang spank spunk skunk skink sink ink oink rink prink prick trick strick stich stick stere sphere sir purr perm perse purse pierce pyx six sex sexed sext next text pest pent meant scent sent sen son sunn run rudd rod roc frock chock choke toque taupe stope stoat stout snout spout spite smite smile spile speiss spice spine spin spawn spall small smalt skald skilled scold sold old told toad toed toe stow snow sneak sneeze snooze snood snoop snip sniff stiff sting stink stank stunk stuck snuck snub slub slob slosh slush sluff slum slung slut smut smug smog smock stock stark starred starve sparse source sorb sort short shirt shirk shirr sure schuss should oud would wed ted stead sled pled plead plea please plebe plebs pledge allege alleged avenge revenge regorge disgorge dislodge delude dilute elute elude denude detrude defraud defray betray detrain detain defame derail degrade degraded degrading decided decisive derisive derive deride device devoice revoice reface erase erose erode corrode commode collogue aslope asleep esteem astir astern attorn attorney eterne epergne evert event dement descent descend depend impend imbed imbrue embrue embalm embark embank embay emboss embow jabot chapeau chassepot bandeau bandore pandora caldera caldarium calcareous calcaneus cutaneous coetaneous coeternal cothurnus coterminous conterminous conformance conformity conformable confiscable conceivable inconceivable inconsumable inconsolable incontrollable incontestable incombustible incompatible incomputable incommutable incommunicable communicable communicant communicate communicative incommunicative uncommunicative intercommunicate intercommunion communion communal community immunity unity eunuch ewe-neck cusec cubeb bubo bilbo billbug bedbug redbug redbud redbird reedbird bellbird bellwort awlwort fleawort figwort fishworm pinworm ringworm ribwort cribwork brickwork bridgework bodywork bodyguard mudguard mudlark aardvark boschvark bookmark footmark footwork footwear footgear foot-ton fan-tan cancan cooncan coonskin calfskin kidskin capeskin calycine kaolin casein capon kaon chaos bathos pathos python pion pylon nylon icon ikon eyecup ichor eyesore eyeball highball highboy bye-bye nisi eyesight eyebright eyebrow highbrow highbred hybrid hydric deictic psychic cylix civics physics physic finish finished linnet lineate ciliate seriate cerate cirrate cerated nearsighted sharp-sighted sharp-witted sharp-eared lop-eared crop-eared clip-fed clipboard chipboard shipboard lapboard dashboard duckboard buckboard aboveboard lovebird bluebird blueweed burweed birdseed wormseed wormwood cordwood corkwood choroid aroid algoid haloid colloid meloid ctenoid dentoid deltoid desmoid dermoid cirsoid sirloin cervine hircine ursine earthshine earthlight birthright birthroot birthwort earthwork earthworm arrowworm glowworm slowworm bollworm colewort honewort homework housework housewares housecarl horsecar horsehair corsair corbeil doorbell doorsill doornail forename forenamed forelady charlady charpoy czardas burdock bareback setback cutback comeback humpback huckaback pickaback kickback cookbook cashbook matchbook matchbox hatbox hotbox hellbox pillbox gearbox firebox firelock forelock oarlock warlock gorcock boron moron thoron chorion baryon fermion fermium bdellium delta melton melon hellion headman headsman leadsman beadsman bedesman bandsman bondsman bondman abandon abandoned abundance abundant attendant attendance tendance tendency tenancy tenant tenon tendon engine donjon dungeon pungent fulgent effulgence divulgence divulge divulsion avulsion evulsion emulsion emission mission midden mitten matin mattins mattock mackle macle mammal mammoth magma magnum magnet magnate cognate cognize colonize pollinize solemnize belemnite bedlamite bentonite austenite autunite autophyte entophyte enstatite estivate elevate elevated elevator alligator navigator navigate derogate denigrate deflagrate relegate reclinate pectinate perennate perorate venerate renovate innovate insulate insolate intonate neonate donate phonate zonate notate rotate ovate ofay noway nosegay rosebay roble prolate pronate procaine propane prophase profile prostyle freestyle epistyle exile ectype ecotype ferrotype ambrotype monotype holotype heliotype blowpipe bagpipe magpie hogtie all-time foretime aforetime beforetime wartime one-time meantime mealtime peacetime pastime pantile fantail fishtail pigtail pintail intake earache earring earwig dimwit nitwit knitwear nightwear nightmare agateware graniteware crackleware cassowary bacillary ancillary axillary maxillary mercenary parcenary coparcenary coparcener copartner coplanar copaiba bodega omega omasum oasis glacis chlamys claymore claypan playpen flamen flavin flavine flavone flyblown flyblow by-blow milo filose pilose payload payroll maypole dipole daimon daimyo dynamo danio radio radii eradiate gladiate glaciate clypeate clupeid croupier cochleate cockpit cockfight bombsight bonsai banzai potpie potboy parboil gargoyle airfoil airmail female resale trenail crenate cremate chelate velate alate daylight scheelite highlight hyalite iolite rhyolite dialyze diorite diatribe nitride nitrite nitrate titrate citrate filtrate cultrate lustrate frustrate prostrate prostate cristate irritate imitate curtate kernite perlite termite ternate surname surbase surbased barefaced bedfast steadfast stedfast standfast handfast handfasting handwriting handspring handspike handpick land-poor glandule glandular grandeur granger ranger danger ginger gingery gingerly gingili dingy mingy kanji condom quondam quantum quanta cuesta questor wester pester yester dexter dexterous dextrous dextral dextro dextrose dextrorse decretory feretory territory oratory auditory laudatory lavatory category amphigory damnatory dignitary signatory minatory dilatory aleatory military millenary millinery miliary milliary biliary ciliary apiary aviary laniary bestiary vestiary vespiary ostiary ossuary estuary actuary sanctuary statuary statutory saltatory gustatory customary costmary commissary lamasery luminary seminary cemetery cessionary centenary septenary lectionary dictionary functionary function unction inunction inaction indiction induction indention intension intention invention convention convection conviction convulsion compulsion compunction comparison caparison capacitance capacitor apparitor heritor heretic hectic lactic elastic elastin gastrin gastric mastic mastiff mischief mistress listless guiltless guileless lifeless flightless brightness rightness righteous nitrous nidus nisus nexus census fencer fender render vender vendor launder maunder moneyer gunner gunnery nunnery nullity nudity crudity cruelty casualty casual jewel jugal juggle jungle justle jostle jackal jacket jagged jaggy jazzy jazz duds suds sudd spud sped speck specs spence spend pend pond pons means month munch lunch lynch lint flint flaunt flense phlox floccus fucus mucous mucus emulous cellulous cellular secular saccular circular specular speculum spiculum spirula cypsela insular insolent incident incidence accidence accident occident excellent excellence excellency ecstasy extant sextant sexton pecten pectin pepsin erepsin cathepsin cathexis catharsis katharsis cathartic bathetic pathetic aesthetic aesthetics aesthetically heretical fanatical fanatic faradic boracic thoracic thalassic melanic mechanic mechanics mechanical botanical tyrannical canonical canonicals economical anatomical analogical pathological mythological biological psychological chronological physiological theological illogical logical logic illogic lodging largish largely clergy clerkly clarkia chlorine fluorine chloramine chloroprene chlordane chloride fluoride fluorite floret florist flautist flutist lutist latest bassist mayest essayist driest druggist drugget grummet grommet gobbet goblet goblin garlic garget target market marking marbling earthling mirthless worthless wordless burgess turgid turbid turbine turbit tercet turret terret merit demerit decrepit decrypt dacoit dacoity acquittal acquittance quittance equitant equity equites equipoise equipage cribbage breakage breakneck brainsick brainpan brainwash rainfall downfall downhaul downhill bouncing bouncer bounder bounden boundary foundry roundly kindly kindless kindness mindless boundless countless countess accounting mounting mountain fountain accountant accountancy accountable allowable allowance appliance compliance compliant complacent complainant complaint complain campaign champagne champaign chalet cachet sachet sashay cachou ragout rappee rappel repel repeal redeem idea ideal ideally biweekly biyearly yearly merely nearly knurly nervy hurry houri dowry downy bounty county cowpea kauri curia curious furious fury fumy fruity broody brewery ornery orrery orphrey orgy hadji heady ready reedy greedy greasy grassy chassis chancy chatty tatty ratty ramie roomy ruby rupee soupy sappy sally salmi kalmia salvia salver silver silva silvan sylvan silken sicken scission scissure seizure measure measured lettered getter gutter gusher usher other udder rudder reader reefer rhetor pretor preacher creature teacher teeter tatter shatter shammer shimmer schiller oiler pillar peeler velar valor ostler hostler hustler howler hoofer heifer hemmer helmet helper helpful healthful helical pellicle pedicle medical magical madrigal madras matrass mattress malleus gaseous griseous gabion gavial radial radian radiance irradiance radiant gradient fragrant flagrant fragrance tragus stratus straighten straiten strata stratum stater stator tater tabor table libel lilac pilot pirate parrot paraph larrup salep salad malady melody method menace lettuce fetus ictus rictus rectus rectal rectum centum phantom fantasy phantasy fantasist entasis ecdysis emphasis emesis edifice airiness wariness chariness cheerless tireless timeless tameless painless painting printing imprinting appointive appointor pointer printer printery painterly neighborly neighboring vaporing vaporish vapor taper tapir tailor tailored favored favorite flavoring blithering glimmering glomerate floweret flowering lowering towering cowling howling howlet owlet owlish foolish footling footing outing knotting knotted potted pottage wattage waftage driftage drainage drayage freightage frontage fruitage brutish prudish reddish relish hellish elvish lavish ravish rattish ruttish rubbish publish public niblick nickelic nickelous nautilus nubilous nebulous nebula ferula fibula bibulous fabulous famulus hamulus limulus ligula ligule ligure figural figurant argument tegument integument intendment intendant intendance intendancy intensity immensity identity dissenter debenture adventure adventurer adventurous adventuress adventuresome venturesome venturous lecherous lechery butchery butcher blucher bleachers cleavers cavern tavern govern gittern cittern cistern sister oyster roister foster goiter loiter laughter lactary lantern lanthorn laniard lanyard galliard halliard halyard halberd tabard tattered pattern pastern eastern easterly eastwardly eastward eastwards outward outwards outwardly cowardly towardly overly ovary over osier hosier hosiery horary coterie notary rotary roguery rosary rosily holily wholly solely lonely lowly logy logia lochia fovea folium fulsome fulcrum wolfram pilgrim pogrom podium rhodium sodium opium oakum hokum hocus local locally locust lotus lobar sober solar roller volar vomer voter motor mohur mohair nowhere anywhere anyhow anyone anything anywise anytime enzyme endive enclave conclave contrail chondrule condyle conduit khanate gahnite gummite gunfight gunfire gun-shy gunshot gunlock gunstock linstock bitstock rootstock broomstick drumstick crabstick drastic frantic phrenic frenzy phrensy friendly fondly effendi windy inly inner honor otter rotter rocker shocker soccer socle suckle succor sucker succory puckery puffery pessary feathery leathery leathern lectern lecture launcher lurcher nurture nature denature departure depart deport dehorn reborn re-form preform perform perforce perverse perturb berserk berserker converter inverter evertor emitter mirror meerschaum marshal martial marble marvel larva parve parka markka mana mama mamba malmsey marshy mercy murky murphy murrey surrey surly pearly perky porky porgy horny horsy torsi mossy missy icy ivy ivied civvies civies series seeress ceruse cirrose citole cisco psycho silo halo hollow follow felloe fellow yellow gecko ghetto cento lento canto conto kendo rondeau rondo pronto grotto guaco guano wallow willow pillow mallow marrow morrow sorrow serow taro duro duo doggo ego amigo amino casino cassino ladino merino morocco sirocco anatto annatto mulatto rebato rubato ridotto risotto legato larghetto arpeggio solfeggio adagio dodger codger lodger ledger badger injure injury inquiry inward inwards innards anarchy mannerly latterly leisurely elderly orderly formerly formally formal foreman formant dormant adornment adjournment adjustment ejectment decrement detriment cerement sediment element elegant elegance arrogance arrogant adjutant adjuvant aspirant operant tolerant tolerance intolerance intolerant indifferent indifference indecorous indelible inedible inaudible ineffable inerrable invariable variable leviable enviable envious niveous nevus negus nauseous nausea nipa gerah gumma gummous guggle gunwale funnel runnel renal regal wriggle rigger rugger runner grunter grantor granary greenery gris-gris grugru froufrou fruitful fretful dreadful dreadfully readily heavily heavenly heronry helotry harlotry parquetry circuitry acerbity absurdity abnormity abnormal normal normally enormity deformity infirmity infirmary fernery furriery farriery barratry balladry salary saddlery saddler handler hanaper caliper calliper caloyer calamus calathus colobus colophon collagen halogen allergen habergeon haubergeon acrogen antigen antiphon agrapha atrophy anastrophe catastrophe antistrophe dystrophy district redistrict restrict restraint distraint distrain distrait destroy distraught discreet discrete secrete recruit recant relent resent dissent dispense despair dispel misspell misspeak mystique mistook disown disrobe disclose disclaim disclaimer disfavor dysphasia dysphagia dyscrasia dysplasia displace misplace mislay dismay dismiss dismissal disable disabled disband demand remand repand repast replete deplete depict depute deplume deplore deploy deplane deprave depraved deprived deprive depressive depressor depressant decrescent crescent increscent incessant ignescent canescent senescent mollescent caulescent acaulescent incalescent incandescent incandesce conduce conducive concessive successive excessive expensive expansive expansile expanded expand expanse expense expend extend extent extort distort disport despite despise dispose disposed despond respond response responsive dispersive discursive discourage demurrage immerge emerge deterge deter demur demob dewan diwan pecan barchan barbette artel cartel cartoon cardoon harpoon charmeuse marquise marquee foresee fordo foredo forsooth forsook forespeak forsake forestall foretell corvette cuvette musette brunet brunette lunette duet duenna sienna sierra tiara beshrew bestrew bestead bespread besprent bespatter spatter smatter smacker smasher smashing sacking necking netting setting sitting suiting luting losing longing longish mawkish monkish monkey musky musty gusty lusty lastly ghastly ghostly mostly firstly firstling nursling nerveless hurtless surplice purplish girlish churlish cherish cherub charily terribly horribly horrible forcible forceful mournful manful mantel mantle manacle maniple manciple fanciful fallible feasible defeasible infeasible infallible inflammable flammable laughable laudable laudanum ladanum labdanum labarum liberal illiberal illiterate literate clitoris liquorice lickerish liverish limerick lyric lithic lytic clinic vinic thymic gimmick mimic melic relic relique rollick frolic rowlock pollack pollock pollen gotten rotten robin graben griffon gryphon griffin graphic graphics traffic trophic tropic topic tonic tunic runic ethnic sthenic asthenic ruthenic euthenics eugenics dysgenics dysgenic angelic angelica angina vagina salina saliva baryta barytes pyrites ascites assignee appointee aplenty plenty lefty hefty healthy wealthy stealthy smelly mealie mealy measly manly mainly namely knightly nightly lightly lately latish knavish mavis phasis rachis rhachis naked naiad cycad bifid biped bipod bipack bypass eyepiece earpiece hairpiece headpiece codpiece colleague calces cruces brucine butene butane eucaine ukase sucrase sucrose arkose osmose almost inmost endmost headmost bedpost bedplate bookplate doorplate drawplate dilate dilator desiccator dedicated indicator indicate indurate intubate tubate lunate lanate clavate playmate playwright playtime daytime bedtime seedtime sometime sometimes somewise sunwise sunrise moonrise moonlight moonlit moonfish goosefish garfish garnish tarnish varnish donnish punish pandit pundit plaudit plausive plosive implosive diplosis cyclosis psychosis sycosis mycosis meiosis miosis mitosis kyphosis pyosis pyrosis fibrosis hidrosis hydracid hydrastis hydrastine hydrazine hydrocele hydrosol hydrofoil hydrophane hydrophone microphone vibraphone diaphone diazole thiazole biotope isotope isotone histone halftone lactone lactose galactose allantois allantoid acanthoid arachnoid arachnid racquet granite gracile grasping grouping greeting breathing briefing breeding reading reeding peeling passing passim passage package manage marriage married hurried hernia terbia terbium erbium irksome darksome heartsome flotsam flexor plexor plessor lesser lessen lesson loosen lucent nascent passant passion paten patten platen piston pistil pistol pintle pineal menial mesial measles muzzle guzzle nuzzle nozzle noddle novel grovel brothel rotl throttle throstle thistle missal missus missis missing mincing middling piddling peddling puddling pindling kindling kindred winded windage mintage vintage vantage ventage vestige vested vespid cuspid cussed muscid gusset russet faucet forfeit forficate corticate corporate corpora cornered foreword forward forwards forwarder borderer sorcerer sorcery cursory nursery purser person worsen worser worker murmur termor turgor tergum sorghum morgen organ orphan often offer effort zephyr suffer snuffer snuffle scuffle skiffle skilful skillful guileful direful doubtful doleful soulful hopeful hopefully popery gaucherie votary dotard pochard pilchard billiard billiards milliard milker milliner foreigner forint coffin corymb cornice ornis fortis fortress fortalice formalin formative normative narrative additive amative illative relative irrelative correlative competitive comparative imperative imperil impanel empanel embezzle embosom unbosom unbeaten unbutton unbidden unburden uncertain uncertainty certainty certainly fervency fervent servant serpent verdant mordant mordent ordinate inordinate indefinite indecent indecency decency audience ordnance ordinance ordinal credible creditable predicable medicable immedicable imaginable imaginative adjective fictive fictile feckless necklace reckless recluse breathless briefless ceaseless ecesis thesis anthesis adhesive adhesion inhesion cohesion coeval coequal coaxial abaxial adaxial anoxia anosmia anarthria anarchic antarctic subarctic subarid subacid suboxide subside excide excite excited exciting exciter excitant excitement assignment alignment attainment atonement opponent component composer composure commeasure admeasure admeasurement measurement betterment battlement cattleman castellan cateran cauterant colorant colorist cholecyst colonist botanist lutanist lutenist illusionist aluminate illuminate eliminate delaminate deaminate deracinate decapitate decrepitate crepitate cogitate cogitative vegetative vegetate meditate levitate devastate demonstrate demonstrator demonstration administration ministration fenestration penetration emigration immigration integration disintegration redintegration regeneration remuneration communication adjudication claudication allocation allocution locution logician floatation flotation flirtation flirtatious curvaceous herbaceous mordacious mendacious mandamus pandanus bimanous biramous biracial bifacial trifacial privation plication libation libration vibration migration titration gyration gestation jactation dictation fixation vexation pulsation palmation animation assignation assentation acceptation affectation affixation filiation affiliation alleviation abbreviation appreciation depreciation denunciation annunciation pronunciation renunciation dissociation association foliation foliaceous coriaceous caseation radiation ideation lineation deviation mediation fasciation initiation illuviation eluviation illumination delamination denomination denominational denominationalism constitutionalism institutionalism institutionalize institutional constitutional constitutionally constitution institution destitution restitution prostitution prosecution persecution consecution consecration concentration consultation conservation consolation cancellation constellation constipation consternation condonation condemnation condensation conversation conurbation compurgation complication replication publication obligation litigation liquidation liquefacient equitation excitation capitation cavitation gravitation habitation hesitation designation resignation indignation incarnation inclination incubation incantation indentation augmentation cementation segmentation sedimentation alimentation fomentation fermentation lamentation placentation laceration alliteration adulteration acculturation agglomeration glomeration conglomeration confederation consideration concatenation contamination commemoration assimilation dissimilation deliberation deliberative alliterative alliterate obliterate butyrate mutilate scintillate scintillator ventilator ventilate detonate detonator decorator separator aspirator operator comparator carburetor arbitrator arbitrate architrave arbitrary honorary monastery monitory admonitory administer minister minster monster mobster lobster roster zoster xyster history historied bistoury bigotry piggery pillory foolery ruler roomer rumor rumen numen pneuma enema eczema extra exedra clepsydra capsicum applicant aliquant aliquot adequate adequacy advocacy accuracy accurate aquifer aqua banquet bankable thinkable drinkable drinker drunkard drunken shrunken sunken buncombe bunkum bunker hunker hunger monger monkery emunctory adultery adulterer adulterous adulteress adulterine adulterant alternant alderman ealdorman fisherman washerman waterman motorman motorist mentalist mantelet bantling buntline dunlin drumlin gremlin gimlet goglet godwit goodness madness magic imagine immediate immediately immediacy mediacy idiocy deep-sea deep-set avocet aliped taliped talipes galipot gallinule acetal acetone asymptote acid-fast makefast makeshift face-lift faceplate fishplate fireplace firebreak firebrick firedrake hydrate dehydrate denitrate dealate denudate decollate defalcate falcate palmate palliate fasciate nauseate vitiate ideate dimidiate delineate alleviate abbreviate appreciate depreciate defoliate defoliant deponent potent oaten oaken open holpen dolman dolmen molten moline eosin ptosis hostess homeless hopeless hapless helpless helping hopping sopping topping moppet modest immodest modesty majesty fidgety fixity laxity lancet lancelet lanceolate consulate chrysalis christening chrysalid chrysolite pisolite proselyte propylite droplight dropout tryout triode trichome tiro tyro wino winy piny shiny tiny tidy vide howdy howdah louden plowman climate climber trimer trier prier prior pryer priory briony bryony brownie drowsy frowzy frowsty frowst frost croft klepht kept sept swept sweat stet step steppe stop sop sot rot trot treat street streak stream steam steal steel spiel speed steed stewed stood sand sonde wand wend rend trend tread shred shrewd prude proof prove move you've youth sooth soon rune roux rube ruche rule shul shoe shoo shoon shoot shit shut putt put push pish posh tosh tog tag stag stab stash smash smashed stacked swacked slacks sluice plume illume imam ihram beseem beneath bawbee bamboo shampoo lampoon impugn impute compute computer commuter commander commanding commando memento pimento pimiento libretto vibrato virago mikado aikido libido albedo albino alburnum laburnum ciborium laborious amorphous canorous sonorous cinereous superior supporter reporter recorder recording rewarding regarding regard petard dinar disbar disarm disarming discarnate discredit disaccredit disaccord disaffirm disaffect disconnect disconnected discontented discontent discommend discommode incommode incommodious commodious melodious melodeon custodian custodial dystopia diplopia dysphonia aphonia atonal asocial social losel oval ovum golem notum totem total tonal tonus tophus torus sorus psoas solus polis poultice poetess notice noted gnomic homing combings gloaming following follower colcothar allover walkover wingover hangover flashover flyover crossover once-over landowner landholder bondholder cardholder copyholder copyhold cubbyhole keyhole kneehole eyehole eyeful earful earphone airflow airglow airdrome aerodrome aeroscope periscope baroscope horoscope fluoroscope orthoscope chronoscope kinescope cystoscope gastroscope gastronome metronome centrosome centriole petiole ostiole osteal ostium ischium indium medium tedium telium helium pallium thallium thulium curium cuneal beauteous arbutus argentous argentic majestic digestive digester digestion indigestion indigestive indigested indigestible digestible suggestible suggestion suggestive subjective objective dejected dejection injection infection infectious inflection inflexion infliction infarction infraction diffraction refraction retraction detraction detrition fetation nutation nutrition nutritious altricial balbriggan balboa alpaca alfalfa alforja euphoria euphorbia dysphoria dysuria diphtheria gaultheria porphyria forsythia forspent forwent forewent forefend forfend portend pretend pretence prepense precess precede preceding proceeding proceed poteen potheen moreen dourine tureen terrene terrine terete effete ephebe phoebe fiat deist copyist lobbyist alarmist allotment ballottement apartment assortment agreement achievement appeasement easement isn't infant infinite infancy infamy infamous inference ignorance ignorant innocent innocence innocency instancy instance instant constant constancy monstrance monstrous menstrual minstrel mineral binnacle pinnacle miracle marital mackerel pickerel peccable impeccable impressible improbable probable crucible crucifer conifer gonophore ganef gossip hyssop hustle huddle muddle muffle muffin mutton muntin hunter huckster punster spinster sinister sinistral sinistrous ministrant militant irritant natant mayn't patient patience impatience impassion impassioned imbalance unbalance unbalanced antagonist antagonism antagonize aragonite manganite manganate amalgamate ameliorate meliorate maturate camphorate calibrate lucubrate librate lyrate ligate flyweight flyaway driveway raceway railway gateway getaway cutaway castaway castellany castellated calculated calculating calculate calculator tabulator simulator simulate stimulate circulate formulate formulary formicary coronary urinary culinary unitary sanitary insanitary inflammatory declamatory declaratory declarative declarer declare decree debrief degrease degree digress digressive regressive ingressive impressive impassive impulsive compulsive convulsive convulse consult consist encyst enlist exist exhaust exalt exhort exert dessert deserve deserved reserved reserve innerve unnerve uncurl unfurl infer incur inter infirm informed unformed reformed reform refer recur liqueur occur fakir severe revers remiss grimace remain regain regale brigade blockade stockade cascade cascara mascara miscarry machree sirree perique peruke peruse masseuse massage masseur chasseur absurd abscond ensconce enhance unhand unhandy uncanny unhappy unapt inapt inept incept inceptive incentive infective invective inactive inductive inductile indoxyl indocile colossal colossus caduceus caducous caboodle canoodle connubial chalybeate collinear collinsia kolinsky calypso collapse elapse egad elide evade avail assail assoil avoid devoid detail retain chicane benign refine refined remind resigned resound redound renowned renounce renown redoubt misdoubt indict indite incite ignite innate irate negate relate recite recital disciple devisal revival revive rely reply imply implied implead impede impeach amrita amnesia magnesia magnesium magneto bonito coquito coquina kokanee cohune cohere colure cogon condone condole cajole congeal candela ampulla impala impart dispart disburse disserve discern secern return rehearse reverse revert obvert overt adverse inverse indorse endorse enforce unhorse one-horse one-piece one-way runway runaway rockaway faraway freeway areaway breezeway archway hatchway catchweight castigate fustigate instigate integrate integrator inhalator insulator oscillator escalator escalate escapade ascarid aspirin alkaline allethrin halothane cellophane telophase metaphase metaphrase memorize feminize mechanize melodize methodize mythicize synthesize cinchonize synchronize syncretize cicatrize symmetrize summarize samurai ramify ratify gratify gasify pacify ossify codify modify mollify amplify amplifier melaphyre hellfire shellfire shellfish fallfish filefish tilefish childish stylish stylet stylist stylus scyphus sinus situs item ylem xylem asylum assailant salient brilliant brilliance dalliance valiant saltant solvent convent candent scandent scandal scandium francium ransom handsome hafnium halcyon talion tallyman talisman chasten chafer chamber timber timbal thimble wimble wamble nombril gambrel gangrel mongrel congress congruous congruence congruent incongruent incongruous incurious injurious industrious industrial illustrious destrier pedestrian orchestrion orchestral ancestral ancestress incest insect index boondocks bandbox sandbox landlocked landlord landfall windfall windgall windmill treadmill redfin redfish mudfish lungfish lumpfish numbfish sunfish sawfish saltish salter palter mortar mourner mariner baronet baronetcy baronetage baronage gallonage apanage appanage empennage ensilage diallage dialect derelict airlift aircraft indraft updraft upcast roughcast broadcast rebroadcast broadcloth breechcloth breechblock bontebok monocoque monachal monocle barnacle carnival carnivore commodore comedo combo compo compote compost lamppost outpost outmost outermost aftermost uttermost uppermost innermost hithermost nethermost farthermost northernmost southernmost easternmost sternmost sternpost signpost guidepost gatepost gatefold eightfold billfold pinfold ninefold fivefold fourfold borehole bunghole armhole heart-whole knothole pothole peephole loophole blowhole allophone aleurone albumose plumose glucose bellicose calico calcicole camisole anisole insole indole indwell indene indrawn fine-drawn finespun wineskin oilskin oilcan oilcup kingcup kingship kinship catnip catnap kidnap earlap earflap burlap birdbath birdman badman madman gagman gasman gasbag fastback fatback feedback fullback bullbat bulbul bulbil duckbill ducktail dovetail dentate edentate bidentate bipinnate biserrate bisulcate bisulfate disulfide sulfide sulfite sulfate sulcate pulsate luxate fixate picrate picrite ichnite lignite lyddite lewisite leucite alunite erudite exudate excavate excavator activator cultivator cultivated carbolated barbellate jubilate adulate educate educated educative educator evocator aerator traitor tracer tracery raillery papery papacy papist papistry pastry palmistry sophistry sophist psalmist solace solid sotted sottish schottische pettish peevish thievish thinnish minim minima minimal minimum miniver monomer gossamer isomer customer caterer laborer labored larboard armored armorer armiger onager integer vintager villager village tillage tallage haulage sausage message messuage meltage metage heated haunted wonted pointed pointless jointress giantess giant gerent gerund jocund doddered doddering wandering wondering thundering rendering centering scattering smattering gathering feathering weathering mothering motherly southerly brotherly northerly norther northern hoarsen whoreson horseman houseman fireman wireman lineman linesman gownsman townsman roundsman landsman fieldsman guildsman guardsman guardian sardius sarcous parlous parlance garland foreland fourpence foison poison empoison imprison impletion impulsion repulsion revulsion reduction seduction production prediction predation creation creator creative reactive reactor reactance reactant reaction abreaction absolution dissolution devolution revolution resolution involution convolution convalescence convalescent convalesce coalesce obsolesce obsolete gasoline gaselier gasolier cavalier avatar gazetteer racketeer rocketeer sonneteer connoisseur babassu bobbinet ballonet bassinet wagonette bagatelle amarelle aquarelle acquiesce acquiescence acquiescent lactescent albescent rubescent rufescent frutescent fruitarian grammarian gregarious vagarious nefarious bifarious vicarious vicarial vicariate vivarium velarium collyrium caladium palladium palladous palatial chalaza kamala azalea failure seignior seigneury seigniory signory senior saunter sinter sinner simmer simper sambar samba scuba scabby sassy saucy sissy silly oily doily roily chile chili chilli chilly chewy tui hooey phooey moody middy muddy muggy thuggee leggy levy leu plough plow plot kyat yacht yah pya pew puce puke pork torque stork stirk smirk quirk quark dwarf wharf wharve whorl whirl swirl swerve quern quirt squirt skirt spirt spurt sport spore spoor sour south soot suit soothe smooth schmooze schmuck shuck shove shun shunt runt grunt glint glans grand grandee grantee draftee drafty draughty crafty cranky frankly franklin francolin crankpin crackpot jackpot jackboot jackfruit jackfish jewfish geoid cheloid keloid keyboard leeboard seaboard seaborne freeborn freeboard breadboard bridgeboard bargeboard cardboard hardboard hardball hairball harebell cowbell cowshed cathead fathead hothead hophead hotbed pothead meathead beachhead beechnut peanut penult indult impulse impasse earwax beeswax beeswing beefwood boxwood rockweed duckweed cudweed cudbear bugbear bogbean bugbane dogbane dogface dogfight bullfight bullshit bullring bulrush bookrack rickrack knickknack nicknack bivouac billhook fishhook fishbowl washbowl wishbone aitchbone hipbone shinbone backbone backbend backhand backhanded backhander manhandle foot-candle foot-poundal foot-pound outbound eastbound westbound icebound hidebound housebound southbound earthbound northbound boarhound horehound deerhound elkhound hellhound hellhole hawsehole hormone doorman doormat format foremast durmast cermet certes herpes kermes chersonese burgonet bergamot bird's-foot bird's-eye birdlime birdhouse guardhouse almshouse alehouse dollhouse hothouse pothouse nuthouse outhouse boathouse roadhouse roundhouse powerhouse poorhouse dormouse shrewmouse rugose ketose ketone keystone capstone copestone soapstone loadstone lodestone goldstone holystone hailstone milestone millstone oilstone gallstone chalkstone cheekbone checkbook chapbook passbook bankbook bankroll bankrupt bankruptcy anchorite ankerite azurite laterite elaterite elaterid electorate electret electric electrical electrum plectrum spectrum spectra spectral pectoral pastoral masterful astragal astrakhan stricken strickle stickle sticker slicker slither sliver sitter skitter skimmer scalar scaler scaly scabies rabies maybe matey mazy crazy quaky quickie query weary teary terry sherry vary very varied serried saros seraph serif serin levin levity celerity celebrity severity civility ability debility divinity vicinity acidity basicity facility fertility futility utility humility humidity cupidity stupidity stability scurrility serenity solemnity calamity calamitous kilometer barometer bathometer manometer chronometer chronometry allometry allogamy apogamy autogamy autonomy autotomy anatomy academy macadam acaudal decorum demurrer demeanor dementia amentia amen eighteen eighteenth eightieth fiftieth fortieth fourteenth fourteen fifteen cystine cysteine siskin griskin foreskin foreside foresight felsite hellkite halite half-wit gaslit gaslight gadfly gallfly sawfly barfly botfly blowfly loci lowlife towline ptomaine toe-in bowfin bowleg bootleg bootlick bootblack bootjack bougie ogee apogee sapajou apices radices varices kerosene terebene melamine methylene mezzanine benzidine bengaline bungalow buffalo catalo cattalo catacomb autosome audiphone epigone epidote episode epode cathode chalone calcar eschar aurar eyeshot earshot upshot hotshot potshot motmot hotchpot hotchpotch hodgepodge hedgehop hedgehog headlong endlong end-all benzol benzyl benison denizen artisan bartizan partizan citizen citizenry sycophancy sycophant sibilant filament figment fitment footman fulmar fielder fodder solder modern mockery hickory piscary basketry musketry muscat musket ducat nugget nougat foozle ousel ouzel oodles poodle puddle pummel puzzle muscle mussel tussle tassel vassal vessel vestal rental gentle genital genitals general genera generous generally degeneracy ungenerous ingenuous ingenious congenial congenital confessional confectioner confectionary confectionery contemporary cotemporary temporary extemporary extempore extender extensor extensity extensible expansible expendable dispensable responsible irresponsible indispensable indefensible indefectible indefeasible indefinable indeclinable inclinable incapable inculpable impalpable palpable malleable mandible vendible venerable generable honorable operable comparable conscionable unconscionable unmentionable immensurable mensurable censurable saturable actionable fashionable lamentable habitable dubitable indubitable indictable indomitable illimitable inimitable immitigable litigable irritable evitable heritable veritable perishable imperishable impeachable implausible plausible pliable viable sizable risible visible divisible invisible inevitable inequitable inexpiable expiable explicable hospitable inhospitable incogitable incogitant incompetent competent competence impotence impetus impious empress morris mortise morning mourning mornings earnings evenings evening kenning rennet rennin renin rapine rapid ragged raggedy rugged running loving leavings gleanings pleadings pleasing plumbing plummet plumbic alembic assemble assembler assembly anomaly anomalous anonymous autonomous autogenous ectogenous endogenous androgynous erogenous epigynous epigenous terrigenous perigynous caliginous belligerence belligerency belligerent cobelligerent coreligionist coadunate coadjutant coagulant coagulum coagulase coagulate novaculite evacuate evaluate valuate toluate tolerate dolerite millerite millwright midnight midwife alewife fishwife goodwife oldwife old-line coastline coastwise leastwise leastways lightweight lightface lipase kinase zymase diabase diastase diesis diocese diarist dicast dynast gymnast bombast wombat numbat bumboat gunboat sunbow nuncio no-show coco cocoa chromo comose nodose torose towrope towboat rowboat robot roebuck reedbuck bushbuck bushtit brookite bauxite hawk-eyed walleyed walleye bull's-eye bear's-ear bedsore bedstraw bedstead bedspread bedspring headspring hairspring wellspring dayspring mainspring mainstay mainstream midstream millstream headstream hairstreak airstrip airspace aerospace acrospire macrospore microspore microcyte microphyte micropyle microcline isocline isoline isocheim discophile audiophile neophyte endophyte endocrine exocrine exocarp endocarp ascocarp cystocarp cystocele cystolith otolith acrolith batholith eolith neolith allopath towpath topaz tolan stolon stolen swollen slogan spoken smoker stoker stover scoter scotia soda sofa sewing owing showing rolling roving rhodic modish molding moulding holding coltish cohosh copalm copepod chaetopod chenopod amphipod octopod octagon actinon aquanaut aquavit akvavit obvolute absolute absolutely absently absentee guarantee guaranty gallantry galantine almandine amandine commandeer bombardier balladeer brigadier grenadier granadilla sabadilla sapodilla sarsaparilla cascarilla masquerade gasconade carronade marinade maravedi gallopade palisade colonnade polonaise mayonnaise gainsay glissade crusade cockade cahier ave envoi invoice ingress in-group engram centigram pentagram hectogram hectograph hexagram histogram cartogram barogram barograph paragraph pantograph pictograph glyptograph hyetograph cymograph kymograph seismograph skiagraph spirograph stylograph xylograph digraph trigraph tribrach tieback dieback drawback drawbar durbar doorknob corncob corncrib choriamb borax thorax cortex vortex vertex surtax cervix fornix forceps foresaid aforesaid forehead farad dorsad doorjamb logjam fogdog bandog bulldog bullfrog bullyrag boogeyman funnyman honeymoon hanuman huntsman henchman hetman human humor humeral humoral humerus humorous humorist humanist harmonist pharmacist armistice arbitress carbonyl barbicel barbecue barbershop berberine aubergine gabardine gaberdine libertine liberty filbert gilbert tilbury silvery silvern saltern psaltery paltry palfrey belfry peltry petit petty peppy puppy puffy putty nutty rutty rete meaty kiwi peewee pewee ennui knock-knee hackneyed flaxseed lexeme look-see look-in fuchsin tocsin toxin takin noggin nogging novice parvis pavis malice chalice cellist checklist blacklist blackleg jackleg dogleg foreleg forebear foredeck forepeak forepaw foreshore forecourt forepart dogcart dog-ear dogberry gooseberry gooseherd goatherd goatsbeard goat's-rue goatish goatfish globefish goldfish gold-filled goldfinch bullfinch hawfinch chaffinch chaplet tablet sallet pullet pulpit pipit pippin piggin biggin lignin signet cygnet signal signally hymnal hymnody dipody dittany litany lottery pottery bottomry hostelry martyry sartor starter startle smarten merlon courlan culpa collier colliery colloquy obloquy calumny calamint catmint catamount paramount paramo paletot palinode arillode antipode antinode antipope antetype antitype anticline antichlor antilog antiar anteater man-eater ammeter ohmmeter eggbeater beefeater beekeeper barkeeper shopkeeper innkeeper gamekeeper gatekeeper gate-crasher firecracker fire-cure epicure pedicure manicure man-hour manhood manhole mannose manrope bathrobe bathtub washtub walk-up hiccup hookup lockup mock-up markup checkup checkoff takeoff rake-off kickoff kickshaw cumshaw gumshoe gumbo bimbo akimbo mambo mongo mango tango tallow shallow shadow shadowy shako narrow yarrow gabbro bagnio panto pinto pinta pinna piggy pity pretty gritty gouty grouty grouchy gaucho gobo hobo lobo loco poco polo kolo koto photo oboe solo so-so so-and-so oversew oversoul overcoat overtone overtrick overarm overalls coverall caterwaul quatrefoil counterfoil counterfeit counterweight counterpane counterpoint counterpart counterforce counterwork countersink counterspy countertype concertize concretize cockneyfy ammonify minify lignify dignify dignified signify magnify damnify dandify andesite andradite anthracite anthracene nigrosine nicotine astatine altitude aptitude attitude latitude platitude plenitude magnitude magneton magnetron calutron aileron etalon betatron dynatron thyratron elytron natron neutron mouton coupon coulomb kuvasz kudos crouton krypton kreplach cromlech gromwell brimful roomful capful lapful glassful glasshouse clubhouse clubfoot clubhaul keelhaul guildhall gadwall bradawl borneol barbital sorbitol estriol estradiol extradition contradiction contraception contraceptive antiseptic analeptic analytic anaclitic anabatic adiabatic idiomatic achromatic aromatic aliphatic aplanatic apatetic apathetic academic epidemic economic economics aeronautics aerobatics acrobatics agronomics ergonomics autonomic automatic ataractic aphoristic agonistic agnostic gnostic costive costume contour cockatoo buckaroo bugaboo peekaboo picayune perilune heirloom wareroom wardroom courtroom classroom cloakroom elbowroom showroom homeroom home-brew homebred homestead homesteader holster bolster pollster dopester jokester roadster roaster postern postman pitman pitchman kitchen scutcheon escutcheon discussion discretion description adscription ascription inscription incretion secretion secretin secretory bijouterie illusory glossary glossy flossy fleecy fluffy snuffy sniffy snippy slippy skinny spinney spiffy jiffy jitney jinni dinette bisect bisector bilection bolection selection possession patella papilla lapillus bacillus facetious facetiae acedia anemia alumna alumnus calumnious columbium collegium collegiate elegit legist elegist allergist liturgist synergist synergy syzygy eulogy analogy mammalogy anemology acarology actinology dactylology amphibology campanology criminology climatology primatology thremmatology thaumatology hematology pneumatology numerology demonology demonolatry commonality commonalty admiralty mayoralty matronly maidenly masonry blazonry emblazonry emblazon embayment embodiment embankment embellishment embellish embolic ecbolic exotic demotic emetic erotic erotica errata erratum necrotomy nephrotomy nephrectomy pneumectomy vasectomy mastectomy cystectomy cystotomy gastrotomy gastronomy astronomy agronomy atrocity ferocity veracity sagacity audacity edacity caducity credulity fidelity fatuity fortuity fortuitous portentous pretentious pretension prehension prevention precession precisian precision prevision provision provisional provincial prudential credential credenza cadenza addendum agenda magenta ingesta ingest inject induct inductor conductor conductance inductance inappetence appetency oscitancy obstinacy obstinate obstacle estival festival restful rightful frightful spiteful despiteful delightful delighted related belated benighted united sighted sainted sacred sacring sacrum sachem gamesome gamester rhymester shyster niter titer titre tighten title tidal sidle sisal scissile sessile senate sennet sennit tenet tennis illness business pinnace paynim eponym toponym homonym hominid commonage cabotage cooperage sewerage steerage storage stoppage slippage pipage cowage towage stowage flowage floatage flotage floaty lory sori soapy ropy rosy prosy proa poem proem phloem phellem fennec henpeck tenrec bedrock deadlock headlock hemlock fetlock petcock peacock seacock seamark earmark birthmark earthborn earthman merman ape-man iceman sideman cymene cyanine diamine diazine thiazine hyoscine hyacinth colocynth coccyx calix kylix cowlick cowslip sideslip sidestep instep misstep doorstep doorstop shortstop cornstalk barnstorm brainstorm rainstorm hailstorm clearstory clerestory blindstory windstorm sandstorm sandstone fieldstone firestone limestone brimstone dripstone pipestone rhinestone brownstone brown-nose brownout breakout breakdown shakedown crackdown comedown rubdown rundown sundown shutdown letdown godown hoedown showdown ozone evzone estrone escrow mucro mako imago farrago fellatio cacao arroyo ratio kayo claro jocko gesso judo pseudo scudo ouzo otto potto putto pekoe picot guyot veto venose venous vena venal venial vehicle vocal yokel yodel woeful wilful willful pilfer palmar palmary hatchery hatchel satchel spatula scapula scapular granular globular globulin globule granule spaniel spancel spandrel spindle swindle dwindle dirndl journal german germen germinal germinant permanent permanence permanency purtenance appurtenance appurtenant pertinent impertinent impermanent impertinence impersonal personal personally personalty personable permeable impermeable interminable determinable terminable serviceable marketable partible portable portal tortile chortle chervil turtle myrtle mirthful merciful unmerciful remorseful resourceful distressful distress distressed distend distilled distiller distillery artillery hostility festivity activity nativity maturity maternity paternity eternity eternal internal infernal infertile inertia indicia incautious incurrence incurrent inerrant inherent inherence insurance insurer inure enure unmoor unbar unarm unarmed unearned unbend unkenned uncaused uncoil uncork unborn suborn support report resort remorse remark remarque gisarme dissolve devolve revolve resolve resolved absolve evolve involve involved convolve cavalla catalpa battalion medallion civilian pavilion decillion caecilian cerulean cerumen ceramal ceramic keramic caloric banausic benefic malefic melodic molybdic molybdate molybdous malicious militia melisma charisma aroma neuroma lipoma lymphoma myxoma mimosa serosa cesura secure cure mure pure you're tour took talk tall taught taut teat tea teak teal team tease teeth teethe wreathe wreath gigue quiche queue skew scute screwed scrawl sprawl spoil spoilt spilt stilt stealth smell swell swear square squab squat swat snot snob stob stub stubbed stand stance since rinse quince quits lights tights tight thyme time tame tael tale take tape trip trill shrill thrill thill thick thin thane thegn vain vane vein vague veil veiled raised poised void roil groin shrine shrike shrive shive gyve gibe gybe gaol jail jape jakes admix commix immix iwis awash wash walk wall wool wolf oomph lymph nymph sylph slaw ploy sly sky spy spry sprite sprit split splint sprint spent spoon spoof spool stool stoup soup sou sue too two tomb tom shod schlock schnook crook kos quote quoth whoa woe though those loaves loach broach brooch throat throe throw throne throve shrove trove strove strobe strode stroke stroll scroll soul poult roast wrote vote vogue shown tone tome town tine stein stipe snipe snide squid squib squill squeal squeak squawk squaw squeeze queasy wheezy sweeny sweetie sweaty salty softy lofty mufti mighty miry wiry wily awhile while whiles piles ides goods gourde ours oust lust lists pissed paste waist waste wait weight wain wane swain sway way wame ways reins rainy racy prissy prithee privy prairie puggree hungry lungi lanky kinky kingly crawly scrawny scraggy scraggly scratchy scratch screech scorch porch parch larch arched touched touch such scutch sketch sketchy techy tetchy touchy duchy dacha duce deutzia nutria neutral nostril nostrum rostrum colostrum colostomy apostasy apostolate pastorate passerine paladin avidin savarin sapphirine saccharin saccharine suzerain coumarin coumarone casserole escarole escadrille espadrille expedite extradite extricate explicate expiate exeunt comment cobnut bobcat mobcap madcap mudcat meerkat tipcat tomcat comrade compeer kampong kalong oblong daylong bylaw bygone eyewash eyelash eyeglass hourglass sunglass sandglass sandblast handclasp handcraft handicraft bandicoot basinet massicot mascot mascon meson mesarch hipparch chiliarch chiliad ileac iliac celiac galleass galilee gamelan amaranth labyrinth laccolith lackaday lapidate dilapidate dilapidated dilapidation academician amalgamation machination mechanician recognition precognition precondition recondition decommission dietitian dialectician delectation detestation attestation acoustician tactician factitious fictitious physician remission omission volition coalition coefficient calefacient calefaction malefaction labefaction rubefaction tumefaction stupefaction stupefacient tumefacient insufficient inefficient efficient officiant sufficient deficient deficiency efficiency sufficiency insufficiency inofficious inanition innovation inhalation insulation installation insolation inchoation intonation convocation congelation conjugation conjuration conflagration congregation congregational conversational conversationalist conservationist consummation oscillation isolation violation violaceous vinaceous vivacious cretaceous crenation clinician conniption corruption abruption eruption ruction suction fluxion junction injunction disjunction dysfunction malfunction olfaction exaction examine exam exact enact intact infect infest invest invent cement lament lamented demented departed deposit posit apposite opposite inapposite inanimate exanimate exarchate excrete excreta excretion exclusion excursion excurrent excrescent excrescence excrescency concrescence candescent abducent inducement insouciant incipient insipience insidious invidious convivial conciliar consumer confessor confetti contend contented attentive retentive irretentive inattentive inoffensive ineffective unaffected unconnected uncommitted unremitting unrelenting undirected inner-directed other-directed misdirect incorrect incorrupt interrupt interrupted interrupter interruption incorruption insurrection intellection inattention inessential unessential nonessential confidential conscientious condescendence condescend condescending condescension coessential penitential penitentiary evidentiary evidential residential precedential providential reverential referential referendum memorandum amaranthine labyrinthine terebinthine pericynthion perihelion parhelion anthelion anthemion asthenia encaenia arsenious ruthenious ruthenium lutetium leukemia bulimia uremia eureka urea uraeus ureter masseter receiptor receiver repeater rebutter rebuttal rebut rebuff disbud disuse disused unused unmoved removed remove recoup renew renege enigma sigma stigma smegma bregma breccia stretchy starchy starry sparry spotty snotty snooty smoothie moony movie molly motley istle ixtle sixty misty moiety loyalty royalty frailty phratry forestry forestay foreplay horseplay horsefly horrify torrefy terrify rarefy verify etherify acetify acidify lapidify solidify 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mouse-ear mousebird bowerbird butcherbird afterbirth afterword afterworld afterward hitherward whitherward heavenward vanward landward leftward westward western sesterce sectary rectory rookery rackety rascally rascal rankle rancor tanker tankard tinker stinker stinger stringer springer spier skiver stiver sniper snicker sneaker snooker snigger sniggle sniffle snaffle scaffold scabbard staggard stagger staffer stammer stammel steamer streamer screamer schema scummy screwy scrubby scruffy squiffy squishy squashy quassia quagga quaggy quag swag swam swum swung stung strung sprung spring sprig sprain scrape scribe squire squish swish swash suave swab swob swath moire schwa shrew threw through three threap repp wren then than that vat vang vas tass tasse tad tact tanked tank shank thank thanks tax taps chops choice chore tor torr roar wore swore store storm storey stalky sticky stithy smithy mothy mulley woolly woody wadi fado fudge nudge bulge blunge longe plunge flange landau hangdog ding-dong singsong linsang linseed lip-read lipoid lithoid lymphoid lambdoid gadoid alidade athodyd atheling catholic catheter character charactery capitally capitalist nationalist naturalist natural naturally national rational irrational irascible immovable movable livable lovable gullible guttural dotterel dipteral dipteran dipterous icterus octopus octuple optimal optimum intima intimacy intimist anatomist satirist centrist dentist dentistry ministry industry infantry anciently instantly institute constitute constitutive institutive substitutive substitute destitute dessiatine adenosine phenazine benzene benzine ethene theine neon neuron pleuron purine purely poorly hourly surely only showily showy joey joke woke woad wove we've weave thieve theme thief thaw yaw yawn yawp yap yam yeah thee these needs siege sedge kedge veg wedge wodge stodge stooge sludge smudge smutch smutty smitten suet suint spinet spinach spinning sizing rising rousing southing something summit pomace pumice promise profit prophet proffer palmer pother parlor poplar pauper pappus lapsus leprous leprosy legacy lunacy lunar sooner suitor shooter shoer wooer goober tuber tuba tufa luffa hula puli muley medley medlar muddler muffler mutter shutter shudder chuddar chukker chuckle truckle treacle tickle ticker taker taster twister atwitter quittor equator equate equation erasion evasion elision elusion etesian deletion beleaguer belabor behavior detainer attainder attainture container contagion contagious contagium courageous radius radium rapier brayer br'er blur blurb blurt flirt slur slurp spur spurn pirn tern turn churn terse tierce tarp torn thorn warn worn warm warmth swarth sword surd third therm worm were word turd turf tort torch nautch retch wretch vetch teach speech snatch snitch stitch switch swatch watch witch twitch which whish whiff whim wham whack thwack thrash thresh thread threat tret teth toot tool tulle til tic tike tyke tie tile style stride strife strike stripe striped 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trailer thriller thinner tinner tinder finder winder grinder grounder rounder roundel poundal council counsel councilor councilman councilwoman gentlewoman gentleman gentlemanly devilment ravelment rabblement redolent indolent indicant indigent indigence indigene epigene epicene lysine glycine piscine xylene dry-clean cyclone high-flown heigh-ho hi-fi sci-fi sky-high skylight skyline sideline guideline lifeline lifelike life-size laicize likewise lionize limonite limelight sidelight stylite stylize stabilize stabilizer vaporizer vaporize paganize patronize matronize matrices calices calyces caliphate scalable syllable syllabus celibacy delegacy delicacy efficacy inefficacy indelicacy entelechy enteric endemic endermic dermis kirmess hermit herdic hoarding lording lordling laundress laundry sundry sundries undies monies moneyed monied honeyed honied honeydew honeybee moneybag gunnysack gripsack grayback greenback greenshank greensand dreamland fairyland farmland farmhand forehand beforehand four-handed barehanded bareheaded bullheaded woolly-headed empty-headed empty-handed heavy-handed heavy-hearted halfhearted hardhearted hardheaded hotheaded long-headed longhand deckhand neckband headband hatband gangland grassland crash-land cropland dropsonde demimonde demigod demitasse demijohn demirep death's-head deathbed deadbeat deadfall deadwood redwood redware neckwear hectare hapten half-moon half-truth ashtray chambray membrane midbrain endbrain endgame endways airwaves airframe airbrush hairbrush hairbreadth handbreadth hand's-breadth bandwidth sandwich handwork handiwork fancywork frostwork breastwork brightwork basketwork basketball spitball pitfall icefall nightfall nighthawk knighthood boyhood byroad dynode genome genu journey jersey germ gens dregs depth wealth welsh welch welt weft reft theft oft soft shaft shalt shan't pants ranch wrench drench trench chinch chintz chintzy chimney chutney tunny sonny sunny sully lovely lively likely prickly frizzly grisly grizzly grizzled gravelly travel prattle pretzel petrel petrol petrous terrace terra tephra tetra tetryl retral eatable readable regional paginal vaginal vaginate cajeput cajuput cogent cogency potency patency patently presently frequently frequency sequence sequent secant piquant fecund secund eland upland upward onward poniard ponder wander wonder thunder thundery thunderous ponderous onerous obolus obelisk bobolink basilisk asterisk afterdeck aftercare afterclap afterdamp aftermath aftershock afterthought forethought aforethought foregut foresheet fauces feces fasces hashish phthalein valine valley tally tabby shabby shaggy shimmy rickey risky frisky tricky tricksy proxy epoxy posse poppied soppy sepia selah seta sika sukkah summa surah sirup syrup stirrup sternum stardom tandem random rhenium premium previous obvious osseous isthmus isthmian ixia pyxie ritzy gutsy gutta pucka pukka yucca ruckus raucous glaucous glorious inglorious vainglorious vainglory vagary vapory slippery slavery slavey slaty safety saintly spindly spondee speedy specie sneaky snaky shaky shady shapely halfpenny zany mania lamia zamia zeta theta ratel racial spacial spatial spacious auspicious specious speaker spanker spangle bespangle bedraggle bedazzle bedevil bejewel befuddle belittle begotten forgotten forgot forgat forget forgive forgave curtail percale parquet parfait partake partook parterre darter partner pardoner gardener hardener hardening hardship hard-shell hardware hardwood heartwood cartload carload shipload diploid discoid viscoid scincoid sigmoid ethmoid ovoid zooid xiphoid phylloid phyllode phyllome filmdom kingdom gingham rhythm writhen riven written greaten greisen ripen riant riot piety impiety anxiety dubiety ubiety nimiety almighty alright albeit howbeit hereby nearby knee-high knee-deep indeed induce indue undo undue to-do taboo tabu doubloon gadroon patroon latrine shagreen sherif enwreathe ensheathe unsheathe unleash unlash unlatch unhitch enrich bewitch beseech besiege begrudge begrime bestride stria stripy stringy springy spicy spiny spinal spinous spineless sinless sunless loveless luckless lexis flexile flexible inflexible inflectional intentional intestinal intestine teston tegmen telson keelson kelson culver culvert covert yogurt yoga toga stoa stoma stemma steady study stubby stuffy steamy streamy streaky stocky spooky spunky punkie pulpy palsy noisy nightie ninety nicety falsity paucity polity oddity sodomy economy eponymy epiboly epigraphy calligraphy cacography chalcography chirography pyrography hydrography micrography microscopy bioscopy cryoscopy radioscopy radiology craniology phraseology physiology ideology audiology autecology etiology ophiology archeology cardiology cardialgia coxalgia causalgia causality capacity felicity felicitous solicitor solicit silicic ballistic ballistics meristic mephitic mephitis bursitis carditis colpitis colitis otitis cystitis mastitis gastritis metritis iritis rhinitis tinnitus tonight polite malign moraine terrain terrane today toupee repay prepay predate predict prelect prevent preventive pendentive conductive conjunctive subjunctive disjunctive disjunct junket junco jumbo jambeau crambo crossbow crossbones crossroad crosshead arrowhead arrowwood rosewood rosebud roadbed roadstead roadside broadside broadsword broad-leaved broadleaf broadloom brandling brambling rambler rattler tattler settler sutler cutlery scullery snuggery sluggard seaward sewan season seisin seizing seasoning reasoning ravening fastening fastness fondness cockiness complice accomplice accomplished unaccomplished unaccompanied unaccustomed disaccustom disesteem misesteem misread misdeed mislead mousseline moulin soutane soutache satang harangue meringue morale morass maraud morel gabelle gazelle gazette grisette greaves gules yule tube tub tonne tun stun spun snug stuff stull skulk sculpt culprit sculpsit sculpin sculptor sculpture scripture stricture structure stretcher treachery treacherous tetanus melanous melanin feminine keratin sericin terrapin lecithin glycerin glyceryl glycerol glomerule glamorize glyceride geyserite kieserite cauterize authorize authorized etherize velarize valorize vulgarize pulverize pauperize moralize immortalize memorialize materialize arterialize etherealize serialize idolize finalize vitalize devitalize revitalize detribalize theatricalize theatricals theatrical theatrics thematic nematic pneumatic pneumatics rheumatic dramatic dramatics dogmatics dogmatic dalmatic galvanic volcanic vocalic locale locality loquacity opacity modality sodality tonality totality brutality fatality natality vitality finality venality regality legality gibbosity gulosity duplicity complicity complexity perplexity perplexed perplex burlesque berlin purloin pertain appertain ascertain entertain entertainer entertaining enteritis retinitis adenitis adenoidal adenoma atheroma anaerobic anechoic amphichroic dichroic dichromic bichromate dichromate bilobate trilobate translocate dislocate pillowcase idocrase oligoclase oligochaete linocut hypocaust hypoblast cytoplast cytoplasm bioplasm alloplasm neoplasm endoplasm ectoplasm deutoplasm idioplasm hyaloplasm archiplasm archoplasm cataplasm karyoplasm metaplasm mettlesome meddlesome nettlesome beadledom berkelium trillium tritium trivium trivia trivial revel regnal regnant pregnant pregnancy pregnable preferable pleasurable measurable immeasurable irreparable reparable respirable separable severable memorable miserable favorable unfavorable ungovernable unutterable inoperable inseparable insuperable insufferable sufferable superable numerable denumerable innumerable irremeable irresoluble irrevocable revocable reasonable seasonable seasonal seminal nominal numeral numerous numinous nuisance nuance muon mucin cutin cutis culet kinglet ringlet rillet ripplet triplet trippet tippet sippet snippet snappish sapid vapid valid halide azide azoth addend adverb madwort leadwort legwork lugworm lobworm webworm wireworm wirework millwork grillwork brushwork brushwood greasewood greenwood green-eyed ganoid mattoid mastoid demantoid demanding demandant commandment amendment commencement assessment annulment accouplement acquirement requirement retirement refinement confinement consignment concernment containment contentment contestant consultant consultative conservative conservancy conservatory confirmatory confiscatory conciliatory consolatory condemnatory commendatory amendatory mandatory feudatory fumitory accusatory excusatory expository depository depositary depositor prepositor prepositive preparative reparative repetitive receptive receptor preceptor precentor preceptory prehistory precursory precursor precancel preconscious precocious premolar promoter promote promotive automotive locomotive locomotor locomobile locomotion phonetician coaptation potation rotation rogation probation probationer practitioner parishioner perimeter parameter octameter octamerous heptamerous heptameter hexameter hexamerous hexagonal diagonal diaphanous diaphysis dialysis diathesis dieresis biolysis cytolysis cytolysin pyrolysis hydrolysis hydrology virology psychology seismology symbology limnology immunology ichthyology axiology angiology geology geophagy geodesy geognosy geography geographer glossographer photographer photography petrography orography chorography holography logography nomography nosography phonography zoography xerography zincography discography demography democracy hypocrisy ochlocracy mobocracy theocracy theodicy theogony theophany neoteny monotony monophony cacophony commodity karate caliche capuche kaput carouse carousal horizon awaken waken shaven shamus vagus vagal inveigle invasion inhalant inhaler inhere insphere ensphere unsphere unfair unhair unheard unhurried unwearied unwary unready unread unsaid unset unseat unmeet uncut unfit unknit unknot unlock kulak couvade roulade foulard enlarge converge submerge submerse submersed subvert subserve observe observer observance observant observable submersible conversable convertible inconvertible indivertible indiscernible indeterminable indeterminacy indeterminate determinate determinant determiner determine determined interment internment discernment disbursement disarmament armament firmament termagant cormorant culminant fulminant covenant covenantor covenantee cannoneer cameleer auctioneer financier insincere sincere insist desist resist resistive resistless resistance resistant existent existence exhaustion exemption exemplar exemplary exemplum example ensample enamel enamor encumber incumber encompass acarpous syncarpous censorious sensorium centurion sectarian septarium septennial centennial sententious tendentious tangential engender endanger manger major gauger wager wader wafer waiter spitter spinner spanner opener emperor tempera temper tempered shepherd shipper tipper titter tetter terror terrier tarsier tarsus tazza matzo moxa mikvah mitzvah mittimus litmus limbus nimbus nymphet nympho gismo gizmo gusto august thrust priest piste peart peeved leaved yield used yaws yore yare their there they're theirs them realm whelm whelk whelp twelve toile twill swill swig swing swink wink wing ting wring ringed shrink shrunk trunk chunk plunk length lengthy lengthen elenchus rhonchus bronchus bronchial bronchiole bronco bronchi prophesy prophecy prelacy perilous garrulous garrison warison malison maltha naphtha naphthyl naphthol tadpole redpoll redcoat bedclothes bedfellow blackfellow schoolfellow inflow infare fanfare fanjet banjo credo cameo patio fatso fresco alfresco allegretto amoretto lazaretto manifesto manifest gabfest barghest barbule bascule fescue rescue askew obscure obscurity obscurant absorbent adsorbent advertent adversity adversative affirmative informative informant endearment endorsement divorcement deportment department parchment parliament charlatan shorten portion torsion tortious tortoise torpor toper sopor souther wowser schnauzer chowder china shiner vinous vinyl vial viol via vita vital victual vittle tittle tittup titty tinny tawny talkie talky rookie rooky rowdy mousey mousy mouthy moldy toady tody towhee te-hee teeny teepee tepee tipi tapis taffy tangy tansy pansy panties scanties scanty stacte taxi waxy wacky whacky swanky whangee wherry wary webby pebbly rarely rattly raspy nasty vasty vestry vesting westing nestling restless testis tented lentic authentic thetic metric metrics metrical symmetrical chimerical numerical arsenical galenical appendicle appendix appendage apprentice practice practiced praxis taxis tactics tactless doubtless footless footloose footcloth cerecloth dishcloth oilcloth loincloth longcloth washcloth haircloth neckcloth sackcloth saddlecloth saddle-backed saddleback saddlebag saddlebow saddletree axletree doubletree double-reed double-team double-tongue double-tongued double-check double-park double-edged double-decker double-header bufflehead knucklehead chucklehead shovelhead fiddlehead fiddlewood candlewood sandalwood candlewick candlefish candlepin candlelight candlenut candleberry handlebar cinnabar synagogue emmenagogue megawatt megalith regolith xenolith monolith mannerless hammerless colorless coverlet culverin kilderkin wilderness alienist alienage alienate alienor alienee aliunde bailee payee razee raceme racemic axenic aphonic euphonic bouffant buran courante corrupt baroque morose parol parole patrol control comptroller controller atrocious ferocious pelorus loris oryx varix larynx pharynx syrinx silica silicle mythical mystical distichous tristichous testicle technical lexical vesical vesicle ossicle sizzle swizzle swivel snivel skittle spital spittle spigot spirit dispirit despairing unsparing unstring unstrung unstrap unsnap unstep unstop unsteel unseal unreel unreal unpeople dispeople disloyal disloyalty dishonesty dishonest distaste disgrace dispraise disprize misprize comprise compile compiler bifilar bipolar bifocal bifocals trifocals triangle wide-angle pineapple principal principle principled unprincipled unprintable printable palatable palatal panicle pannikin cannikin catkin khamsin lambkin lambskin langsyne alongside offside offhand left-hand left-handed red-handed red-blooded full-blooded full-bodied full-blown full-grown footrope footnote woodnote hooknose hexone hexose headphone headstone mudstone moonstone tinstone tombstone footstone freestone greenstone gravestone grindstone veinstone whinstone hornstone turnstone curbstone clingstone clinkstone stinkstone pitchstone touchstone touchdown touchline suchlike hitchhike citified sissified certified certify fortify mortify mystify testify rectify fructify justify dulcify emulsify decalcify declassify denazify denitrify devitrify vitrify nigrify nidify nullify lullaby hushaby mummify tumefy stupefy tepefy epiphyte edify dayfly mayfly firefly fireplug earplug eardrum humdrum gumdrop eavesdrop hydrops hydranth highjack hijack hygiene highborn hawthorn foghorn bighorn bullhorn bullwhip bellhop bebop demos ethos benthos menthol meatball mothball goofball googol dugong dewclaw toucan ashcan he-man emu zebu ague argue burgoo virga purdah perjure perjured perjury surgery forgery drudgery drollery dolorous odorous inodorous deodorant decedent defeasance defiance defiant demount bemoan emote elope evoke invoke convoke convene convey inveigh invade unmade unmake unlay unsay unseam unreeve inweave antique untuck unstuck unstick unlike unlikely unsightly untimely entirely entirety entitle untitled titled typal stipel stipple stepper stopper stupor stupa pupa puma pewter future suture sutra supra sucre secco sexy sickly ripply pimply simply seemly sorely sortie sporty sporran saffron soften roughen ruffian raffia agraphia dysgraphia disgruntle dismantle mishandle goosander meander decanter decretal adrenal trunnel trouble truffle ruddle ruddock hummock lummox flummox luscious vicious villous villus villa villain villein villainy tyranny timothy sympathy symphony simony scammony commons shaman shotten totter taler thaler toddler peddler kegler wiggler wriggler raglan ratline rattling ratchet ratite rabbi fabric rubric cupric cuprous cupreous upas rufous rebus rhesus threesome gruesome twosome toothsome lovesome gunsel tinsel sinful sendal essential seneschal sensual sensuous sentience sentence penitence penetrance penetrant penitent hesitant hesitancy residency presidency president resident residence resonance remanence dominance dominant prominent prominence provenance providence provident improvident improvement impressment impeccant impendent impenitent impediment pediment merriment desiccant vesicant vacant raiment orpiment oarsman swordsman herdsman helmsman groomsman cracksman craftsman draftsman draughtsman ranchman rancho poncho pontiff wanting wanton wanigan larrigan larrikin limpkin bumpkin napkin pipkin pidgin widgeon wigeon sigil vigil angel changeful changeable chargeable charitable uncharitable inheritable inflatable insatiable insatiate insentient sentient century sensory tensor tenure telpher shelter welter weber member remember dismember disremember disassemble dissemble resemble resemblance remembrance remembrancer membranous fibrinous lioness riotous parietal varietal societal society satiety sobriety variety variola variolous psoriasis acariasis ascariasis filariasis satyriasis uncinariasis synovitis sinusitis myelitis pyelitis parotitis keratitis hepatitis arteritis ovaritis urethritis arthritis crisis crying prying priming driving trying striking sliding slighting slating plating plated plaintiff plaintive platelet playlet labiate labialize ladyship ladybug ladylove lady's-thumb lady's-smock ladylike dateline waistline wasteland waistband wristband ribband browband bellyband bellyache bellyful variole vireo vibrio embryo cheerio curio curassow culicid bombycid homicide hearthside heartsick heartache heartbreak heartbreaker heartbroken housebroken houseboat housecoat household householder officeholder jobholder stockholder stadholder penholder shareholder shoulder smolder smoulder soldier soldiery soldierly doldrums jorum gypsum jetsam jettison gelatin genesis agenesis digenesis diagenesis zymogenesis biogenesis phytogenesis psychogenesis glycogenesis blastogenesis histogenesis hypnogenesis cenogenesis monogenesis xenogenesis autogenesis oogenesis gamogenesis agamogenesis gametogenesis paedogenesis orthogenesis morphogenesis thermogenesis spermiogenesis anthropogenesis anthropomorphosis anthropomorphous anthropomorphic actinomorphic heteromorphic heterotrophic heterotypic heterocyclic heterophyllous heteroecious heterogony heterophony heterography metallography dactylography crystallography chromatography astrophotography anthropography anthroposophy anthropopathy anthropology anthropophagy anthropometry anemometry anemometer acetometer acidimeter alkalimeter calorimeter colorimeter accelerometer cephalometer nephelometer pneumatometer dilatometer densitometer sensitometer tensiometer variometer aerometer rheometer ceilometer pedometer odometer bolometer phonometer photometer photometry zoometry zoolatry zootomy lobotomy lobectomy colectomy embolectomy embryectomy embryogeny embryology balneology genealogy semiology speleology teleology hagiology osteology osteopathy osteotomy episiotomy ileostomy ideography physiography bibliography bibliographer hagiographer hagiography hagiocracy hierocracy gynecocracy gonococcus caracara katakana kamikaze carabao colorado moderato agitato animato arioso aeciospore teliospore ascospore apospory oospore oosperm snowstorm monostome monosome monochrome monochromat auxochrome urochrome bureaucrat democrat anemograph pneumograph serigraph stereograph stereogram telegram telegraph teleran tamarack almanac camelback canvasback cannonball canonize atomize itemize systemize systematize systematism mysticism militarism meliorism alienism unionism euphuism euphemism euphemize aphorize satirize catarrhine catechin catechu catechol attaboy maccaboy hackamore sagamore lagomorph paramorph perimorph mesomorph mesoderm periderm pachyderm paradigm faradize fluidize elegize energize energid androgyne androgen endogen cryogen chromogen chromatin chromatid chromomere chromophore chromosphere troposphere astrosphere astrolabe astrodome osteotome ecotone duotone allotrope boltrope boatload coastland homeland heartland marshland moorland outland outlander outfielder outfield airfield infield infielder insider inlier airliner headliner headwaiter dumbwaiter dictator rotator rotative denotative denotation deportation deformation defalcation deification demarcation retardation repartition partition mortician beautician munition musician mutation putamen curator choragus conatus cobaltous cobaltic chromatic chromatics pragmatics pragmatic prismatic schismatic sematic erratic hepatic hepatica hetaera chimera chiasma chiasmus miasma diazo dianthus diandrous gynandrous monandrous monandry monanthous monecious 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viperine hyaline ptyalin niacin thiamine gliadin glycogen pyrogen hydrogen nitrogen estrogen histogen cultigen cudgel cuckold pickled pyralid pyramid paraffin paravane paraphrase paradrop parados paradox parallax parasang parasol girasol jigsaw ginseng jennet jurat jurist metrist leftist leaflet greenlet greenling weanling yeanling yearling sibling willing willet wallet wicket thicket rickets rickety trinity charity chastity champerty trumpery summary southern smother sputter splutter splatter slattern slatternly sisterly systole simile symmetry asymmetry dissymmetry dissimilar densimeter tensimeter dosimeter lysimeter bicipital basipetal ancipital occipital accipiter accipitrine eupatrid rheumatoid prismatoid chrismatory crematory dormitory hortatory purgatory nugatory sudatory predatory precatory prefatory pellitory heliport helicoid helicline hurricane barricade marinate imprecate implicate plicate liquate spicate spikelet springlet sprinkling inkling thinking unthinking unwilling 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preoccupancy precipitancy precipitant precipitin precipitous erysipelas arenicolous anemophilous entomophilous entomophagous entomology etymology eschatology iconology iconolatry iodometry biometry isometry hypsometry hypsometer gasometer tachometer algometer atmometer osmometer optometer optometry altimetry bathymetry salimeter amphimacer ambassador ambassadress ambivalence ambiguous exiguous irriguous sinuous cernuous strenuous tenuous tenuis tenace vendace headrace headdress headrest headset heavyset hard-set sharp-set marcel micelle myself thyself herself himself itself nacelle finesse possess possessed molest select selective susceptive septic peptic optic optics politics politic impolitic impolicy imparity impunity impurity purity muriate muricate intricate intricacy trickery trigger trimmer tripper trawler trauma struma strudel strigil smidgen midland woodland woodruff midriff midrash midrib midyear light-year lightship courtship lordship wardship warship worship thermic vermeil verbal vernal vernier ternion journeyman churchman churchwoman charwoman chairwoman forewoman horsewoman sportswoman spokeswoman spokesman sportsman pressman expressman expression expulsion expunction expansion expunge expound unsound uncrowned enshroud enshrine enjoin enjoy conjoin conjoint congest unjust injustice justice jussive jotting jobless javelin jerkin genuine deputy penury penalty specialty specialist socialist vocalist phonetist hypnotist hymnist rhythmist rhythmics eurhythmics eurythmic eurythmics arrhythmia marimba mazuma mahatma marasmus meniscus lemniscus lempira empiric empathic emphatic lymphatic limnetic hypnotic synoptic metopic iodic iridic idyllic hydraulic hydraulics didactics dynamics dynamic dineric dioptric dioptrics dioptase diopside dioxide hydroxide hydroxyl hydroxy hydropathy chiropody psychopathy dichogamy dichotomy rhizotomy trichotomy xylotomy xylotomous physostomous hypostasis hypophysis hypothesis hypothesize hypostatize apostatize apostrophize ostracize neutralize nebulize normalize formalize gormandize cornerwise cordierite garnierite wernerite witherite riverine riverside silverside silversmith silverfish silverware silverweed bitterweed beggarweed bugleweed eaglewood bentwood softwood soft-shoe horseshoe hairdo vendue venue venule veinule stipule sterol save-all thiol thymol glycol guaiacol guaiacum quieten quiet unquiet disquiet disquietude inquietude quietude amplitude multitude multifid multiped millepede millipede milkweed silkweed colicweed colicroot comminute cosmonaut astronaut ostracod entresol contrecoup contraband contradance contredanse confidant commandant commentary voluntary involuntary solitary solitaire solitude certitude servitude fortitude rectitude correctitude exactitude vastitude lassitude habitude hebetude desuetude consuetude mansuetude lanceted lancewood matchwood touchwood torchwood tightwad fireweed firewood sourwood sourpuss mouthpiece mouthful moorfowl batfowl bad-mouth bigmouth titmouse gatehouse guesthouse pesthouse penthouse henhouse greenhouse greenheart greenhorn crumhorn broomcorn barleycorn popcorn shopworn mopboard headboard pegboard chessboard chalkboard checkerboard checkerberry checkerbloom chatterbox rattlebox badderlocks hammerlock haversack knapsack ransack rucksack lovesick lovelock elflock efflux afflux influx conflux reflux prefect precept percept hirsute lawsuit offshoot offbeat hoofbeat heartbeat hartebeest archpriest archfiend archdeacon archducal archduke archduchy archduchess archbishop archbishopric bishopric pinprick pancake cupcake keepsake seasick seaside ox-eyed oxide topside topsoil toxoid rhomboid tomboy gumboil puffball pushball oddball onshore omnivore moidore borzoi boardwalk sidewalk sidekick friedcake fruitcake shortcake shortcoming forthcoming homecoming incoming oncoming upcoming up-and-coming unbecoming unassuming unavailing unveiling unfailing unfeeling unmeaning unbending intended intensive extensive extended eccentric eclectic athletic athletics magnetics magnetic magnific magnifico magnificence magnificent munificent municipal univocal uniparous pupiparous cupriferous calciferous bacciferous baccivorous lactiferous fructiferous bulbiferous multiparous multipara fetiparous fissiparous apivorous deliverance irreverence reverence reverend reverent revenant resonant relevant irrelevant elephant eloquent eloquence evidence evident exigent diligent diluent disputant impudent impudence pudency fluency truancy truant issuant issuance issuable chasuble fusible usable usual unusual unsuitable unbeatable unbearable untenable unknowable unsociable sociable notional emotional devotional devotion remotion promotion pocosin macruran macabre menorah meshuga machete malaria talaria filaria hilarious hilarity heredity hereditary heresiarch celeriac scenario soprano supplant displant explant eggplant pieplant diglot eyespot nightspot nightjar nightdress hot-press knotgrass narthex nonsense knobkerrie antiquary antibody anybody busybody everybody everyday everyone everywhere elsewhere somewhere seaware seaweed seafood seedbed saphead sapwood knapweed ragweed pigweed agueweed mayweed manes nates penates prenatal prevail prevailing providing provided divided advised advisedly admittedly adhibit inhibit inhabit inhabited inhabitant inhabitancy inheritance inherit inspirit insipid inserted ill-sorted ill-suited ill-fated ill-favored well-favored well-mannered ill-mannered ill-omened ill-gotten dishearten disharmony discordant disorder disordered disorderly dishonor cislunar seducer reducer producer traduce crevasse cravat ravine routine rattan cretonne cuisine kamseen vaccine massif maquette banquette palmette palmetto falsetto cavetto colugo lanugo gazebo placebo mosquito mestizo machismo maillot morceau trousseau rouleau guilloche pirogue heroic horrific terrific febrific neritic nephritic neurotic uretic eutectic eutrophic actinic dactylic tantalic fantastic bombastic sarcastic narcotic cosmetic hermetic hebetic mimetic besetting belonging belong bethink rethink methinks meatus hiatus diaster diameter dynameter clinometer cryometer pyrometer spirometer psychrometer cyclometer hydrometer hygrometer nitrometer zymometer idolater idolatrous idolatry psychometry stichometry micrometry necrolatry necropolis acropolis metropolis monopolist monopoly monogamy mahogany metonymy antinomy antipathy antiphony antiphonal vaticinal medicinal meridional aboriginal aborigine polygyny polyphony periphery pericope pernickety persnickety concinnity conspiracy confederacy confessedly confiding confounded unfounded unbounded uncounted undoubted undaunted unwonted unbated unlimited unlisted encaustic enclitic aquatic vatic vitric vitrine vitrain eyestrain restrain restrained restrainer destroyer astylar acyclic bicyclic tricyclic alicyclic apodictic epideictic epicritic democratic mesocratic escharotic macaronic homophonic homiletic homiletics nomothetic sympathetic symptomatic asymptomatic systematic systematics kinematics mathematics mathematical catechetical categorical allegorical oratorical rhetorical historical historic phosphoric plethoric platinic platoon pontoon spontoon spittoon festoon sestet sestina esthesia anesthesia paresthesia paramnesia paranoia paramatta panorama panacea barathea ballerina belladonna hiragana hereupon thereupon whereupon whereon wherein herein hereat hereof hereto hereinto thereinto therein thereon thereat thereof thereto vertu virtu pursue pursuit percent persist subsist submiss submit subdue subdued subsume subvene saltine potiche postiche austere bestir besmirch exsert esprit espy respire repine opine opaque oleic noetic phonetic phonetics phonemics phonemic polemic polemics poetics prolix profess professed professor profession procession processional professional proficient propitious prodigious prestigious litigious religious religion irreligious unreligious sacrilegious achlamydeous atrabilious matrilineal patrilineal patrilocal matrilocal matrimonial ceremonial ceremonious unceremonious inharmonious harmonious harmonium stramonium archegonium carpogonium parsimonious acrimonious sanctimonious sanctimony matrimony patrimony parsimony proximo proximal approximal proximate maximum massacre mannered emerald herald heraldry ribaldry riflery rivalry rightly richly princely princeling whistling quisling quilting piloting pilotage lighterage flowerage brokerage drawbridge footbridge footprint blueprint bluepoint gunpoint gunflint skinflint pinpoint midpoint pourpoint outpoint outpatient impatient inpatient divalent trivalent tervalent purveyance conveyance conveyancing convincing convince construe unscrew untrue untruth truth troop troupe truce trass track trek tress stress strep strop strong strow trow trope tramp trompe prompt prompter proctor trotter spotter swatter squatter squalor squalid qualmish quamash potash potful hotfoot goosefoot gooseneck goshawk godhood girlhood burnout turnout turnabout turnaround wraparound campground playground greyhound gazehound bloodhound foxhound dachshund oxheart bistort passport packhorse inkhorn stinkhorn tinhorn leghorn legman ragman frogman frogfish rockfish weakfish sheatfish chignon xenon thenar vina vino visa theca thicken vicar victor victim system symptom sumpter snifter swifter swinger swagger swagman sphagnum spasm plasm plasma plaza playa loggia thuja uvea oeuvre ulna dharna koruna morula formula primula stimulus simulant stimulant somnolent cognizant incognizant inconsonant inconstant inclement inelegant inelegance ineloquent infrequent infecund unseasoned unreason uneven uncivil unravel unriddle unbridle unbridled unruffled unbuckle unmuzzle unmoral unlawful unequal unsaddle unshackle unbacked unasked unmask unman unmanned unmanly unmannerly tannery stannary standard standoff sandhog sandman landmass landmark tanbark shagbark shellbark shellback shelduck well-done welkin welcome vellum velum venom envenom endogamy exogamy exhume exclude occlude seclude cicada sequacious loquacious rosaceous foramen foundation gradation vacation venation vernation eburnation observation reservation reformation reclamation proclamation approximation apocynaceous olivaceous argillaceous modulation demodulation demodulator demodulate modulate alginate paginate sagittate palpitate palmitate palmitin primitive promising protasis prothesis propolis populace populous popular unpopular jocular flocculus flocculant flocculent feculent esculent luculent succulent truculent recusant reboant refluent profluent profligate pamphlet parget pledget fledgling fiddling seedling weakling weakly weekly weaken heathen wheaten sweeten sweetener sweetening santonin sultanate pulmonate hutment husband husbandry husbandman lumberman bombardon bombazine limousine magazine messaline methylal chaparral rationale rationality nationality animality abnormality informality formality mortality mentality centrality gentility genteel digestif prestige trustee trainee trine tried trike tripe trite trout sprout prowess pelvis pelvic shelving hulking whacking smacking slashing wrapping strapping strapless stripling stifling rifling trifling triglyph tigress nitrile nihil dunghill uphill until unlive relive recurve decurved recurvate recurrent recurrence occurrence susurrant sonorant chatoyant talent talon stallion jillion junior juniper janitor jack-tar jacamar blackamoor paramour carrefour caprifig cladophyll basophil basifixed crucifix crucify argufy uglify vilify vivify revivify rigidify identify intensify intensifier interrogator interrogate intenerate incinerate incinerator insinuate extenuate accentuate eventuate actuate fluctuate punctuate punctual puncture juncture jointure moisture songster youngster tungsten tungstic mystic gifted tufted puffin tiffin tannin tariff sheriff sharpie osprey spree spa spot spew spue smew spume spitz sports quartz thwart wart waltz hertz worse work twerp twirp twirl world wild wile vile vie vine thine wine twine twain twin twinned tint tilth talc task tusk thus this oops toots toss toy troy trawl troth trough trim strum struck strut stretch staunch scrunch squelch svelte swift thrift thrifty throaty troche trochee trophy strophe smoky snowy sinewy sinew synod winner wicker whicker whisker whisper whimper whiffler whistler whaler wheeler tweeter tweezers jeepers jaggery jugglery buggery luxury victory veery sphery sapphire saltire satire ragtime maritime karyotype stereotype stereotyped stereotypy stenotypy stenotype standpipe standby standstill grandsire granophyre anodyne nowise edgewise longwise longways always fleshings refreshing recessive possessive pellucid polluted palladic pelagic syllabic satanic titanic tetanic tectonic tectonics santonica syntonic subtonic subsonic pulmonic premonish admonish demolish diminish diminished unfinished unbonnet unbodied ungodly ungainly unkindly unfriendly unfriended unfledged full-fledged full-length half-length wavelength phalanx claybank playback playbook playbill playboy plowboy houseboy housebreak housebreaking house-raising hair-raising hell-raiser helldiver cabdriver screwdriver scriptwriter copywriter copyright copycat copybook donnybrook johnnycake dossier dairymaid mermaid nursemaid housemaid homemade homemaker bookmaker clockmaker kingmaker caretaker testator spectator stellarator celebrated separative corporative corporator incorporator incorporated inaugurate inaccurate immaculate immoderate imamate imaret immesh inmesh enmesh enfeoff endow enow enough keef kiang orang duress desex unsex unfix unfreeze unfrock unblock unclean unclench entrench intrench retrench re-tread re-press repress repulse repulsive reductive seductive seductress reductase resuscitate resuscitator necessitate capacitate incapacitate interlaminate decontaminate circumnavigate circumvallate circumrotate circumambulate circumambient circumcision uncircumcision circumscissile circumspect circumflex circumstance circumstantial circumscription superscription superstition superstitious supercilious superficial superphysical metaphysical metaphysic metaphysics metabolic metameric metamorphic mesomorphic anamorphic theomorphic idiomorphic endomorphic endothermic endodermis endodontics exodontics exocentric endocentric egocentric theocentric geocentric geoponic geomorphic geostrophic autotrophic orthotropic orthorhombic prothrombin thrombin rhombic rhombus thrombus pompous wampum wimple wiggle wittol wattle whittle whiffle whistle wheedle tweedy tweeny weeny weepy quipu prau orlop shoreless schmaltz schnapps sox sixth shiksa vixen vision vigor vinegar vinegary vineyard pincers pansophy passkey latchkey inchmeal oatmeal piecemeal esthete testes headcheese headstand bookstand inkstand kickstand cabstand newsstand washstand long-standing upstanding outstanding outstand outman outrun outbid outlive outwit outfoot outvote outgrow outguess outsell outsoar outdoor outdoors out-of-door man-of-war mirador heretofore theretofore therefor therefore lessor vesper vesperal mensural pensioner passional fractional frictional functional sectional sexual asexual bisexual biaxial triaxial triennial triennium biennial biphenyl diphenyl diurnal hibernal viburnum vibrissa dibasic tribasic triclinic tricrotic pyretic phyletic aseptic astatic ecstatic exceeding exceedingly accordingly allowedly timely stymie grimy grayish gravid rancid transit transom strontium strontia strontian striction restriction mistaken mistake misstate instate intuit intuitive inviting infighting moonlighting moonshine moonshiner manpower gunpowder sundowner sundial subtitle subtotal teetotal teetotum betoken token woken woven rowan rodent sonant sowens siemens summons summon sloven slovenly solvency insolvency insolvent dissolvent resolvent resilient resilience rebellion rebellious vitellus vitellin vitelline disrelish dismissive dissuasive dissuade assuage passade pesade persuade persuader persuasion dissuasion suasion stamen station stationer scrivener servitor curvature caricature cowcatcher cowpuncher acupuncture venepuncture venipuncture benediction benefaction beneficial artificial inartificial sacrificial sacramental detrimental elemental elementary alimentary parliamentary unparliamentary complementary complimentary supplementary sedimentary rudimentary regimentals sentimental fundamental ornamental oriental arietta operetta ocarina sonatina concertina conferee confirmand allemande anaconda anasarca piassava panada sonata toccata tamasha tamale finale philately phylactery olfactory calefactory valedictory valediction malediction malposition preposition proposition propagation preparation reparation respiration restoration rhetorician repetition repetitious suppositious supposition separation celebration defloration degradation depredation reprobation recreation variation variegation segregation segregationist isolationist evolutionist revolutionist resurrectionist resurrection recollection predilection dereliction petrifaction putrefaction crucifixion cosmetician politician deglutition theoretician mathematician arithmetician premonition preterition perturbation imperturbation importation exhortation exaltation exultation auscultation occultation occupation arcuation circulation serrulation simulation figuration configuration prefiguration precipitation premeditation predestination predestinarian planarian plebeian lesbian busby tizzy telly toothy toothed tune stour swoon swoop whoop wheel wheeled wheeze tweeze tongs wrong wrung young shush sri zee zeal veal vair vend vendee pongee pledgee legit vedette vidette vignette inwrought inwrap inarch unteach untaught unwashed unwept unkempt undamped enthalpy englut unglue unloose unless unpeg unpack unhook unyoke revoke provoke propose proposal proponent oppugnant repugnant repugnance benignant benignity indignity indignant indictment investment vestment testament pestilent pestilence petulant postulant pustulant flatulent flagellant fraudulent undulant vigilant vigilance modulus modular marvelous frivolous chivalrous chivalric fiddlestick candlestick pentastich heptastich hexastich hemistich hemisphere chemosphere bathysphere lithosphere blastosphere blastomere blastopore blastoderm blastocyst otocyst photocell photomap photocopy photoflash photoflood photoplay floatplane showplace showpiece nosepiece neckpiece cheekpiece heelpiece fieldpiece fieldfare fieldwork fretwork network meshwork metalwork metalware menswear menhir menses moonseed moonbeam sunbeam sunroom mushroom lunchroom hunchback touchback switchback sketchbook schoolbook schoolboy newsboy newborn lowborn lovelorn livelong yearlong erelong erenow thereby whereby well-nigh well-knit walnut gallnut hognut pignut doughnut earthnut earthiness heaviness readiness redness redwing hoodwink woodwind downwind downswing downstate downstage downgrade downhearted kindhearted lighthearted lionhearted chicken-hearted brokenhearted pigeon-hearted simple-hearted single-hearted single-handed single-minded simple-minded evil-minded feebleminded double-minded double-jointed double-breasted single-breasted singlestick singletree swingletree whiffletree whippletree whippoorwill whipper-in hyperon hypersthene hyperplane hyperploid hypoploid hyracoid gynecoid gynophore cynosure sinecure spinnaker spiracle spectacle spectacled bespectacled respectable respectful neglectful neglect reluct resect respect inspect inspection intinction anticipant anticipate anticipative anticipation interrogation investigation investigator investigate inactivate deactivate reactivate reiterate deteriorate detruncate truncate truncated ring-tailed ringtail springtail springtime space-time mistime misfile misfire mishear misgive miscall mescal misrule misdo mildew milldam mailbag mailman milkman middleman middlebrow middleweight titillate titanate titanite nightingale nightshade nightshirt pilewort byword password piecework presswork pressmark pockmark hallmark telemark coenosarc coelostat rheostat aerostat cryostat pyrostat pikestaff dyestuff foodstuff breadstuff bloodstock bloodstream slipstream upstream downstream downbeat down-bow downthrow downcast outcast outcaste newscast soothfast sunfast subfusc subfloor subclass subplot marplot armpit crumpet trumpet strumpet streamlet streaming screening sneaking speaking sleekit secret sequin liquid illiquid iniquity iniquitous inimical empirical umbilical umbilicus umbilicate silicate scilicet subset sunset moonset moonshot mainsheet maintop hilltop heeltap deathtrap satrap bootstrap lutestring latchstring hamstring drawstring drawknife drawshave drawtube eyetooth iamb bivalve finance hyrax smilax spyglass epiblast epinasty pederasty pederast colorcast colorfast columnist columbine celandine secundines recognize preconize organize organizer organism urbanism verbalism barbarism botulism embolism symbolism sciolism nihilism ptyalism iodism pietism priapism quietism giantism scientism dynamism dynamotor decameter dekameter decaliter dekaliter deciliter decimeter millimeter milliliter kiloliter kilocalorie yellowhammer jackhammer triphammer straphanger stepladder stepdaughter stepfather stepmother stepbrother stepsister ecosystem echovirus copilot autopilot catapult cataract artefact artifact heartfelt heartthrob hardtop cardsharp carhop caritas coffeepot teapot tosspot saucepan sampan stewpan dustpan dustheap dustproof rustproof lightproof fireproof flameproof rainproof raindrop reindeer rainbow railroad railhead nailhead gilthead gilt-edged tiltyard shipyard ship-rigged shindig sheepdog sheepwalk shipwreck rimrock ramrod shamrock sjambok shamble shambles numbles umbles umbel tumble timbrel fimbria cambric bailiwick lacewing lapwing languid language languish anguish anguished languishing linguist pinguid penguin sanguine ensanguine exsanguine extinguish distinguish distinguished extinguisher exterior experience experienced excipient recipient percipient persistent persistence subsistence obsidian ophidian obedience obedient expedient expediency expectancy expectant expectorant expectorate expostulate expatiate excoriate exuviate excruciate exfoliate expropriate misappropriate inappropriate emmetropia ametropia amblyopia angioma hemangioma condyloma carcinoma melanoma melanosis pollinosis byssinosis brucellosis ornithosis cyanosis diagnosis diagnose decompose discompose disembogue disembark disembody disembarrass disembowel disenable disentail disengage disarrange disarray cabaret cabriolet cassoulet disobey disabuse disrepute disrepair disregard disinter disendow disincline disinclined disenchant disinfect disinfest disinherit disincentive disinfectant decongestant decalescence recalescence adolescence adolescent evanescent effervescent effervesce effloresce evanesce luminesce luminescence luminescent juvenescent arborescent obsolescent opalescent viridescent iridescent ingravescent indehiscent indecision indeciduous deciduous decidua residual residuum residuary imaginary sanguinary sanguinaria adularia araucaria cercaria herbarium terrarium masurium mezereum manubrium lugubrious salubrious insalubrious insessorial incorporeal incorporeity corporeity coryphaeus perineum perineurium epineurium elaterium deleterious meritorious editorial monitorial ministerial magisterial magistral magistracy magistrate legislate legislative legislator legislature legislation regelation undulation ustulation cultivation culmination termination determination indetermination indiscrimination discrimination discriminator discriminating discriminative recriminate criminate ruminate resinate resonate resinoid renegade centigrade retrograde retrochoir antechoir anserine albertite watertight waterline waterside underside undersigned undersized underlying underling sanderling chandelier gondolier mandolin pantaloon barracoon barracuda barramunda sarracenia dracaena geneva dyspnea ipomoea mythopoeia malvasia massasauga varicella vorticella vermicelli personnel organelle mortgagee marguerite arboretum arbitration frustration illustration innutrition intuition inhibition imbibition ammunition erudition exudation excavation exhalation distillation jubilation population inoculation reticulation articulation denticulation gesticulation gesticulate denticulate geniculate corniculate cornuted scorbutic attributive tribunate tribute contribute contributory tributary distributary distributive distribute distributee distributor descriptive disruptive dyspeptic despotic japonica thrasonical grammatical premedical paramedical periodical periodic aperiodic antiperiodic antispasmodic antimagnetic antipyretic antibiotic amphibiotic abiotic apyretic aiguillette maisonette falconet salmonella citronella citronellal cerebellum antebellum antecedence antecedency antecedent cotyledon acotyledon dicotyledon polycotyledon monocotyledon monochasium monomania egomania echolalia glossolalia nostomania nymphomania hypomania cleptomania kleptomania cryptomeria coprophilia lipophilic lyophilic biophysics psychophysics astrophysics geophysics geopolitics aeroballistics aeromechanics hydromechanics hydrokinetics hydrokinetic hydrodynamic hydrodynamics psychodynamics isodynamic aerodynamics astrodynamics electrodynamics electrokinetics electromagnetic ferromagnetic isomagnetic pyromagnetic gyromagnetic diamagnetic paramagnetic paralytic parasitic paregoric pyrophoric hydrophilic hydrophobic hydrophobia aerophobia necrophobia nyctophobia nyctalopia asthenopia scotopia ectopia photopia boltonia bignonia agnosia magnolia agnomen cognomen carnelian cornelian tourbillion vermilion familial familiar unfamiliar unbeliever unbelieving unbelief disbelief disbelieve dispossess prepossess repossess prepossessing peripatetic antipathetic anesthetic synthetic syndetic pandemic panoptic orthoptic orthopter orthopteran orthognathous orthogonal abdominal phenomenal phenomena phenomenon monotonous monophagous stenophagous sarcophagus carpophagous coprophagous saprophagous apophysis apodosis epiphysis epitasis epistasis episcopate episcopal episcopacy epitome apocope apocalypse apocalyptic anomalistic realistic idealistic inelastic idiotic mydriatic caryatid karyotin periotic apotheosis ichthyosis ichthyornis archaeornis meteoric stearic schematic somatic stomatic stigmatic astigmatic anastigmatic anastigmat inspissate incrassate incarcerate incardinate cardinalate argentite argillite tremolite hematite pegmatite celestite spessartite specify falsify qualify qualified qualifier quantifier quantify countrified countryfied countryside fungicide fungistat fungiform dendriform dentiform multiform villiform vitriform libriform cribriform cross-refer crosslet cross-link cross-check crosswalk crosscut crossruff crosspiece crosspatch crosshatch cross-stitch crosswind cross-grained grosgrain low-grade lowbred lowbrow hausfrau housefly houseleek houseroom housetop mousetrap maestro microbe micron rhyton triton trigon tricorn triform oviform iodoform iotacism rhotacism chauvinism onanism galvanism galvanize pavonine saturnine fraternize factorize bastardize pasteurize picturize pressurize pressure-cook weathercock feathercut featherweight featherstitch hemstitch whipstitch whipstall whipsaw ripsaw rapeseed crazyweed katydid bleary-eyed ureide urease oleate spoliate scholiast encomiast encomiastic ecclesiastic ecclesiastical ecclesiasticism neoplasticism monasticism romanticism romanticize rodenticide poeticize politicize catholicize anthologize mythologize apologize analogize eulogize syllogize syllabi sillabub syllabub billabong hellebore millepore nullipore cuspidor cuspidate rusticate masticate manducate emancipate lancinate pepsinate peptidase depredate deprecate supplicate suffocate obfuscate confiscate authenticate vellicate vesicate vacate makeweight tailgate stalemate snail-paced nameplate namesake nainsook chain-smoke chainman trainman tradesman tribesman trismus prisoner poisonous pittance riddance threepence eminence emigrant immigrant integrant integrand wintergreen evergreen ambergris amberjack lumberjack crackerjack cofferdam balderdash spatterdash latter-day waterway walkway washday noonday domesday doomsday do-or-die deep-dyed deep-laid deep-rooted deep-seated deep-fry drip-dry freeze-dry rough-dry sun-dried untried untidy undying enduring maduro menarche monarchal maniacal ammoniacal arapaima araroba abalone baloney boloney valonia paulownia peloria pogonia pagoda panocha parotic patristic patriciate laciniate lascivious lixivium syncytium cymatium selachian batrachian steradian subterranean subcutaneous percutaneous permutation sternutation extenuation insinuation continuation continuator continuative opinionative opinionated pixilated situated saturated fat-witted thick-witted quick-witted quixotic anecdotic antidromic antimonic antitoxic antitoxin anaptyxis amphimixis apomixis chemotaxis geotaxis heliotaxis homotaxis phototaxis hypotaxis hydrotaxis heterotaxis heterogenesis metagenesis epigenesis epigeous epigeal epicotyl epicanthus agapanthus amianthus helianthus polyanthus polyandrous polyandry oleander oleaster amphiaster alabaster malefactor calamander salamander pomander paymaster drillmaster ringmaster shipmaster headmaster housemaster housemother housekeeper goalkeeper goatsucker goatskin moleskin sealskin sheepskin cheapskate cheesecake cheesecloth charcoal chuckhole chuck-full chock-full tomfool topfull top-hole topcoat topmost upmost utmost rearmost hindmost milepost billposter four-poster fair-spoken free-spoken well-spoken well-chosen well-known quinone coiffure coiffeur prefer prepare trepang taipan tycoon typhoon cafard carnet hyena diecious quietus cuirass fluoresce fourchette bourgeois bushwa babushka verruca perusal paludal colloidal celloidin papain ouabain urbane ordain ornate grenade provide preside precise previse rewire require requite request bequest inquest conquest cobweb hobnob hobnail thumbnail thumbstall numbskull numskull thumbscrew dumbstruck moonstruck moonscape landscape landgrave land-grabber landlubber lackluster blockbuster blockbusting broncobuster filibuster aviculture apiculture pisciculture viniculture viticulture citriculture silviculture sylviculture agriculture aquiculture floriculture flycatcher dogcatcher dogwatch deathwatch deathblow jawbone rawboned rockbound markdown marksman moccasin unison union reunion disunion disunity sedulity security circuity circuitous mercurous mercurial mercuric sulfuric silurid beloved besides betimes baptize chastise blastema blaspheme blasphemy blasphemous boisterous mischievous posthumous watchman switchman ritual habitual habituate infatuate infatuated infatuation situation scintillation ventilation menstruation gastrulation graduation granulation tribulation stipulation speculation ejaculation evacuation devaluation valuation manumission manumit minuet pirouette oubliette galley-west arabesque picaresque picturesque humoresque funerary vulnerary elderberry underbelly underbody underarm underpart underplot undershot underset undervest rinderpest rudderpost lowermost bottommost buttonhole buttonhook buttonwood cottonwood cottonweed cottonseed rosinweed commonweal commonwealth cockleshell cocklebur kookaburra cacomistle paradiddle taradiddle tarradiddle daffodil cacodyl cavendish calends kalends challenge lozenge roband prebend threaten reptant remnant oddment octant volitant visitant impotent simpleton singleton signalman signalment ligament liniment lineament fundament wonderment wonderful interval interview intercom intercourse watercourse waterborne mortarboard centerboard teeterboard overboard overlord overland overhand overword openwork crewelwork needlework angleworm cankerworm cabbageworm cabinetwork cabinetmaker printmaker pacemaker haymaker rainmaker noisemaker lawmaker lawbreaker jawbreaker icebreaker vibrator vibrate tirade typhoid echinoid emulsoid ellipsoid ellipsis stypsis stasis stainless stateless stated stative stately stagey stagy staging engaging fade-in 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gametophore gametophyte gametocyte aborticide liberticide burnsides turnpike turnspit turncoat turnsole turnstile troostite tungstite tungstate substrate substratum substation outstation aerostation grief-stricken heart-stricken heartstrings headstrong headmistress schoolmistress schoolmaster schoolteacher scorekeeper storekeeper doorkeeper off-color newcomer newsdealer newsletter newspaper endpaper sandpaper sandpiper windpipe tintype pinstripe pigsty pigskin pigpen pinhead pinniped plywood pulpwood gulfweed gumwood monkhood monkshood lunkhead thickhead rakehell mayhem made-up mayhap mishap mishmash midgut midweek gearwheel pinwheel pinhole pesthole porthole portico vertigo strigose sorbose setose seacoast seamount samite marmite marquess marketing writing vying veiling veinlet violet inviolate inveterate inspectorate directorate decemvirate decemvir duumvir duumvirate adumbrate adumbral adverbial proverbial suburbia suburban subversion perversion perversity diversity anniversary universally universal university uniformity unifilar unipolar lunisolar lunitidal suicidal homicidal septicidal septicemia seriema erythema empyema pyemia pyuria myopia binomial trinomial trifolium trifoliate perfoliate napoleon embolden tombola tamboura samsara susurrus superb disturb disturbance despondency discrepancy discretionary discriminatory exterminatory explanatory exploratory expiratory inspiratory invitatory vibratory migratory juratory rotatory notochord moldboard soundboard roundworm groundwork groundspeed cloudland cloud-capped cloudlet cloudless flouncing township minded air-minded fair-minded low-minded like-minded high-minded right-minded right-handed clearheaded gray-headed wrongheaded cross-legged crossbred crossbreed christcross crisscross couscous mooncalf foolscap coelacanth gallivant analysand saraband vagabond vagabondage vicinage vassalage tutelage privilege privileged middle-aged able-bodied tableland timberland ampersand operand fatherland motherland 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width weedy wieldy unwieldy uneasy unlucky unlovely unseemly unschooled unskilled unscathed unsling unsung unpin unship unzip unwish unwise unveil unvoice unvoiced untwist betwixt betroth betrothed trona proser probity probative prohibitive prohibit cohabit cohesive coercive extrusive extrinsic intrinsic forensic offenseless useless viewless tulip stupid steward stewardess estuarine masculine valueless fabulist funambulist somnambulate perambulate perambulator articulator manipulator manipulate capitulate capitulary capitular capitulum cachucha petunia petechia pachisi fatigue frottage dressage corsage forswear forsworn fourscore foursquare three-square threescore prewar postwar post-free coastward homeward downward rightward sideward skyward stipend strident trident transient trenchant retrenchment embranchment blandishment garnishment nourishment punishment preachment treatment ointment appointment announcement pronouncement pronounced pronounce propound profound profane prorate 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brachycephalic bimetallic psychedelic pyrogenic pyrotechnic pyrotechnics dietetics cybernetics psychometrics biometrics bionomics biosynthesis chemosynthesis narcosynthesis photosynthesis photosensitive radiosensitive radioactive psychoactive retroactive retroact retroaction artiodactyl pterodactyl pentadactyl periodontal periodontics orthodontics prosthodontics prostatitis periostitis pericarditis peritonitis peritoneum perionychium perinephrium leprosarium secretariat secretary presbytery prebendary dromedary promissory promontory vomitory defamatory depilatory derogatory repository suppository salutatory hallucinatory hallucinogen agglutinogen carcinogen pepsinogen fibrinogen hydrangea high-grade high-keyed high-class fourth-class four-o'clock foreshank redshank redskin threadfin swordfish sailfish spadefish spaceship spaceman serviceman workingman workingwoman workwoman washwoman washerwoman tirewoman townswoman saleswoman tradeswoman tradespeople townspeople timekeeper minesweeper lifesaver lifesaving life-giving face-saving fail-safe tailspin tablespoon tablecloth stableboy stableman statesman statement escapement escarpment equipment equivalent equivalence equivocal unequivocal inerasable ineffaceable inescapable inexcusable inextensible inaccessible inadmissible inadvisable advisable excitable redoubtable reliable heliacal millesimal centesimal centesimo lentissimo eighteenmo crescendo commendam carangid tyrannicide sororicide uxoricide bactericide bacteriophage asteriated asphyxiate asphyxiant asphyxia dyslexia pyrexia hypoxia apraxia banksia bonkers younker sulfur sulphur sulfa vulva volva vodka vara wallah wobbly wiggly thistly paisley tales tabes stapes stringpiece striptease styptic stilted sylphid hispid viscid vivid visage envisage unhinge unhandsome unfasten uncommon unconscious subconscious subvention subreption subhuman subnormal suborbital subcritical uncritical precritical preclinical subclinical subglacial englacial ungracious unrighteous unwritten unchristian unquestioned unquestioning question equestrian equestrienne questionnaire commissionaire concessionaire conventioneer conventionality emotionality atonality polytonality externality equanimity longanimity magnanimity magnetometer dynamometer dynamometry trigonometry uranometry luminosity tuberosity deuterogamy enterostomy hysterotomy hysterectomy historicity periodicity infidelity incredulity ingenuity inductee endorsee deportee repartee amputee vacuity validity viridity velleity haecceity extremity extrados extraneous extravagance extravagant extravagate extravasate extrapolate exterminate intercalate interpolate ingurgitate regurgitate revegetate premeditate predesignate gelignite encrinite euxenite taconite urbanite urbanize verbalize vernalize personalize impersonalize depersonalize emotionalize emotionalism nationalism rationalism naturalism literalism liberalism federalism modernism modernize mesmerize mesmerism amateurism futurism mutualism mutualize actualize ritualize ritualism naturism nativism negativism positivism primitivism prosaism wholism henotheism monotheism monolayer monoculture horticulture arboriculture watercolor watermelon water-repellent water-resistant waterfront waterspout water-soak watermark waterworks wickerwork ironwork ironworks ironworker ironbark ironclad isinglass wineglass wireless sightless sightly sycee silesia sciential financial licentious dissentious retention retorsion retortion precaution proportion proportional proportionable impressionable impressionist importunate unfortunate fortunate shortening shirting shortage potage tautog ottava posada enswathe devoir gravure procure procurer proconsul prolonge propend protrude profuse prolong prologue proleg aeropause tropopause protocol protostele protist egotist egoist soloist somite zoophyte sporophyte purify pluralize ruralize uralite urinate uranyl uracil urolith uropod sauropod schizopod rhizopod tripod tripos timepiece tailpiece great-niece great-nephew grandnephew grandparent godparent stepparent stepson samisen samovar seminar semaphore sporophore madrepore guarantor warrantor warranty quarantine quarrelsome cumbersome bothersome burdensome galbanum lanthanum platinum platinous platypus patentor patentee warrantee addressee drawee debauchee referee dungaree kangaroo jackeroo jabiru jubilee gibberish jeopardy jasper jodhpur sponsor sponson specimen skeleton scrotum quota quotha quotable potable opposable approachable inapproachable unapproachable inappreciable inappreciative interrogative interrogatory interlocutory interosculate disarticulate inarticulate particulate particular particularly particularize particularism vernacularism secularism sectionalism functionalism fictionalize sectionalize channelize focalize localize vocalize vowelize visualize digitalize hospitalize specialize spiegeleisen legalism idealism idealize idealist hygienist high-priced high-pitched low-pitched low-pressure high-pressure hairdresser daredevil go-devil go-getter prosector projector progenitor progenitive projective progestin predestine clandestine landside landslide landlady badlands phalange falsehood selfhood selfheal self-help self-will self-love self-taught self-pity self-acting self-moving self-made ready-made man-made man-sized good-sized ill-advised unadvised well-advised misadvise misapply disoblige disadvantage disadvantaged misadventure peradventure apprehension apprehensive comprehensive comprehension comprehend apprehend misapprehend misrepresent represent reprehend reprehension reprehensible apprehensible comprehensible incomprehensible inapprehensible inapprehensive incomprehension incomprehensive inexpensive unexpressive inexpressive inexplicit inexpressible incompressible insuppressible insupportable insusceptible imperceptible imperceptive imperfective imperfection interjection intervention intervenient inconvenient inconvenience discontinuance discontinuous discontinue decontrol rock-and-roll rocambole foxhole oxbow oxblood foxglove exclave esquire nuclide ophicleide polyploid monoploid snowslide snow-blind snowbound slowdown pronoun procarp mesocarp meadowlark ectosarc ichthyosaur ankylosaur adipocere xerosere arthromere arthropod arthrospore carpospore carpophore anthophore pianoforte apomict folkmoot folk-rock notebook grosbeak throwback isobath isopod chilopod diplopod cephalopod gastropod gastrolith gastrotrich centromere centrosphere hydrosphere microfilm microfiche microlith microwave microgroove microgram hygrograph sphygmograph cryptograph cryptogram cryptogam kilogram ideogram radiogram radiograph phraseogram cardiogram program nephogram also-ran isoprene neoprene gangrene ganglion gambeson flea-bitten fleabane fleabite phlebitis glossitis bronchitis conchiolin conchoidal archival survival survivor surveyor surveying pervade purvey gourmet gourmand blancmange bemuse exude exempt tempt tempo tempting temptress sempstress seamstress songstress solstice solidus omnibus arquebus harquebus incubus succubus decuple arguable regulable reputable irrefragable inoculable infusible irrecusable irreclaimable irreplaceable irrepressible irretrievable irrepealable irremediable remediable remedial reseda piscina retsina rupiah moujik mujik muzhik unique physique silique shebeen shebang shellacking erlking worldling worldly unworldly unworthy worthy worry turkey tourney thorny washy duomo decal jacal hussar poseur preserve rebirth reword rework reward milord mislike misguide misgiving forgiving forgiveness forgetful perpetual perpetuate potentiate propitiate proliferate proliferous piliferous spiniferous viniferous viviparous oviparous gemmiparous mammiferous melliferous metalliferous laticiferous luminiferous aluminiferous resiniferous uriniferous carboniferous umbelliferous sudoriferous odoriferous fossiliferous nickeliferous nickelodeon nullifidian callipygian uropygium aerophagia menorrhagia metrorrhagia meteorology deontology odontology somatology stomatology histopathology phytopathology psychopathology psychobiology microbiology aerobiology agrobiology astrobiology cryobiology exobiology endocrinology dendrochronology geochronology glottochronology volcanology vulcanology roentgenology enzymology lexicology toxicology pteridology teratology agrostology gerontology gerontocracy meritocracy aristocracy stratocracy stratigraphy stylography typography phytography xylography reprography hypertrophy hyperbole hyperbola hyperbolism hyperbolize hyperboloid diabolize diazotize diatomite cyanamide disaccharide trisaccharide polysaccharide monosaccharide oligosaccharide chlorothiazide chlorohydrin chloropicrin allopatric holophytic holophrastic holoblastic diploblastic cryptoclastic cryptocrystalline microcrystalline microchemistry cytochemistry biochemistry geochemistry histochemistry photochemistry zoochemistry piezochemistry radiochemistry stereochemistry spectrochemistry electrochemistry thermochemistry immunochemistry immunotherapy organotherapy hypnotherapy hydrotherapy psychotherapy chemotherapy massotherapy phototherapy photothermic exothermic diathermic hypodermic hypodermis hypoderm echinoderm blindworm blindfish blindfold handhold hard-nosed sharp-nosed sharp-eyed yarn-dyed horsehide horsewhip horseflesh horselaugh horseleech horseradish horn-mad four-way forwhy erewhile therewith herewith wherewith whereas whenas whereat whereof whereto whereinto whereunto wherefrom therefrom thereafter hereafter hereinafter thereinafter fore-and-after forequarter floorwalker freshwater headwaters headquarters hindquarter tidewater limewater nightwalker linebacker winebibber wiseacre prizewinner gravedigger great-uncle granduncle grandchild godchild stepchild brainchild franchise affranchise enfranchise disfranchise disenfranchise disorganize reorganize unorganized uncivilized uncircumcised insecticide infanticide infanta infante andante dengue merengue malinger commingle amalgam valgus vulgar under upper zipper zither wringer tether weathered whether whither withers hitherto thitherto tinamou teledu wallaroo womera pomfret padre pareu parvenu narghile margravine contravene contrabassoon contraposition contravallation contemplation contestation protestation orientation ordination organization reorganization improvisation provocation urtication perforation perspiration perspicacious pertinacious butyraceous numeration usurpation obstipation obstetrician ostentation sustentation expectation exportation exploitation execration exequatur oxidation autoxidation intoxication autointoxication autotoxin exotoxin endotoxin digitoxin picrotoxin pyrrhuloxia pyridoxine isoleucine miscellanea miscellaneous mythomania dipsomania bibliomania bibliotheca balalaika botulinus monoclinous monostylous monocyclic monohydric carbohydrate cryohydrate hemihydrate hexahydrate transmigrate transmigrant transmission transition transaction transact transect transcend transude tranship transship transmit transmute transfuse transfix transpierce transgress transgression transduction translation transudation transmutation transportation transformation translocation transposition indisposition interposition interrelation interrelate interpellate interpenetrate interdigitate individuate individualize individualism individually indivisible inconvincible inconsiderable considerable perdurable permissible impermissible imperturbable incoercible incoordinate insubordinate superordinate superdominant supereminent supernatant superjacent subjacent subdominant predominant predicament preferment performance performative perfervid perverted diverting supporting supportive sororate careerist haggadist machinist machinery menagerie monadnock canalize columbite calumniate annunciate annunciator gladiator glossator hospital lickspittle klipspringer curlpaper wallpaper ballplayer gallbladder hellbender bartender bystander highbinder sidewinder spellbinder spellbind spellbound spelldown splashdown swan's-down countdown countenance mountainous bounteous bountiful plentiful plenteous splenius spleenful splinter splitting sporting sportive spastic spathic sparrow skatole squarrose quarto quartile quarterly biquarterly bicarbonate bipartisan nonpartisan nonappearance nonfeasance nonferrous non-pros nol-pros folderol longeron congeries longitude longicorn harpsichord tape-record whipcord racecourse racehorse keeshond quitrent quicksand quickstep one-step two-step tacet typeset typesetter pacesetter spacesuit spaceport spoilsport smallsword wallboard washboard warlord warbler warrior schnorrer schnozzle schnitzel meaningful meaningless nothingness governess governance government coverture overture overseer overseas oversee overawe overdo overdue overdraw overdress overarch overmatch overmuch overreach overeat overheat overact overreact overshoot overrule oversell overbear overbearing overstrung overspread overspend overstep oversleep overleap overlie overdye overfly overplay overpay overweigh overrate overnight overnice overhear overweary overwork overtake overstay overstrain overstride overtrade overtrump overcome overcrop overtop overslaugh overscore overjoy overwrought overgrow overshadow overtask overtax oversexed undersexed underact underfoot underfeed underneath undercool undersell underlet underlie underlaid underpay underplay underclay underglaze everglade hawser-laid waterlogged watershed quarterdeck quarterback quartersaw quarterstaff quarter-phase quarter-hour porterhouse slaughterhouse storehouse schoolhouse tollhouse teahouse roughhouse somehow summerhouse summertime schematize schematism stigmatism astigmatism pragmatism pointillism pluralism ostracism optimism voltaism volcanism vulcanism vulcanize peptonize pesticide suicide soothsay soothsayer shoemaker peacemaker dressmaker moneymaker merrymaking lovemaking leave-taking breathtaking earthshaking world-shaking world-weary whirlwind whirligig whirlpool terpene zircon lingcod tincal pinko synchro zero xeric syndic seismic sphygmic spheroid steroid theroid trichoid triploid prismoid bridesmaid bijugate subjugate subrogate subirrigate runagate propagate promulgate brominate throwaway stowaway sternway parkway throughway thruway throughput throughout without withal within with wish vim vow valse valve verve verb yearn yean yon wop swamp whomp skimp scrimp strict staves smaze yea year yid yip zip zap wrasse truss trull torsk karst worst wurst triste yeast wrest zest yes yegg yet yeti yeasty yippee yippie zippy tipsy tepid desmid worsted ootid oread torii mores cure-all furor far-off well-off well-worn well-turned well-groomed well-heeled pell-mell pall-mall paillasse palliasse milieu riel riyal triage trapeze soubise soubrette jurel douceur discuss discussant demulcent delimit despoil restate reinstate reincarnate reincarnation relaxation elongation navigation inflammation infeudation subinfeudation inhumane humane muezzin yuan euglena rafflesia ecclesia effluvium oblivion oblivious obliquity sublimity soliloquy somniloquy tomfoolery compulsory compensable companionable companionate campanulate campanula acetabulum piacular bilocular bicapsular adactylous ridiculous reticular reticulum vinculum vasculum vascular valvular volvulus convolvulus conspicuous perspicuous transpicuous inconspicuous conspectus prospectus prospective perspective respective respecting reflective reflexive ostensive suspensive suspense suspend misspend withstand withdrawn withdraw withdrawal betrothal retrieval retriever revolver frivolity feudality futurity humanity inhumanity sinuosity curiosity curiosa coreopsis caryopsis calliopsis coleoptile coleopteran goniometer audiometer eudiometer heliometer heliolatry bibliolatry bibliopegy bioecology biotechnology dialectology geomorphology sedimentology helminthology helminthiasis elephantiasis blepharitis encephalitis cellulitis cellulosic cellulose levulose ramulose granulose granuloma papilloma tapioca mediocre medieval medievalist medievalism regionalism occasionalism phenomenalism nominalism physicalism radicalism syndicalism clericalism tribadism tribalism vitalism revivalism revivalist revisionist rejoice repeated reputed reportage resurge resurgent refulgent reagent remittent remittance renascence renascent relucent liquescent vitrescent virescent virescence nigrescent putrescent pubescent spumescent spinescent quiescent knight-errant knight-errantry tenantry weaponry waggery quackery quandary quantity quiddity liquidity jequirity psychiatry psychiatrist psychologist dialogist zoologist horologist apologist mixologist consolidate conciliate humiliate cucullate cucurbit cuprite occupy preoccupy preoccupied unoccupied deoxidize democratize bureaucratize bureaucracy plutocracy technocracy timocracy isostasy isosceles diastole sciamachy vivacity mendacity majority modernity ternary turnery gurnard earthward shoreward shortbread showbread showboat sheepcote sheepfold twofold tenfold sevenfold sixfold ice-cold twice-told high-toned high-sounding high-strung klystron orchestra orchestrate penetrate penetrating playwriting skywriting typewriting nail-biting law-abiding lopsided many-sided manyplies minimize militarize demilitarize denationalize denaturalize nationalize rationalize anathematize acclimatize simonize cymophane sainfoin tinfoil trefoil glenoid sphenoid osteoid lustihood hardihood hollyhock polliwog lallygag lollygag polygraph oligarch oligarchy polypary polypody polychromy polychrome palindrome syndrome hippodrome velodrome prodrome prorogue jocose jerboa verbose verbena gardenia grindelia lobelia caudillo caoutchouc outtalk outdo outwear outstare outstay outplay outweigh outface outbrave outbreak outrage outrange downrange long-range long-winded short-winded shortsighted quartzite coruscate suricate narrate innervate vervain invertase interstice intarsia insomnia insignia instanter instable unstable retable finagle pellagra podagra pajamas pyjamas majolica metheglin sustain sufflate sublime suffice survive surprise surprisal surprising serpigo strappado tornado forzando scherzando parlando garbanzo guanaco noyade oeillade monde spread upend upheave upheaval upswell spinel koine portray pertussis tussis tuppence twopence tarriance permeance permeate prussiate obviate fimbriate elutriate deglutinate glutamate glutamine gregarine rhigolene tripoli trampoline travertine graviton gonfalon nonagon guanidine quinidine iguanodon pteranodon tyrannosaur roquelaure trochophore troubadour humidor pompadour pompano pimpernel piperonal dipnoan shipowner eye-opener rotifer poulterer goliard goldenrod goldenseal colemanite rhodonite crocoite cohobate benzoate benzocaine benzoin benzoyl benzoic epizoic epizoon entozoon interferon interfertile intercostal interclavicle interradial interstadial instantaneous consentaneous consanguineous consanguinity consequential inconsequential inconsequent consequent consequence consequently cross-country crosscurrent cross-purpose all-purpose allspice offspring offprint newsprint surprint thumbprint imprest mistrust militarist miniaturist miniature filature ligature signature cubature forfeiture furniture garniture portraiture portraitist tortricid peracid parsec parfleche czarevitch tsarevitch ostrich eldritch mullite smaltite small-time asphaltite cobaltite holytide ponytail potentate prototype pantomime gantline musteline inquiline concubine porcupine porphyroid perforated percolator terminator resonator regulator regulate sacculate scutate mutate impetrate perpetrate permafrost hoarfrost star-crossed statecraft kingcraft witchcraft woodcraft downdraft downspout downstairs upstairs unsteady unstudied unplumbed inflame indaba ensemble unscramble unsearchable untouchable unnatural connatural equilateral multilateral multinational multilingual monolingual unilingual cunnilingus canaliculus unilocular unicellular intercellular intracellular intramuscular neuromuscular crepuscular crepuscule minuscule majuscule opuscule pustule frustule prosecute persecute persiflage fuselage fusillade mucilage usage ill-usage misusage miscarriage mismanage misjudge forjudge prejudge preclude peccavi okapi jalopy allottee selectee selectivity retentivity creativity emissivity proximity facsimile taxonomy toponymy homogamy homologous homopterous homosporous monomerous tonometer volumeter viscometer fluorometer planimeter gravimeter gravamen ruination euthanasia rutabaga cataplasia metaplasia hyperplasia hypoplasia hypoglossal hypocotyl hypogeal hypogeous hypogeum hypochondrium hypochondria hypochondriac mitochondrion pilocarpine rhizocarpous rhizomorphous isomorphism endomorphism anamorphism paramorphism pleomorphism metamorphism polymorphism dimorphism trimorphism reformism hetaerism historicism aestheticism eclecticism collectivism collectivize anesthetize anesthetist anastomose anastomosis psittacosis siderosis silicosis halitosis haplosis hypnosis stenosis lordosis morphosis moreover foreclosure foreclose gallows willowy whitlow pueblo twelvemo twelve-tone self-sown self-esteem selfsame self-sealing self-revealing self-regard self-command self-contained self-control heel-and-toe half-and-half cash-and-carry cacciatore phosphaturia hematuria hemophilia zoophilia zoophobia xenophobia acrophobia algophobia algolagnia ascogonium oogonium sporogonium spermogonium spermatogonium spermatozoid spermatozoon protozoan protanopia provolone protolithic prototrophic photographic photogenic saprogenic iatrogenic pathogenic telegenic telescopic stereoscopic stereophonic embryonic histrionic histrionics vitriolic ultrasonic ultrasonics infrasonic inharmonic enharmonic enphytotic epiphytotic epizootic enzootic neoteric neoclassic neomycin actinomycin actinomycete ascomycete myxomycete basidiomycete aminopyrine phenothiazine phenolphthalein phenylalanine generality generosity preciosity tortuosity virtuosity pertinacity martinet luncheonette lanneret launderette majorette usherette runner-up seven-up seventeen seventeenth nineteenth nineteen ninetieth twentieth twenty twiggy trilby astilbe establish stablish scantling scouting scourings settlings siftings trappings taffeta troika replica wrestling wristlet rochet crotchet urchin teach-in speechless spiritless spirited spearhead springhead springboard stringboard strawboard strawberry serviceberry spiceberry spicebush kibosh typebar steinbok steenbok stopcock poppycock nostoc ticktock tiptop tiptoe tipstaff chiffchaff chitchat whinchat stonechat stonewort stonework stoneware stonewall stone-deaf tone-deaf tolbooth tollbooth molehill wholesale toenail taffrail wagtail dabchick uptake muckrake mandrake maverick hankering handkerchief anglesite andalusite anacoluthon antilepton antineutron antinucleon antibaryon antiparallel anticatalyst antihelix antitank antitrust antivenin antependium antinomian antiquarian anteversion ambiversion animadversion animadvert antevert antenatal orinasal postnatal postorbital post-obit postdate posthaste postpaid postlude postbox postmark postcard outcurve outturn midterm ampere-turn ampere-hour half-hour craquelure trackless trackman turfman workman worriment pursuivant puissant litigant lenient vehement wisent wasn't kismet visit visitor verditer verdict variate varlet varletry sprightly perfectly publicly publican publisher publishing publicist classicist dramatist parodist ceramist therapist separatist scientist pythoness ironing yearning yielding youngling winglet wavelet wakeless shapeless radix spadix fluidics fatidic gnathonic thionic symphonic symbolic pilgarlic regardless regardful remarkable remissible reversible irreversible irrecoverable irrespirable disrespectable disrespectful disrespect irrespective irresponsive coextensive coextend coincide cannonade cavalcade capercaillie aspergillum aspergillus aspersorium americium antheridium apterygial hesperidium desperado bastinado avocado staccato spiccato sfumato stiletto seicento sarmentose portmanteau portamento pentimento lentamente argumentum argumentative carminative commutative putative punitive unitive lunatic nunatak succotash suckerfish sicklebill stickleback steeplebush scuttlebutt custom-built carvel-built carpetbag carpetbagger concertgoer concertmaster quartermaster burgomaster servomotor ideomotor depressomotor thermomotor psychomotor psychosocial psychosexual homosexual heterosexual heterolecithal petrochemical pyrochemical psychochemical physicochemical isoclinal isooctane high-octane hindbrain windbreak wind-broken windblown windburn windbag wigwag wigwam diatom dramshop grogshop pawnshop hawkshaw hogwash doggone dog-eat-dog boogie-woogie beriberi teriyaki stereotomy stereography choreography karyogamy varicotomy thoracotomy laparotomy camaraderie caravansary extrasensory extrasystole extramural intramural instrumental instrumentalist instrumentalism sacramentalism sentimentalism fundamentalism monometallism bimetallism commercialism commercialize internalize encarnalize containerize cocainize cocainism creationism deviationism exhibitionism intuitionism inflationism inflationary stationary stationery reactionary preliminary limitary latex matrix vitrics anthrax storax stirps turves urge splurge scrouge scrounge slouch splotch blockish pricking wicked women vimen viand shiest whilst twice tuneless shoelace shoeshine shoreline warlike rawhide long-lived langlauf loblolly potbelly potbellied potboiler pothunter wattmeter centimeter centiliter hectoliter hectometer hectocotylus acrocarpous apocarpous hippocampus hypothalamus hippopotamus gamopetalous gamosepalous monosepalous monadelphous diadelphous polyadelphous polyester polyhistor paternoster overmaster overwinter over-under overpower overcloud overblouse overplus sugarplum surplus surplusage foreknowledge forestage offstage onstage substage backstage backbreaking stocktaking stark-naked serenade esplanade escalade enfilade fanfaronade gonfalonier volunteer muleteer mutineer mountaineer counteract counterweigh countervail counterchange counterespionage counterirritant counterfactual consonantal consubstantial insubstantial unsubstantial substantial substandard nonstandard nonresident independent independence independency intumescence detumescence fluorescence fluorescent florescence inflorescence efflorescence phosphorescence phosphoresce nonpareil lingerie entourage intumesce introduce reproduce recrudesce decompress comeuppance come-hither humdinger gunslinger manslaughter onslaught sunspot sunup stuck-up stickup stickpin stinkpot monkeypot muskrat mukluk mallemuck millrun millpond vilipend dividend repetend recommend recollect resurrect protect protective productive provocative prerogative preservative alternative superlative suppositive diapositive diapophysis zygapophysis iconostasis fibrinolysis fibrinolysin cryptanalysis chromatolysis autocatalysis urinalysis narcoanalysis psychoanalysis microanalysis hypnoanalysis electroanalysis electrodialysis electrophoresis electroacoustics electrostatics electrostatic electrolytic electrophilic electromagnet electromotive electronegative electropositive electrodeposit electroplate electrolyte electrolyze electrotype electrify electrocute electrojet electroscope endoscope endolymph karyolymph marrowfat neuropath psychopath cytosine tyrosine cymogene hypogene hyponasty typecast telecast holocaust galliwasp galangal galingale billingsgate elongate floodgate phosphate phosphide piece-dyed pismire spitfire cease-fire trephine trichina remains faena marchesa marchese volcano voltaic mosaic prosaic trochaic tonetic toreutic toreutics lorica cotidal coseismal modiolus podiatry polarity plurality morality sorites coranto chorizo tuxedo succeed success successor successful sexennial octennial utensil blue-pencil red-pencil red-letter register registry registrant registrar redstart end-stopped earthstar pulsar cultivar kilowatt kiloton clothespin clothesline clotheshorse clothespress chromoplast protoplast protoplasm somatoplasm nucleoplasm trophoplasm trophoblast oblast obdurate bobwhite barbwire borrowing bookkeeping housekeeping housewarming acid-forming habit-forming brainstorming plainsong plaything playhouse jailhouse steakhouse springhouse boardinghouse barrelhouse farmhouse workhouse workhorse worrywart merrythought mare's-nest sarcenet sarsenet parsnip serranid gerenuk gemsbok jukebox snuffbox soapbox soapbark homebody nobody somebody roughshod roughneck wryneck trisect traject trajectory protector protection propulsion tradition traditional relational relationship receivership seamanship penmanship horsemanship sportsmanship statesmanship salesmanship gamesmanship brinkmanship workmanship workmanlike thermocline purblind hornblende pitchblende pitch-black pitch-dark pitchfork platform pratfall shortfall softball soft-boiled soft-finned boyfriend girlfriend downtrend downtrodden sauerbraten powerboat sauerkraut no-account viscount viscountcy viscounty viscountess discounter midwinter midsummer seersucker sapsucker sepulchre sepulture temperature literature quadrature wafture watcher watchful wishful easeful wrathful wrongful thoughtful forethoughtful formidable negligible negligence negligent intelligent intelligence intelligencer indigenous lentiginous vertiginous fuliginous rubiginous libidinous limicolous nidicolous hydrophilous myrobalan corroborant cladoceran lacustrine bicuspid tricuspid trioxide trichloride triforium primordium primordial precarious riparian repairman revetment resentment presentment presentiment preponderant preponderate equiponderate paripinnate tripinnate reposit composite imposing supposing sapota aloha zoa zonal yoni yogi roguish popish waspish wolfish wolffish woolfell woodshed woodchuck woodbine woodpile stockpile stock-still nonstop no-par announcer suspensor suspensory suspension succession submission submissive subversive obtrusive intrusive infuscate inculcate inculpate insufflate intestate infiltrate invigorate indiscipline encephalon epencephalon diencephalon myelencephalon rhinencephalon rhombencephalon mesencephalon metencephalon telencephalon thalamencephalon phthalocyanine hyoscyamine diatessaron delicatessen deliquesce gentilesse nonetheless nevertheless neurilemma infrared ultrared ultramarine aquamarine catamaran balmacaan harmattan hamartia immortelle immature langur falling-out worn-out quartet lorgnette lorgnon fourgon feuilleton chanson plafond plateau pistole misquote unquote dovecote tugboat steamboat speedboat surfboat surfbird surfboard skateboard pasteboard pageboy passageway steerageway straightway straight-laced strait-laced strategist statocyst statolith stratify stultify sanctify sanctified lanthanide xanthochroid xanthophyll xanthein xanthene xanthine xanthate xanthic monthly punchy sultry summitry mimicry lamprey yammer yabber shaddock sheikdom wisdom winsome windlass hindrance hundredth subsidy rhapsody rhapsodist candidacy vanadous venomous tenement sentiment settlement sterilant purulent jubilant judgment judge-made judgeship justiceship steamship stellate stagnate stagnant student studious struthious spurious pancreas pancreatin pangolin myosin lying-in limeade limekiln timecard time-honored timework teamwork steelwork steelworker co-worker coauthor colporteur costumer contumely contumacy monument emolument evacuant evacuee devalue disvalue misvalue transvalue transducer translucent transparent transparency transmittance transhumance transfusion transfigure transformer transversal transmissible transnational dispassionate discriminant discountenance maintenance acquaintance awakening whitening whiten whilom whiny whity whitish swinish slavish sluggish skirmish squeamish squeegee squilgee savagery plagiary lathery usury usurer uterus ulcerous sulfurous sufferance substance substantive illustrative restorative restrictive restricted distracted abstracted obstruct subtract subtractive subtraction attractant annuitant omnipotent omnipotence significance significant insignificant inconsistent inconsistency inconsiderate unconsidered ill-considered reconsider preconception presentation pigmentation visitation vindication supplication reduplication reverberation regurgitation gurgitation interpretation intravasation trepidation trituration instauration inauspicious ignoramus saleratus abomasum ultimatum literatim seriatim ileitis uveitis osteitis archdiocese osteoclasis heterolysis heterologous heteromerous heteronomous heterogenous heterogynous heteropterous heterosporous intersperse antisepsis thanatopsis metatarsus metatarsal metacarpal marinara serenata semolina semilunar semiconscious self-conscious self-confidence self-evident self-sufficient self-fulfillment self-forgetful self-possession self-expression self-excited self-appointed well-appointed mechanistic modernistic monobasic tenebrific tetrabasic matronymic metronymic patronymic katabatic axiomatic diplomatic problematic charismatic numismatics nucleonics nuclease nuclei nucleon nasion caveat sanies sapient suppliant supplicant subsequent lubricant utricle ventricle conventicle uneventful resentful revengeful vengeful evangel evangelist emarginate demarcate samarskite susurrate divulgate flabellate rubellite morbilli morbidity morbific ornithic organic organza afghani atlantes tillandsia phalangeal phalanger philander germander merganser sargassum carnassial marsupial marsupium marcescent turgescent virginity urbanity profanity profundity proclivity pronator pronominal propositus tropophilous autocephalous acanthocephalan anthocyanin actomyosin ectoparasite endoparasite microparasite microbarograph microphotograph microfarad microgamete isogamete macrogamete megagamete elephantine eleoptene stearoptene steapsin hoatzin hosanna romance rotund rotunda monarda funereal venereal valerian silicium selenium millennium hypanthium hypaethral hypethral dihedral trihedral tribunal triumphal triumphant triumvirate triumvir retire retired retiring oneiric veneering unknowing unblushing unflinching flintlock footlocker footlights houselights housewifely housewifery bookbindery bookbinding weak-minded small-minded strong-minded broad-minded bloody-minded large-minded narrow-minded open-minded sober-minded mastermind custom-made customhouse cottonmouth blabbermouth blatherskite bittersweet butterscotch buttermilk battlefield stall-feed salaried solleret scholarship lectureship lecturer texture textual menstruum menstruate breastplate breastpin breast-feed breastbone crestfallen chapfallen chopfallen chuckwalla aardwolf werewolf swearword swanherd swineherd spikenard skylark escolar espionage opening overkill overbuild overwind overweening overvalue undervalue underbred undergird undergo undergrown undergrowth underground underclothes underclothing underpinning underpin underdone underhung undershoot underproof underprop undermine underrate understate undertake undertook understood understand understanding misunderstanding misunderstand misunderstood supersede supervene supercool opportune inopportune opportunity importunity impudicity captivity tantivy scintilla chinchilla maintain ingrained fine-grained firebrand firebrat wiredraw wire-haired skinhead bridgehead orangewood driftwood springwood springbok strongbox orthodox orthodoxy equinox antiknock antihero antimissile antimonous antimonyl heteronym veterinary quaternary adversary inventory davenport jetport agitprop bulletproof blitzkrieg plutocrat hippocras hypocrite zincate pinxit sphinx yoicks vex wrecker tsar tzar twang womb whom zoom zoo woo zed zarf yurt yowl vibes voyeur seigneur peignoir bailor baklava ulema cervelat lava-lava top-level top-heavy tenpenny tenpins tenpin checkpoint standpoint needlepoint silverpoint fingerprint fingerbreadth feature-length kitchenware earthenware woodenware enamelware tableware cablegram fiberglass flabbergast flowerpot fluorspar flyspeck flagstaff flatwise slantwise lintwhite lily-white snow-white off-white erstwhile worthwhile worldwide worldly-wise penny-wise pennyworth thenceforth henceforth headfirst well-fixed well-stacked waistcoat walrus thesaurus pylorus pyrethrum pyrethrin librarian contrarious burglarious sartorius parturient luxuriant luxurious usurious penurious decurion tellurian tellurium exordium consortium scansorial raptorial scriptorium psalterium ulterior posterior mysterious wisteria victoria victorious nocturnal supernal inferno enthrone unthrone dethrone padrone parolee enrollee sol-fa fulfill brazil brasilein brazilein brachylogy brachypterous conchiferous pestiferous pentamerous pentameter tetrameter tetragonal testudinal testudo tenuto maieutic venatic gymnastic gymnastics deep-six detailed dog-tired all-fired ill-defined well-defined old-fashioned oldfangled newfangled new-fashioned new-mown two-tone two-bit tumult tumbler teamster trickster trimeter trimerous timorous traitorous prosperous prognathous hypognathous hypogenous hypogynous homogenous urogenous exogenous keratogenous cartilaginous corrigendum correspond correspondence correspondent corespondent coincident coincidence chalcedony colcannon sultana subtend obtund osmunda hacienda jipijapa capybara tachycardia bradycardia tradescantia frangipani tangerine tambourine jamboree jaborandi jacaranda jaguarundi salmagundi calamondin calamanco flamenco flamingo fandango intaglio intitule antennule tubule teaspoon soupspoon wingspan wingspread widespread sidesaddle packsaddle ramshackle clamshell planchet planchette poinsettia thickset thick-skinned thin-skinned minuend innuendo diminuendo amanuensis enuresis diuresis diuretic diaphoretic diagnostic pyrognostics prognostic prognosis proptosis thrombosis narcosis necrosis nephrosis neurosis xerosis zymosis trichosis trichiasis lithiasis lipolysis hemolysis thermolysis zymolysis glycolysis plasmolysis histolysis histaminase retaliate repudiate rejuvenate juvenile sylvanite sillimanite siderolite hydrolyte hydrolyze hydrophyte hybridize fly-by-night cyclonite cyclotron psychodrama melodrama monodrama snowdrop snowdrift spindrift spendthrift pandurate pendulous pendulum benjamin regimen vegetal vegetable semblable semblance assemblyman emblements habiliment arbitrament participant participate carboxylate carboxylase peroxidase detoxify diversify diversified versify verbify unify typify prettify miticide larvicide wayside wainwright wainscot weka weighty winch wintry wicopy warily wearable thurible thurifer purpure purpura purpurin mercury mercurate fulgurate fulgurite fulgurating figurative nigritude pulchritude hullabaloo willable washable workable vocable noticeable navigable punishable profitable unprofitable intractable tractable practicable impracticable impractical practical practically ramtil draughts humph harrumph haruspex molluscoid epileptoid epileptic epiglottis epidermis epididymis epinephrine mesonephros metanephros metamorphosis anamorphosis anamorphoscope epidiascope kaleidoscope laryngoscope pharyngoscope tachistoscope iconoscope iconoclast 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unconditional unconformable unavoidable unassailable reconcilable irreconcilable decasyllable tetrasyllable octosyllable monosyllable monocycle kilocycle unicycle boondoggle guncotton pincushion kingfisher well-wisher wheelchair wheelbase seedcase suitcase cityscape city-state seascape rescript subscript subgroup subshrub rub-a-dub rubicund radicand tragacanth tragopan turbofan thoroughfare thoroughbred thoroughwort thoroughpaced embrocate cerebroside nucleoside nucleotide yuletide tongue-tied fungoid full-rigged rock-ribbed loose-limbed last-ditch wristwatch stopwatch top-notch topknot tommyrot teleost bellybutton telemeter teleprinter television telefilm phelloderm belvedere stevedore sycamore sophomore scofflaw scrimshaw scrumptious sumptuous unctuous tortuous spirituous spiritual spiritualty spirituality eventuality potentiality potentiometer extensometer scintillometer interferometer interoceptor exteroceptor exerciser enterpriser enterprise enterprising interlining tantalizing tantamount testimony testimonial pestilential preferential influential influenza sinfonia senhorita synesthesia cenesthesia kinesthesia telesthesia hyperesthesia hyperdulia hyperacidity hypersensitive supersensitive supersensible supernatural preternatural septilateral unilateral unicameral uniaxial monaxial confocal chondroma enchondroma enarthrosis diarthrosis amphiarthrosis aponeurosis aeroneurosis psychoneurosis psychokinesis cytokinesis photokinesis karyokinesis anamnesis auxesis exhale exhalant extortionate misfortune disfeature disfigure prefigure pretender pretended unattended arytenoid maraschino palomino cappuccino kakemono kakapo apropos malapropos escargot nonego andantino concertino antineutrino neutrino arteriole gloriole stereo studio video hollo whoso udo repro capriccio artichoke dermatome currycomb honeycomb megohm logroll logrolling flag-waving free-living free-swimming freewheeling three-wheeler three-decker freethinker freeloader breechloader beachcomber 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statistics statistical cylindrical laryngeal pharyngeal sporangium gametangium latifundium californium aluminium condominium artemisia participial participle paroxysm empiricism agnosticism eroticism realism narcotism phosphorism phosphatize phosphatase phosphorate phosphorite ulcerate vacillate vaccinate taxiway taxicab dasyure pussyfoot prefab oriflamme greylag grapevine gegenschein nationwide day-to-day breakaway paperweight cruiserweight welterweight bantamweight balustrade antitrades antechamber bedchamber cockchafer subchaser semitrailer semiquaver demisemiquaver hemidemisemiquaver indistinctive indistinct indiscreet indiscrete indiscretion indecorum insecure unsecured unreserve unreserved unimproved unemployed unemployable unemployment unpleasant unpleasantness unreasoning unreadable unreasonable unseasonable treasonable propagable preamble pennyroyal petronel urinal rorqual tranquil strangle strangles strangury strangulate stridulate oxygenate deoxygenate dehydrogenate dehydrogenase hydrogenate hydrogenize nitrogenize nitrogenous isochronal isochroous debacle hibachi phlebotomy sclerotomy sclerotic splenetic splenectomy iridectomy appendectomy salpingectomy salpingitis laryngitis pharyngitis meningitis lymphangitis laminitis vaginitis vaginismus adscititious adventitious adventitia advantageous disadvantageous disapprobation discoloration disinclination codeclination coeducation consolidation facilitation horripilation machicolation machicolate chincapin chinkapin chinquapin syncopate zinkenite kaolinite smithsonite mithridate nowadays upsy-daisy subsidize publicize apotheosize theorize mediatize meteorite meteoroid sinusoid quinonoid solenoid goldthread packthread rack-rent manhunt candytuft candy-striped manuscript transcript transept translate transudate transpadane transferase transference tantalous tantalum tantara stanza stela gastrula masthead hogshead sheepshead sheep-dip reshape rephrase three-phase three-piece three-ply two-ply two-piece 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facultative qualitative quantitative quantize oftentimes betweentimes routinize whodunit indemnity inequity inexpert improper impoverish imprimis impresa improbity imbroglio seraglio rialto theorbo redouble peduncle recycle vesica moussaka nucellus necessitous necessity possessory semester sequester sequestered sequential quinquennial quinquennium einsteinium neptunium plutonium linoleum synovia begonia regalia shigella shingles ringhals synapse syntax syndesis synthesis synonym pseudonym eugenol foofaraw boomerang superadd schipperke gynarchy miserly westerly westwardly inwardly niggardly wizardry hazardous ceratodus skedaddle sidereal vicennial dicentra fenestra fiesta siesta unrest uproot uprear uproar upkeep umpteen sixteen sixteenth sixtieth mixed-up paste-up paintbrush nailbrush sagebrush stage-struck sidestroke sideshow sourdough soursop sweetsop sweatshop sweet-talk sweetmeat sweetheart softhearted stouthearted greathearted fainthearted face-harden foolhardy litharge lithomarge sitzmark schoolmarm schizont scapegoat scapegrace lamebrain vicereine viceroy choirboy white-eye whitefish whitewash whitewall whitewing whitewood tulipwood yellowwood yellowbird yellowlegs yellowtail swallowtail swallow-tailed self-styled self-knowledge telpherage pilferage pilgrimage patronage pasturage seigniorage sunward frontward frontwards effrontery effeminacy elevenses innominate economist disconsolate jurisconsult jurisprudent jurisprudence jurisdiction geriatrician meretricious surreptitious stercoraceous stercoricolous terricolous terraqueous subaqueous obsequious subservience subservient comportment apportionment tournament tourmaline turmeric spermatid quercetin phenacetin taeniasis mydriasis myiasis dihybrid geometrid geometry diablerie debauchery witchery switcheroo spinneret vinaigrette taboret saboteur souvenir pioneer privateer pamphleteer profiteer gadgeteer charioteer cherimoya territorial senatorial exterritorial extraterritorial extraterrestrial extracanonical extracurricular extravehicular extravascular gastrovascular fibrovascular cerebrovascular cardiovascular monomolecular bimolecular equimolecular intermolecular intramolecular supramolecular trimolecular triangular rectangular hexangular pentangular lenticular ventricular ventriculus centripetal sensational vocational educational educationist nutritionist receptionist secessionist syneresis videlicet epenthesis parenthesis parenthesize paraldehyde benzaldehyde formaldehyde acetaldehyde acetanilide acetamide outride outshine outsider outnumber outsmart outspeak outspoken soft-spoken smooth-spoken plain-spoken ill-disposed indisposed indispose predispose presuppose postpone post-bellum haustellum rostellum vexillum vaccinia gloxinia toxemia anoxemia azotemia neodymium eohippus teosinte apocynthion epilimnion hypolimnion hypoxanthine hypogastrium epigastrium episternum sempiternal semidiurnal semicentennial bicentennial directorial piscatorial purgatorial accusatorial inquisitorial gubernatorial supernormal superhuman energumen perfumer perfumery peremptory perfunctory spelunker spallation solanum solatium spermatium pancratium plantation cunctation quotation quotidian prosimian progression projection projectionist protagonist protuberant protuberance protuberate vituperate vituperation supersession repercussion reproduction introduction introductory contradictory contradict contraindicate contradistinction contradistinguish cholecystitis cholecystectomy prostatectomy pylorectomy oophorectomy pneumonectomy tonsillectomy tonsillotomy tenotomy tapetum tequila toboggan together altogether columella tagliatelle mozzarella pizzeria ratafia rataplan man-to-man cameraman lambrequin leprechaun lexicon vidicon silicone polyphone pocketful pocketbook promptbook promptitude prostitute gratitude ingratitude incertitude ineptitude infinitude similitude solicitude vicissitude velocipede pelecypod telescopy temerity tenorrhaphy tachygraphy thermography thermometry thermometer thermistor varistor resistor restore mistral mudra parang palazzo pomade ashamed gestalt pastrami nasturtium nystagmus pistachio mustachio potassium ommatidium clostridium plasmodium factotum verboten reopen yaupon yamen yachtsman wheelman milden xylidine zygotene litotes lemures fenugreek fancy-free duty-free tutti-frutti nitty-gritty hoity-toity walkie-talkie sukiyaki sannyasi ci-devant revanche roman criollo friseur franc-tireur framboise pourboire berceuse kolkhoz canzone quintessence frondescence outdistance outbalance outlandish outmoded outdated outrageous umbrageous umbrage stumpage stampede standee sangria exurbia sestertium ytterbium nemertean naumachia vedalia veracious voracious pugnacious unshapen menhaden bedridden hard-bitten hard-boiled hard-pressed redbreast threadbare plowshare embouchure tambour tam-tam thumbtack tongue-lash truelove troopship trapshooting crop-dusting cornhusking cornflakes cornstarch hornswoggle surcingle sprinkle besprinkle furuncle fugitive bluejacket bluestocking silk-stocking pickpocket nit-picking know-nothing do-nothing gunrunning uncinate chestnut chipmunk quidnunc quincunx quitclaim quicklime quagmire kerseymere urceolate perquisite requisite prerequisite protectorate presbyterate presbyter trumpeter toolmaker sailmaker boilermaker troublemaker middlebreaker strikebreaker trailblazer talebearer wayfarer seafarer seafaring lettering vetchling wretched wreckage refuge refugee figurine rigadoon tricotine fricassee fricandeau aficionado amontillado nonchalance nonchalant nonaligned misalliance misdemeanant misdemeanor myxedema treponema campanile manchineel manzanilla sanbenito incognito internuncio intermezzo intermediary interplanetary undersecretary paramilitary parallelogram dactylogram maxilliped calvities calciferol cholecalciferol ergocalciferol eosinophil crocidolite corydalis cosmopolis cosmopolite toxophilite lyophilize limicoline lepidolite theodolite theologize neologize geologize geometrize idolatrize homologize etymologize demythologize dematerialize immaterialize territorialize territorialism vegetarianism necessitarianism utilitarianism humanitarianism humanitarian utilitarian totalitarian proletarian proletariat professoriate proscribe prescribe inscribe subscribe transcribe transpire transceiver transistor transistorize transliterate transilluminate cross-pollinate cross-pollination self-pollination self-abnegation self-annihilation self-immolation self-examination self-determination self-fertilization self-realization self-preservation representation representational representationalism presentationism protectionism provincialism paternalism surrealism occultism revanchism adventurism vulgarism spoonerism opiumism utopianism teetotalism colloquialism colonialism neocolonialism postmillennialism premillennialism premillennial primavera persevere perseverance sir-reverence circumference circumfluent superfluous saturniid quaternion creatinine guanine phoneme newsreel newsworthy airworthy seaworthy noteworthy trustworthy praiseworthy blameworthy bloodthirsty bloodcurdling bloodletting mudslinging mudskipper minnesinger windhover wind-sucking swingeing spongin origin tragic tragedy progeny product proverb province promisee nominee examinee estaminet serviette soviet roseate jovial scholium scolex triplex triolet triazine trimaran triune trillion trypsin strychnine seasickness greensickness agribusiness anabranch avalanche amateurish allegorist belletrist belles-lettres algebra vertebra vertebrate invertebrate invariant inebriant ingredient inexpedient inexperience inadvertence inadvertent inexertion inobservance interurban interregnum insectarium nonsectarian nonagenarian octogenarian sexagenarian septuagenarian veterinarian vegetarian planetarium planetesimal infinitesimal adjectival ageratum verbatim arcanum archangel bushranger teenager greengage front-page frankpledge dramaturge dramaturgy thaumaturgy thaumaturge demiurge metallurgy metaphrast sassafras sandarac azedarach zodiac elegiac ecdysiast enthusiast enthusiasm enthusiastic orgiastic oceanic suboceanic sloganeer electioneer weaponeer reminisce reminiscence reminiscent reconnoiter recommit pretermit preordain foreordain inurbane inorganic inartistic synergetic nonobjective nonproductive reproductive retrospective tetracycline chlortetracycline oxytetracycline extemporaneous contemporaneous intracranial endocranium gadolinium curvilinear rectilinear necrophilia memorabilia juvenilia juvenility puerility puerperium dual-purpose multipurpose multifarious multitudinous longitudinal unconstitutional substitution subaudition speciation spoliation despoliation negotiation nicotiana coexist coexecutor prolocutor prolactin protract protractile protractor pralltriller mosstrooper mistrial loosestrife ten-strike tetrarch matriarch matriarchy patriarchy patriarch patriarchate matriarchate supermarket supercargo scarecrow sharecrop necropsy rectocele lenticel pennoncel melancholy mesenchyme mesosphere meadowsweet zedoary hebdomad ogdoad judoka window-shop windowsill windowpane gyroplane hydroplane hydromel synchromesh synchronous diclinous violence violent vibrant vibratile nitrosyl neutrophil anchovy internee internist internship annabergite calaverite chalcanthite alexandrite archimandrite octahedrite tetrahedral tetrahedron retroversion extraversion extroversion introversion intradermal intravenous intrastate intrauterine extrauterine extramundane ultramundane ultramontane ultramodern imprimatur imprecise cuirassier cul-de-sac avadavat avoirdupois oversupply oversubscribe overexert overskirt underskirt underslung understudy overstudy overstuff cloverleaf clapperclaw uppercut sprocket skyrocket skintight skin-deep skinny-dip schizoid subsoil subphylum subkingdom sarcasm orgasm nudism voodooism communism formulism morphinism shamanism sexism exorcism exorcist exquisite exequies obsequies torques sheerlegs shibboleth isopleth isogloss galloglass sparrowgrass peppergrass weatherglass weatherman weatherworn weatherboard weatherboarding tetherball somersault summersault scuppernong scalawag polymath propman propjet lockjaw goddamned potsherd potherb inchworm jointworm journeywork whirlybird hummingbird mockingbird friarbird tailorbird weaverbird ovenbird vanguard safeguard switchboard punchboard plasterboard plasterwork masterwork miterwort spiderwort spleenwort soapwort so-called know-it-all inositol erythritol vitriol urushiol brouhaha grappa pawpaw walk-in walk-on pluton positron hemelytron hemielytron ignitron phenanthrene meninges incudes cinchonidine bubonocele brisance ruthless thriftless gristmill frostbite roustabout roundabout roundelay hound's-tongue mountaintop fountainhead mountainside mountebank counterblow counterman countershaft counterpunch countertenor countermeasure counterscarp townscape typescript postscript postmistress postrider priest-ridden priestcraft spacecraft stagecraft stagecoach stagehand stage-manage stationmaster criticaster scoutmaster yardmaster freemartin court-martial torchbearer churchgoer churchwarden churchyard lumberyard lumbricoid lumbricalis bumbailiff lambaste flamboyant clairvoyant clairvoyance clairaudience curmudgeon surmullet surmount succinct precinct pretext prefecture teakettle mollycoddle collywobbles volleyball toluol toluene narceine sparteine spodumene speedway spillway tideway tidewaiter timetable turntable worktable workbag workbook wordbook wordsmith whitesmith whitebait white-faced shamefaced typeface hyperspace happenstance hootenanny tutelary pituitary apothecary corroboree pyrimidine veratridine piperidine hesperidin expressage curettage curarize coenzyme apoenzyme endoenzyme holoenzyme azobenzene chlorobenzene nitrobenzene dinitrobenzene nitrosamine nitroparaffin cycloparaffin cyclopentane cyclohexane cyclopropane glycoprotein flavoprotein lactoprotein mucoprotein metaprotein lipoprotein scleroprotein chromoprotein antiproton antihistamine antioxidant antislavery unsavory unnumbered penumbra penultimate bewilderment disfigurement disinterest disinterested uninterested uncharted unchurch unchancy unharness unvarnished upstretched outstretch outstrip vouchsafe full-scale small-scale palsgrave dapple-gray rattlesnake guttersnipe gutturalize liberalize mineralize mongrelize naturalize volatilize platinize scrutinize keratinize relativize alkalinize nephelinite franklinite fractionate strontianite troglodyte trilobite thylacine pint-size ninepins nightclub outcome shortcut portcullis torticollis toxicosis oxytocic oxytocin bacitracin prostration procuration obscuration furfuraceous contumacious contumelious monumental documentary ecumenical alphabetical theoretical theoretics prosthetics prosenchyma collenchyma calendula vengeance lend-lease pent-up wrought-up potluck cost-plus autobus pot-au-feu potpourri podesta la-di-da soi-disant guayule weigela jejune jejunum jiujitsu jujitsu jujutsu dessertspoon reservist librettist lubricity neutrality depravity decrepitude reconstitute constantan oysterman businessman businesslike beggar's-lice sperrylite sporulate pullulate nummulite vituline vitriolize thorianite wulfenite wolframite wolfsbane ratsbane phenacaine phenocryst dentifrice rent-free scot-free comradery theurgy bead-ruby would-be well-being well-meaning phenylamine methylamine diphenylamine hydroxylamine carbylamine scarlatina scarabaeid scorpaenid scalenus equisetum gynaeceum craniotomy tracheotomy tracheitis aviatrix gyniatrics geriatrics pediatrics semiotics pharmaceutics pharmaceutical hypothetical hypercritical biparietal hypabyssal hereabout gadabout gamboge trombone tarboosh tomtit tartaric tarpaulin nonplus noblesse robust robustious rambunctious cantankerous adiaphorous altazimuth elastomer enlistment enlightenment entablement arrangement astonishment establishment instalment stalwart starboard starry-eyed storybook store-bought smaragd summerwood zebrawood tubulure tupelo touraco varicose viscose vadose verjuice virgule valvule value valued volume solute siamang osteopath sociopath paleolith chamberlain chambermaid kimberlite numberless nymphalid name-calling iceblink gangplank salpinx tiddlywinks ready-mix graphemics tagmemics malfeasance misfeasance miscreant mucronate unionist unionize winterize winterkill wintertime westernize westernism welfarism plumbism slumberous ludicrous dangerous gingersnap gingerbread angelfish surgeonfish citizenship championship one-upmanship companionship companionway computerize familiarize formularize circularize singularize grossularite grangerize plagiarize plagiarism pugilism personalism mercantilism alcoholism alcoholize alcoholic apostolic supertonic supersonic supersonics hydroponics hydrostatics hydrocephalus hydrocarbon hydrozoan scyphozoan bryozoan biomedicine biofeedback lyophobic myosotis myotonia amyotonia diazonium stylopodium lycopodium glycosuria ketonuria holothurian oliguria oligopoly oligopsony eleemosynary revolutionary revolutionize attitudinize platitudinize latitudinarian valetudinarian valedictorian valorization polarization pasteurization characterization capitalization hospitalization generalization documentation recommendation ornamentation argumentation frumentaceous agglutination scutellation punctuation micturition vomiturition parturition pediatrician geometrician decompensation recombination preoccupation procurator respirator restaurant glyptodont tryptophan riffraff proofread proceeds soapsuds smokestack smectic seaquake earthquake forthwith eruptive gerundive diminutive folliculin tenaculum vernacular vermicular vehicular vallecula ranunculus homunculus glomerulus promiscuous pronucleus macronucleus micronucleus micrococcus pneumococcus diplococcus streptococcus streptokinase streptomycin streptothricin osteoarthritis osteoporosis scoliosis autohypnosis self-hypnosis hallucinosis hallucination arundinaceous redivivus redevelop redeploy permalloy percaline fleur-de-lis trou-de-loup ormolu marmoset marquisette circumvent circumfuse circumpolar through-composed superpose superimpose superego supernova superabound superintend superintendent superincumbent superabundant overabundance floribunda horizontal dorsiventral dorsoventral audiovisual adenovirus enterovirus ultravirus ultraviolet tetravalent univalent monovalent monofilament monospermous geothermal leukoderma xeroderma scleroderma sclerodermatous pachydermatous eucalyptus ukulele uniplanar unipersonal universalist universalism universalize anagrammatize epigrammatize emblematize stigmatize graphitize trichinize pocketknife polyptych politicking painstaking labor-saving riboflavin myoglobin hemoglobin hobgoblin pomegranate peregrinate parlormaid partnership governorship vulturine acculturate clinker-built crinkleroot single-foot inglenook inguinal officinal peripheral periphrasis supremacist geneticist gymnosophist rhinoceros anisomerous mastigophoran misbegotten misbecome misbehave misreport misinform reinforce reimburse bouillabaisse billet-doux badinage bacchanal automobile hymeneal hide-and-seek licensee chimpanzee tympanic ithyphallic polyphonic policlinic polyclinic polytechnic polytrophic polytypic felicific conspecific transpacific transatlantic transcendental transcendentalism sacerdotalism absenteeism opportunism propagandism propagandize polyamide polypeptide polybasite polyhydric polystyrene polyethylene polypetalous polynomial polynuclear mononuclear thermonuclear extranuclear extrabold multifold ultimo guacharo windrow handbarrow wheelbarrow wheelwork wheatworm wheatear sweetbread purebred bone-dry blowtorch kilohertz chrysoberyl chrysoprase equivocate equilibrant equilibrist trichocyst orchardist dryasdust viaduct oviduct difficult difficulty fisticuffs schistosome ribosome xylophone saxophone sapsago sousaphone subito stanhope staghound wolfhound weather-bound muscle-bound gavelkind gravel-blind humankind womankind wapentake popinjay cylindroid sinistrorse 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